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    back to the woods

    How right you all are in really appreciating what we have even when we may have less. This would probably sound nuts to someone who hasn't faced significant physical problems but in this group we get it! Jane
  2. Jane K

    back to the woods

    Hi Mick, More great adventures with the boys. Nice pics too! I am curious enough to ask how do you have the time for all these great treks? Do you not sleep? Have you figures out how to get paid and not show up at the office? What ever you are doing it sure works. Have you considered getting a patent for your secret. Care to offer any hints? Jane
  3. Hi Cheryl, Our body parts are very under appreciated until they are bugging the heck out of us are simply are not there! Like the others I'm a bit clueless about your situation. A second opinion certainly can't hurt and maybe a new set of eyes may offer different thoughts. Has anyone suggested a wound care doc? Maybe they can offer a different perspective if surgery isn't done. I think our docs should hand out good old punching bags to help us get through times like you are experiencing now. The bag would be particularly helpful for those times when we do hear our most favorite words "be patient, rest, elevate......". Heck- I wouldn't mind having one in my office. It would be a helpful release for those occasions that leave one shaking our head trying to figure out "the public". Hang in there! Jane
  4. Hi Mick New Hampshire has only 13 miles of coastline while Maine has over 200 miles. Much of Maine's coast is very rocky which doesn't offer ideal walking conditions for the not so secure footed folks. Saying that I've have had some wonderful long walks along Ogunquite Maine beach at low tide. You can walk for ever on a almost level hard sand. I'm sure there are other great areas but I've not ventured - on land - very far up the coast. As to your ambition to be a pirate you should plan to be here on Halloween which is tomorrow October 31st. My co-workers and I plan to dress up like pirates for the day. I haven't found a parrot for my shoulder but I may use a little toy kitty cat instead. If folks ask I figure I can just say my cat ate the parrot. Have a great day all!
  5. Hi Kate, Everyone needs a little elbow room. Glad to see some made it onto the site. Because I was getting error messages while trying this process I really . wasn't sure weather it would work - a bit anyway. Pointers gladly accepted. Jane
  6. Help.... Jane http://i43.tinypic.com/300eekj.jpg
  7. Last time really.... http://i43.tinypic.com/300eekj.jpg
  8. Still haven't quite got it but you get the idea..... Jane http://i39.tinypic.com/x6gzo7.jpg[/img] ]http://i39.tinypic.com/x6gzo7.jpg[/img]
  9. Then again......maybe not so small this time.
  10. Hi, Try, try again.... better not plan to leave the day job! Jane
  11. Hi Everyone, My learning curve, time and energy have had issues this week but if one of the links below works you should see a few pics of the Maine & NH coast from this past summer. If not back to the drawing board. Jane http://i44.tinypic.com/2m61fso.jpg[/img] http://i44.tinypic.com/2m61fso.jpg
  12. Jane K

    Hi, Mike from the UK

    Hi Mike, Freddy and Awesome Blue, Nice to hear folks dropping back in on the site after being away for a bit. Freddy - I am just north of you in NH. I've always thought of Worcester as the gateway to the world down south. Many, many trips to my families relations in NY / Conn. area (our orig. stomping ground) and, while she was alive, to my former mother in law who had lived n PA. I also saw on your info that you lap swim. Are you a endurance swimmer or racer? I'm procrastinating getting to the pool as I write this. I've never raced but I'm not sure I would be considered an endurance swimmer either. Getting in the pool, to keep moving, staying on the better side of the water and breathing work for me. Jane
  13. Hi, The pictures are taken and you can see them as soon as I locate the cable to upload them to my computer. The cable may be some where in my son's room. To avoid the wrath of waking a teenager on a Saturday morning....then locating a camera cable amongst the other million cables......stuff in the room etc....to be continued a bit later. Jane
  14. Jane K

    Hello everyone, I am new here. :-)

    Hi Maggie, A very big sense of humor helps every day - very true what any one is coping with each day. I've never been a group member before the experience in this site but I've lucked out in finding a great place when I wasn't looking. May you find humor, comradely and friends here. Welcome! Jane
  15. Hi Everyone, I don't have any of Mick's photographic skiklllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllll,jmnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnn...cat on the key board input.....any one relate? Going on.....I plan to be on my brothers sail boat off the the coast of NH (USA) seacoast and if I can find my camera charger perhaps I can add some, none as energetic, but, very nice photos from our shore. In our case "shore" is not plural. NH shore is yyyyyyyyyyyhvgffffffffffffffffffffffa (cat editorial input again ) very small 13 mile expanse. In case anyone asks, yes they have been fed, but if you ask them they will deny having food anytime in the last year or more. My teenagers must have coached them in this mindset. They give the same response no matter what the questions. Good thoughts to all! Jane
  16. Jane K


