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    Hi from the pacific northwest (usa)

    Hi Brent, Glad only bump and bruises were your only result. Keep moving. It sure beats the alternative and it isn't boring. Jane
  2. Jane K

    Hi from the pacific northwest (usa)

    Hi Brent, Good for you getting out. Great for the body and mind. I'm a firm believer in using a trekking pole/tall ski pole when I'm out and about in conditions like snow or uneven ground. I dumped not long after I got my leg and got to meet a very nice surgeon who repaired my rotator cuff. Nice fellow but I do my best to be sure to not need his help again. Keep on going! Jane
  3. Jane K

    Other uses for a prosthetic leg

    Laughter may not always solve issues but it sure makes them easier to handle. Life is to short to not laugh when you can. Tough to remember at times but practice, practice, practice! Jane
  4. Jane K


    Hi All, While I'm not due to change equipment now hearing about the different options is very interesting. Everyone is so different as are their needs so learning what others think is great. Thanks for your perspectives. Jane
  5. Jane K

    wet paws and foot

    Hi Mick, I've been tied up with work so I'm a bit late checking out your earlier December trek but thanks for sharing. By now you may have even completed your second walk. Did Bob eventually dry out? Little guys do have the issue with low ground clearance. Jane
  6. Hi Cheryl, Congrats on all scores! Your new year will be starting on a fantastic note. Thanks for asking about the patch. I'll add plumbers tape to my Home Depot buy list. Jane
  7. Jane K

    Another year nearly over

    Hi Mick, Ditto on the thanks. Yet another great show of your travels with the boys. Lucky fellows to have landed with your family. Jane
  8. Jane K

    Hi from pre-amp in uk

    Hi Mike, I'm so sorry to hear about your situation and really hope things can get better for you and your family. My medical history was different than yours but the choice to amputate was in the end mine to make. Like you have written I felt I was missing out on life with my boys and I was sick of living in pain and dread of what another infection might do. Having a Mom alive but lacking a leg was better then no Mom at all. I'm now three years out from my amp (through knee) and I am glad I did it. Not always, but for the most part yes. Talk to others, read the many stories on this site. There won't by any one person answering every question but from the many folks who are from all around the world there sure is a lot of experience and knowledge. Hang in there, best of luck! Jane
  9. Hi Cheryl , Every gizmo and gadget we can learn about is great. Happy Turkey Day all! Jane
  10. Jane K


    Hi Dan, Your have a lot on your plate to deal with right now. Hang in there! If time isn't crucial (infection etc) keep asking questions. Get multiple opinions and if you are able get to a major medical facility. Even big, well established hospitals can have things go wrong but they will be much better skilled to fix it. If your knee can be salvaged it would give you an advantage with a prosthetic. But if it is merely there, taking up space, and not allowing you to live like you want to after all these years a through knee amp (knee disarticulation) may be your better option. All the serious stuff having been said have a Happy Turkey Day for you and everyone in the US.
  11. Hi Cheryl, Is the teflon-ish pad you have been using like the Kendal Company "Telfa Pad"? The later I've used when a irritation develops at the top of the socket where it is, as Mick described, "a delicate place". If what you are using is something different I would love to have the name to have another alternate option. Keep up the good progress. Jane
  12. Jane K

    winter is coming

    Hi Again, The theme "winter is coming" needs to be revised "it's here". The temp overnight dropped to 18 degrees (-8 Celsius) with a very brisk wind. On the upside there won't be anymore problems with insects bugging you when you go outside. Stay warm to all those in similar, or even colder, places. Jane
  13. Jane K

    winter is coming

    Hi All, The Yaktracks are fantastic but avoid smooth tile floors. Of course indoor skating can be fun if your in the mood. I'll pitch another great winter item and that is Neos Overshoe. The Yaktracks fit over them but even without the tracks they give a pretty good footing on all bit straight up ice. This was the first boot I could find that I could get on over my shoe that didn't require an marathon wrestling match. They open up wide to accommodate a foot / ankle that doesn't bend and they are really light. Not having to change shoes once your inside is also great. Because they are mid calf height gators can be used to keep out the snow. I also find a walking pole (old ski poles from someone taller than you) is another essential gizmo . Of course the ultimate solution to winter is to fly south. Far south! Jane
  14. Congrats Cheryl! You deserve the break to have this all go more smoothly. Our best wishes that all goes well going forward! Jane
  15. Jane K

    an old walk that i missed

    Hi Mick, More great pictures! Thanks. Your stroll reminds me of a similar stroll I took back in early 2000 when I was still two footed. I was at a fall conference up in NH's White Mountain at a ski resort called Atitash Bear Peak. Right outside the hotel were the ski slopes and I figured I would get some fresh air before joining the requisite Happy Hour, or Two, festivities. I also wanted to see the view without snow cover all around. The shortest path between two points was straight up so that was my plan. Initially the "stroll" went well. At about a third of the way up I discovered the mountains technique to avoid soil erosion on the ever increasing steep terrain was to add baseball size rock. Everywhere. Much easier to navigate when the stuff was covered with snow and one was heading downhill with boards beneath. I scrambled on the loose rock with my own two feet. I can't imagine doing it now. When I made it to the top of the peak (1450 ft) I found the mountain ski patrol building unlocked. The weather that day was good but had it turned foil I would have appreciated being able to get out of the elements. A wise move on the part of mt. management and much cheaper than replacing locks, doors....etc. Loose footing beneath scares me today and yet I know tensing up, being scared, can make it worse. Logic, fear of broken body parts, reality, good gait, realization I left my cell phone in my room, family telingl me careful ......etc"....... - it is a heck of a balance act. PS I opted for a nice meandering trail on the way down. Wussy perhaps but I still made it down for last call in one piece. , How you do your climbs amazes me. I so appreciate being to experience through your pictures what you see. As to anyone who faults your stories they can just choose to not read them. Free choice after all!... Jane
  16. Jane K

