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    Ross sands

    Hi Mick, As always great pictures. A change of pace walking along the shore. A math question if you please. Two humans, three dogs and one back pack. How many dogs can the man carry at once? What will the pack wearer weight before the trip and then after the trip? Last inquiry - I was wondering if you wear anything to help keep sand out of the foot/ankle parts? Knee sock or such? Was it even a problem? Have a great day. Jane
  2. Jane K

    Happy B'day Higgy!

    Happy B-Day Tammy. Have a fantastic day. Hope you can get together with family and friends to celebrate. Jane
  3. Hi Cheryl, It stinks that you seem to not get a break. Bad pun but it is still early - no caffeine yet this AM. Would it be worth a consult for a second opinion on your foot? Has something been missed or is this more of the ongoing fun of being an amputee? I hope whatever is happening it will resolve soon! Hang in there, Jane
  4. Hi Cheryl, I can imagine you probably would rather kick something then sit in a chair - hang in there nevertheless. You've taken the right steps and as any of us love to hear - patience- time will cure all. The person who quipped that one may deserve the swift foot action. Take care, Jane
  5. Jane K

    mick and flynn hit the hills

    Hi Mick, As always great photos and commentary! Thanks, Jane
  6. Jane K

    bob at holystone

    Hi Mick, Another great story laid out by pictures. Thanks for the show. And yes, please pass on to Bob he is very cute. We too have a Bob but he is of the feline persuasion. Our Bob apparently didn't read the manual that cats should be stealth, slight, nimble creatures. Our vet says he is "big boned". Perhaps he was meant to be a canine instead. He is currently snoozing / snoring on the bed next to me. Any one know of a anti snoring system for pets? Jane
  7. Hi Everyone, I had just got home yesterday evening after being away for a work conference. I was hauling stuff back in and had the joy of seeing my cat Lucey chasing someone around the dinning room. The "someone" happened to be a mouse that had the poor judgement to choose to our house to check out. While I don't jump up on the nearest chair when seeing these small creatures inside I still don't life them around - inside anyway. Logic says we are big, they are tiny.. we are the intelligent species they are not ... but I still don't like them in the house. Anyway a bit later I was foraging in the frig when a tiny blur dashed by followed by a not so tiny feline. Instinctively I picked up my good foot as was standing just on my fake leg. The mouse being underfoot didn't seem to be such a big deal at that point. This adventure also made me remember an earlier mouse story... When a poor choosing mouse does make it into the house I try to capture it and evict it back to where it came. One day this past spring I had the wonderful experience to realize I missed one. I discovered the decedent laying on my dinning room dark patterned carpet - after I stepped on it - thankfully with my non fake foot. The creature was well past caring but I was still grossed out. To all those also grossed out - I'm sorry. I hope the comic side of these stories makes you laugh instead. Jane
  8. Thanks Guys, Humor is the best way to see life. Much better than the alternative and much more fun! Jane
  9. Hi Again. A couple more stray thoughts on the perks of being an amputee... A bad hair day doesn't seem as important as it once was. Forgetting to shave my leg and no one notices it when I wear shorts. Trying on new shoes takes half the effort. Stepping in puddles drenches only one foot. A new use for those old knee socks that won't come back into style. In a pinch they can cover the foot and ankle parts when walking over loose sand to get to the hard packed sand by the water. Walking with my sister along the shore this past summer (wearing her sock) she admitted she kept thinking my leg would be too hot wearing the sock. Another other ideas come to mind? Jane
  10. Jane K

    What do you do....

    Hi Newbie, Thanks for responding. It seems everyone must have gone on vacation some where there are no electronics. What bliss for them! But for those who are here...... It sounds like you have had great support from those around you in your work place. Your experience in having co-workers lend assistance is as it should be but not everyone is so fortunate to have that help. It sounds like we both have been lucky to have those around us consider the aspects of life/work that we probably took for granted when we were two footed. Keep on trekking! Jane
  11. Jane K

    I was blogged about !

    I commend you for what you have done, and will no doubt will continue to do! On the alternate note I've been asked many times when I plan to get a running blade. My very honest answer is I never liked to run with two legs why would I like to run with 1 1/2! Walk multiple miles but run -not for me. I was always one who never ever could run "through it" - the side cramps - but would without issue walk up down and around it. I'm so glad for you this has been a great avenue of strengthening, positiveness, and one more step forward. Be so proud of what you have done. It is a fantastic accomplishment! Keep it up! Jane
  12. Jane K

    starting again

    Great photos! Jane
  13. Jane K

    Happy B'day Johnny!

    Hi Johnny, Thanks you, Have a great day! Jane
  14. Jane K

    Happy B'day Johnny!

    Hi Johnny, In curiosity I double checked my own email 's and I didn't get any email blast in the last year. I don't mean to bug you with these questions but I'm not sure where to direct the question. I want to see this site be the great resource to others as it has been to me over the last three years. I realize summer is a tough time with vacations and the like but it just doesn't seem like folks "out there" are even looking. Is this perception just me? Jane
  15. Jane K

    New to amputation and new to here.

    Hi Katibeth, Keep up the good work! Being able to get around on your feet - what ever they are made of - is very under appreciated by those who have always been able to do so. The little things in life..... Smile and keeping going! Jane
  16. Jane K

    Able-bodied ignorance....