    Hi Mick, Your canine companions are the luckiest fellows and the most exercised! As always thanks for posting the pictures. Jane
  17. Jane K

    Where Y'all from

    Hi Ellen, I'm Jane from New Hampshire, in the neighborhood but not quite around the corner. I hope you can get knowledge, comfort and just good old friends here. The site has much to give as you have to share. Welcome! Jane
  18. "Sure, sure"- agrees the pups. They'll be waiting in line at the copy write office. I can visualize their thoughts calculating the steps requires for souls of 4 shortened legs to another on 1 +/- gargantuan leg x their literary input calculation. See who has the upper foot then and where you should mail your check! Sorry these line was so bad but I couldn't resist. You have to take an opportunity when it presents itself....put the best leg forward ....etc....etc Take care all...keep smiling.... Jane
  19. Hi Mick, Which of the pups gets these photo credits? Jane
  20. Hi Mick, Thank the fellows for sharing another great walk about exploit - with canine generated photos no less! Your buddies should be complemented on their photography skills.. They excel amongst their peers! I don't think the photos my Lucey (of the feline persuasion) could, or would take, chasing the most recent of the poor thinking mouse that thought he/she living inside was warm and healthful. Has this thinking ever resulted in anything good?. I'm not skeemish by nature but I will confess I never really liked the idea of any small rodent around my feet. When the last, most recently captured creature, was just about to meet their end breathing and underfoot the realization that I could just life the non "arty leg" up and yet still be cool and collective in front on my youngest teenage age son.
  21. Jane K

    Prevention of Phantom Pain

    Hi All, I was prescribed Neurontin a/k/a Gabapentin after my elective amputation in 2010 and it has worked well. My amp is a right leg through knee and for the most part my foot just feels like it is asleep. I've been very, very fortunate to only have experienced "zingers" rarely. That type of phantom pain is very, very well named. "Mirror therapy" is another option that has helped some folks. Back when I had just became an amp I started to try it then life got in the way with family, work, therapy etc. Some where on this site I wrote about this technique and the steps to follow. I'll look later and direct anyone interested to that area. Maybe I'll give it another try. Nothing to lose except one less prescription. Have a great weekend everyone! Jane
  22. Jane K

    Happy B'day, Mick!

    Hi Mick, Afraid this is a belated B-Day note but I hope another year was properly celebrated by those near and dear! As those around us celebrate birthdays my Pop's words come to me such as "another year celebrating a B-Day sure beats the alternative!" Of course another of his favorite sayings, within the same festive spirit, was "and a black curse on all our enemies!" Followed by a celebratory toast with wine and a meal with family has made for great memories. May you have had the same! Sincerely, Jane
  23. Jane K

    Ross sands

    Hi Mick, As said before your travels reports are great to hear! As to the foot comfort - I thought I was the only one with a Mom who had us use bread wrappers to keep our feet dry. Would this technique work with canines? Certainly not with felines! The fact you fared well and are still up and about speaks volumes. Enjoy you walk a-bouts. We all enjoy your reporting! Jane
  24. Jane K


    Hi to Arizona, Thanks for not giving up. This site is fantastic but it just has to get out there again to those interested now. I am a newbie compared too so many but this is such an incredible resource for info / support / humor / and in general life's wisdom site for those in a different than anticipated life's path. The folks here are wonderful! The tales not always happy - who would - but how they are handled them says so much to the strength of the power to live - and enjoy what we have! Take care, know there are folks who can relate and keep on going! It beats the alternative!! Jane
  25. Jane K

    Swim Flippers

    Hi Everyone, I had the unusual experience recently of being able to tell my leg guy something he didn't know that could help out amps who like to swim. The product is a fin that can wrap around the leg / thigh that allows the limp have resistance in the water. I think I may have posted this once before but I don't think I noted the website then. If anyone is interested check out the following address: shinfin.com I thought of this because I just lent my leg guy a flipper to let another customer from his office to try out and realized I didn't include the instructions/information that came with the flippers. The flipper isn't hard to use but the instructions offer useful hints. One additional suggestion that may be of use is I found I like to use a neoprene sleeve to use under the straps. The sleeve covers a graph site that is be its nature sensitive. Off to the pool shortly myself. Have a great day all! Jane