    Hi All

    Welcome Harry, I'm also a little confused. Is the Chronic Regional Pain Syndrome the reason the docs want to remove your lower leg? I didn't know anything about the syndrome until I just looked it up on Web MD site. The condition sounds miserable. Are the docs able to treat you enough to let you tolerate the problem? I was an elective amputee person back in 2010. I well understand your situation in that my ortho. docs strongly stated back in 2008 that an amp (right knee & down) or a fusing were my only options. I then had two years wearing a brace that immobilized my leg out straight that I wore all the time with the exception of sleeping or swimming. It gave me the experience to know what it was like to have a fused leg with a knee that was a time bomb waiting to get infected again. My leg immobilized drove me nuts! The fear of another infection scared me big time! In the summer of 2010 I connected with a lady named Judy who had chosen a below knee amp after spending decades not being able to live her life due to a malformed foot. She wrote the attached piece and I hope you will read it. Her words summed up so well how I felt and how I wanted to live. My boys were a older, 16 and 14, but I was determined to reclaim a life where I could do active things with them again. I was feed up with being a recliner Mom for the prior 6 years.. A last thought for you is to make some notes now describing how your situation is affecting your life. What are you able to do, and not do, now? What do you hope to be able to do with a new foot? Their could be times after surgery that the thought "why did I chose this amp." will happen. It is perfectly normal feeling particularly during the early days. Keeping our original parts attached is the ideal. It just doesn't always work out. Hang in there. Ask questions. Read, if you have time, the many, many, many conversations that are on this site. Folks from around the world have a lot of good info to share. Jane
  17. Jane K

    new route in kidland

    Hi Mick, It really stinks to hear some people are so angry that some one else won't just sit on their backside and not try to regain their life. I guess that probably makes me naive to think common sense should prevail. Perhaps it is over simplifying but it is their loss and your gain Mick. And to anyone else who wants to do so - give it your all! What's to lose! Jane
  18. Jane K

    new route in kidland

    Hi Mick, A second career in traveling writing - photography? Your walks have obviously been great for you and your canine friends. They have also been a great inspiration and wonderful tour guide for all those who have seen your pieces! There may not be much overtime pay but the perks are good. Jane
  19. Jane K

    prosthetic "skin" covers

    Hi Ann, I commend anyone who can wear heels - no matter the amount of appendages. For all those who can carry off the motion the best of luck. Lucky I never intended to work in the big city corporate world. To all those who have managed to not pitch towards the earth - congrats! I'll stay in my sneaker type shoes. Jane
  20. Being from the north east of the US the news shows updates on some of the Boston bombing victims. My heart goes out to all those people finding their lives so suddenly changed from what they have ever known. The news pieces have shown folks wearing the "skin covers". I was curious what those covers weigh? I would think it must add a bit to what is already some significant weight. This would particularly be a factor if a knee is part of the package. Original equipment that we started with has weight too. What is the ballpark weight of a leg? Any ideas? Several news pieces have also shown ladies with their new legs and wearing high heels. Really high heels! Is a separate foot required to wear heels? I've never worn heels when I had my original parts because I was sure I would fall over. To see these individuals walking in them is amazing! Go for it ladies! Jane
  21. Captain KB, Knowing you are a avid skier this question is right up your alley. How do you get a prosthetic foot into a ski boot? I had to search high and low just to get a snow boot to go over my sneakers. Does your sport foot angle so it can be slid into a ski boot? As any skier knows ski boots are not slippers! When/if I get back to the slopes I think I'll use just my own leg with outriggers but the information would be useful. Jane
  22. Jane K

    prosthetic "skin" covers

    Thanks for the info ladies. While I'm not looking for the heel options perhaps others who see this might be. I figure being flat footed gives me more balance points and it is less distance to the ground...should that need arise. Jane
  23. Hi Cheryl, So glad to hear your great news! There is light at the end of the tunnel. Being told there is a positive end to your problems must feel wonderful. Jane
  24. Hi Cheryl, Fingers are crossed hoping you heard some positive news today. Hang in there....Jane
  25. Jane K

    back to the woods

    I've decided should I ever win the lottery....which could only happen if I started playing....I hire a full time masseuse. Many friends and family have thought this would be a wonderful idea and plan to visit a lot! I think I would hide the fact I won because it would be too hard to sort through the many requests for help. Instead- it would be much more fun to quietly see what could help others and do it without the folks knowing where or whom it came from. I was lucky enough to experience being a "Secret Santa Helper" via my job. This occurred many years ago when a women from a nearby town called and ask could she pay another persons property taxes. After I told her yes she explained she had overheard one of our residents talking with a friend saying she didn't know how she was going to pay her taxes. She knew through the exercise class they participated in that she had been divorced awhile but was having a tough time getting on her feet. She wanted to do it but with the condition that she remain anonymous. Needless to say the look of shock, amazement, disbelief and then tears of happiness was beautiful. I was only the messenger then but it would be great to do something like that for some one else. Who knows maybe I should buy a lottery ticket or two soon.... Jane