    Hi Everyone, My story is not so much about ignorance but youthful curiosity. I had just finished swimming and ran into a pack of little people getting ready for their swim lessons. There were at least 10 kids, probably about 4 or 5, and at their age my legs (leg and a 1/2) were at their eye level. When they asked what happened to my leg I so wanted to it was the shark in the "big people's pool" that got it. Of course if I hadn't thought twice about saying it I would have had a large batch of furious parents after me. Traumatizing their kids about going into the water wasn't quite what they signed for when the enrolled in the summer swim program. I do need to come up with some more creative explanations for were did my leg go. I like some one's answer "land shark". Saying a local docs screw up of a "simple arthroscopic knee surgery" or a "bad choice of a doc" leads to dredging up the whole mess. And then telling folks I opted to have the amputation (I have just passed my three year anniversary) really leave them open mouthed. Friends who have known me through the last 9 years get it. They saw where I was then and how I'm now living again. Any input for responses that have worked for you would be great. In the meantime keep up the good stuff! Life is good! Jane
  17. Jane K

    Happy B'day Johnny!

    Happy belated B-Day Johnny! "Another year on the right side of the grass" - as well said by the more experienced folks. Can I ask if a email blast went out letting folks know the site is back? I know you said it was in the works and very well may have been sent but like so many folks our email boxes are inundated with mail. Another thought would be has the site ever tried to get newspaper article written up about it? Out local papers are always looking for stories - particularly about good things happening in the world. Being just north of Boston - and after the marathon bombing - this area might be a good starting point - or if it has been done - to do again. Jane
  18. Hi Galway, I hope you are continuing to get better since you last posted. Just a curiosity question - have you been on that particular antibiotic before? I guess I've never heard someone getting a headache while on antibiotics. Stomach/digestive issues maybe but not a headache. Could you be having a reaction or be allergic to that drug? Enjoy the times back in your leg. Mobility is such a wonderful thing! Jane
  19. Hi Kate, It's not necessarily a lack of concentration that can cause a fall but perhaps a lack of concentration on the job at hand. I have always been a multitasker. That trait has gotten me into a few messes over the years. Just a thought - if you are getting pointers on using the blasted sticks how about getting some tips on what to do if you realize you are in for a dump. The folks who are stunt doubles in movies learn why not us? Duck and roll? Belly flop? This could be a whole new branch of a PT Department. Besides bringing shorts and such to PT we would bring pillows, band aids and ice packs. A last thought about maneuvering while on crutches. Carrying a drink can be awkward, and wet, if you put a drink in the backpack. Water proof can be interpreted in different ways by manufactures. A travel mug placed in a plastic bag (or small sack) that can hang from your crutches hand grips has worked well for me. Or you can do like I did at first and lean up against the kitchen counter while drinking tea. Good conditioning for the remaining leg but it detracts from the tranquil, calm and relaxing morning routine we all have everyday. Yet another last thought....if you are at a party where folks are dancing a crutch makes for a great limbo stick. However it isn't advisable for the stick owner to participate in this maneuver but it sure is fun seeing how low folks can go. Take care, be safe but fun with your different mobility options. Jane
  20. Hi Kate, Good for you! Keep it up but don't wear your self out. Falling while using crutches is no fun. The crutches clatter when they hit, you will probably do more than just clatter when you hit - those around you can learn all sorts of interesting words. Besides getting up off the ground is a pain in the butt! A backpack for stuff is a must. Crutches and a shopping basket do not work. Especially when a item is in a glass container. My experience has been that anyone who has every been on crutches will lend a hand opening doors, carrying items etc faster than anyone else. They get it. Jane
  21. Jane K

    I am skiing again with my C-Leg!

    Hi Everyone, While I'm hoping to get back to skiing this winter for the time being I've been out on my brothers sail boat over the July 4th holiday. A nimble deck hand not, but it felt great to be out again on the water. My sailing skills are improving and it was such a great way to stay cool! We even lucked out and were able to see the fireworks display put on by the Boothbay (ME) Chamber of Commerce. A large, nasty looking storm stayed just to the south of us. Further luck held in that no one had a camera handy when I was getting in and out of the dingy and getting off and on the boat. I'm short, the hull is high...it wasn't pretty but I stayed dry in the end. I can't wait to get out again. Jane
  22. Jane K

    Crossthwaite common

    Hi Mick, Your photos and commentary are great. Keep it up and best wishes for a speedy recovery! Jane
  23. Hi All, I started a note but some how it went off into the ozone. Anyway I totally agree that a Doc trip and a Leg person trip are in your future. I have had tremendous luck using a new Iceross Seal in X5 with a liner underneath. Maybe this type of design could work on a BK. I'm a through knee right leg amp so I can weight bear on my femur. The bottom of the socket has a gel material that has for the first time in 3 years of this life that I have had no issue what so ever with skin breakdown I've never tried to attach a photo before on this site but I'll give it my best effort. Good luck, Jane
  24. Jane K

    Scuba Trip

    Hi Everyone, I found a fantastic fin that straps onto my shortened leg and lets me get propulsion while kicking. I think I mention it once before but it is so worth telling folks about it again. While seeing my leg guy this week I showed him the fin and he had never heard of it and was excited to be able to spread the word to other folks. The link to the site is "Shin.com". The owner Marc is very happy to discuss his product and how it works. You have to buy the fins as a set even though I really only wanted one but I've played around with the 2nd fin a bit but for me just being able to get some results from kicking on my short side is wonderful. They are located in Australia so the postage added up. I think it was about $120 total. The key to using these fins is that your kicking comes from your hips. I use the same technique of kicking from the hips which has been much kinder to my remaining knee that takes the brunt of so much stress. I swim 4 to 5 times a week and this fin works great for me. Last thought is that I use a neoprene sleeve on my thigh so existing scars (like none of us have those) are not aggravated and a addition plus I won't get any sun exposure on the leg. Sun on my very fair skin don't mix well. Let us know if anyone tries these fins. Jane
  25. Jane K

    ossur z liner

    Hi Ann, I just looked on Amazon's site and they have the Medihoney. Cost is pretty reasonable too. US dollars about $22. What doesn't Amazon have! Have a greag day! Jane