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  1. Jane K

    Custom fit fins for AK and BK Amputees

    Hi, Followed up your info with a email to the company asking for more information. I am a life long swimmer who has been using the Swimfin for the past 7 years. It works well but I'm always interested to hear other ideas too. Jane
  2. Hi Kate, Capt & Twin, I've been thinking about you all and the challenges added to your situation being amps. I'm am curious to hear how you have all been doing respectively. I managed to meet the ground unexpectedly while learning to walk with a new leg back in 2010. I chicken out walking with using the leg and opted for my wheelchair. I am scheduled for a MRI this upcoming Monday to see what whether the earlier fix is no longer fixed. I want to know but the possibility of needing another surgery is not a cheery thought to say the least! Jane
  3. Jane K

    More legs!

    Hi Jeff, You may get this note back twice....cat on key board.....screen going nuts.... anyone with a cat understands...... I do strap the fin to my thigh and also use a neoprene sleeve under the straps to avoid annoying scars and a skin graft site. The sleeve also keeps out sand and sun when outside. There is a company in my town that makes swim suits and wet suits. I approached the owner and asked if he would let me have a small amount of material to make this very basic sleeve. The fin works great for lap swimming or snorkeling! If your leg folks don't know about it they should. I I must sound like a info-commercial but for anyone who likes to skim this gizmo is great! It has given me back one more piece of normalcy in life. As the adds say - "priceless" Jane
  4. Jane K

    More legs!

    Hi Jeff, Consider trying the "Shinfin Leg Fin". I've been a life long swimmer and this gizmo allowed me to get constructive effort from my shortened leg instead of just having it splash in the water. If my spare surfaces - it has been on loan to another swimmer - it would be happy to loan it out to you or anyone else interested. Jane
  5. Not a word was spoken but I swear I saw her eyes roll watching another stupid human trick!
  6. A short time ago in a small town in NH a home owner decided to paint her dinning room.......thank goodness cats haven't figures out how to take pictures!!!! Pretty straight forward project that ended up with an interesting moment or two. First, I am short and at 5', 1". The usual paint roller extension works great for most folks. Heck, my sons would not even need the extension but if they were here there would be a constant stream of "why are we doing this", ...... "the room is fine the way it is"......etc, etc etc. . Hence the home owner works alone with only feline supervision. Addressing the short factor I sought out the longer pole extender. It does exist some where in the shed but choose to hide from me. A step stool is a no go as the remaining appendage knee component is annoyed with life and in particular with steps of any kind. Vacuums are more easily found - even if not used except in dire circumstances - and their metal poles make for a great extender. Duct tape is a wonderful home owner tool and allows for the roller handle and a paint brush to be attached. The last part to be done was the base board trim. Sitting on the floor seemed to be easiest means for reaching all the trim. So I gathered the various supplies to avoid getting up off the floor multiple times. As soon as the paint roller pan is on the floor my cat Lucey does her best to walk through the paint. I was looking for a "new look" but that didn't include paw prints no matter how adorable she can be. Intending to get the work done ASAP progress was hindered by my fake leg being in the way. Not needing it anyway I decided to take off the leg. I rolled up the pant leg on my old jeans to open the vacuum seal plug. Once the suction was gone I wiggle the leg intending to then pull it through the bottom of the jeans. 3/4 of the way off it becomes clearly apparent this isn't going to happen. Lucey concurs with this opinion while again trying to take a stroll through the paint pan. The only option then is for me to then get off my jeans from both legs - while on the floor- and trying to not plant a one of my body part in the paint roller pan, bucket or brush that are all near me to make the job of painting the trim easier. As luck would have it the cats didn't learn any photo skills and no friendly neighbors dropped by for a quick hello. The room was painted and the cats not so much.
  7. Jane K

    Have a Customized Socket?

    Hi All, My leg guys made a fantastic socket with just a tie dyed shirt. Price was great and it is such a cherry burst of color it makes folks smile to see it.
  8. Jane K

    More legs!

    I would like to try a swimming leg to see what it is like. I now use a flipper that straps around my thigh. It works very nicely while in the water but it would be great if a swim leg would let me move in and around water instead of using crutches or scooting on my butt. The later is so dignified!
  9. Jane K

    Surgery scheduled in two days

    Hi, Sorry this whole turn has been thrown at you. It is huge adjustment to get into your head in such a short time. No matter how much you may now realize that this is the only / or best option it is still a tremendous leap. Hang in there, you will keep moving forward but it will be different. Hopefully, without more pain, or fear what could go wrong if you stayed on the course you've been on, but with a chance to live better than you are now. Reach out to this group. Nothing is too silly to ask. Some one out amongst us all can relate or suggest those who can. Best hope going forward! Jane
  10. Jane K

    Anyone use a prosthesis in New York

    Ask why they won't answer your questions. If their response, if they give one, is not satisfactory keep walking to another leg person. Legs are expensive and liking what you have is key. Jane
  11. Jane K

    Allow me to introduce myself

    Hi, Keep asking question, do your own research too and consider "interviewing" different prosthetists. If you are able talk to other amps too. Every one has their own specifics but finding a leg person you connect with is so important. I had a parting of the ways with my first prosthetists due to a difference of opinion. I had felt at the time that maybe I could find someone who could better address my leg issues . It took time with another office to really see how skilled Bob is in his work. As a through knee amp the second office was unable to mount a test socket onto my knee component to allow me to test walk the fit. They said they didn't know how it could be done.Only being able to weight bare in a stationary position didn't give me a chance to try the socket in action. I am back with Bob (Emerson) and would recommend his services to anyone in the Burlington Massachusetts area. His contact info is bob@astepaheadonline.com. Bob had been based out of NYC for the period I had been with leg office #2 so he may be able to suggest other leg folks near you. Good luck!
  12. Hi Everyone, Not intending to exclude you fellows but the context of this topic tends to pertain to the female gender....but please read on since there well may be a guy version of this issue. I'm approaching my 4 year anniversary becoming a amp. I think nothing wearing shorts while out and about going to the gym, store, dump etc. I am a through knee and I don't use any cover. A cover is not really an option because of the mechanics of my hydraulics. Kids are curious, adults too. None of this phases me - it is what it is. I'm more mobile and not in pain as I was for the 6 yrs before the amp. My quandary is I would like to wear dresses on occasion but somehow I feel odd about wearing a naked leg and wearing a dress. I admit there is no logic in this thought but I was wondering if this isn't a issue with any of you ladies? Thanks for your thoughts. Jane
  13. Jane K

    While at the office...you did what???

    Hi Cheryl, Two good ones. How about another two on marriages... A couple comes in to apply for their marriage license accompanied by numerous little people - I think there were 5. Both the soon to be bride and groom present ID and fill in the worksheet. Once they are done I checked over the information. They had both noted that this was their first marriage and signed under oath that all information provided was true. All the while the kiddos were calling them "Mommy & Daddy". The thought but not asked questions that came to my mind: "why now"; "why not wait a bit more and be sure?"..... Soon after NH signed into law same gender marriages a couple came into apply for their license. After seeing ID and verifying this was their first marriage they filled out the license worksheet. Starting to key the info into our computer I have to stop and ask one of the applicants was she sure this was her first marriage. She again says yes is her first but I have to ask why then is her last name different than either of her parents. She responds that "oh I was married but that it was a long time ago and her husband is now deceased". One with more questions - "where you married when he died?". She said "no". Establishing that yes indeed she had been married I next ask where were they divorced. She responded that they were divorced while living on their sail boat in the Caribbean. (Maybe living on a boat together too long prompted the split) Their divorce was done on St John some 20 years back. Eventually - months actually - the women was finally able to get a certified copy of her divorce and they came back in again and filled out paperwork. They are now married and hopefully, should the need arise again, earlier life events will be remembered when filling out paperwork. The divorce decree noted that her first "joining" had lasted some 30 years. A bit of an oversight in my mind but one never knows .... Take care all, Jane
  14. Hi All, I live and work in my home town. My job is working with the public and we to get to see and hear some interesting conversations such as... A couple came in to apply for a marriage license. The process starts by having the couple fill out a work sheet asking names, address, parents names etc. We ask who ever has the neatest hand writing to fill out worksheet because we then key their info into out computer. This task usually falls to the ladies, not trying to be sexist, but it does seem to work out that way. Another topic maybe..... Anyway... the young lady gets to the section that asks stats info. It begins by filling in what number is this marriage. She fills in that this is her first marriage and before she continues he says "you can't put down this is my first marriage"...... the pen stops moving... I hear her ask "what do you mean that his isn't you first marriage... he pulls out his Certificate of Divorce.. and says "we will talk about it later". Her answer back is "you bet we will". At this point you could hear a pin drop. Glad they couldn't her my thoughts at that point.since I'm thinking what else hasn't this guy mentioned. A tribe of kids, mafia connections......run for the hlls.... The couple did eventually get married but I wouldn't be surprised if they later partied ways. Since stalking isn't in our job description who knows but I hope this tale might be enjoyed. How about other folks? It doesn't have to be amp related at all. Just what anyone can see or do. Thanks, Jane
  15. Jane K

    Anger anyone?

    Good cheers to all. The glass if half full and will go on to be while are all here to enjoy another sunrise. Thanks all! Jane