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  1. FourHundred57

    Rheo 2 Knee

    I'm sorry to thread-jack, but I just got casted for my first real socket (using a cast right now) and I'm going to have to make a decision about a leg soon. My prosthetist recommended a Rheo, but when I look on Ossur's web site I see that it's only rated for a moderate impact level as compared to, say, the Mauch Knee which is rated for sports-type impact. Do you know much about what type of activity the Rheo or Rheo 2 can handle?
  2. FourHundred57

    A/K Forum n00b With Prosthetic Questions

    Middle of Illinois, Peoria. Thanks for the offer, but if you're talking Chicagoland it just wouldn't be practical, at least for getting started.
  3. FourHundred57

    A/K Forum n00b With Prosthetic Questions

    Man, Cheryl, what I would have given for that advice last week. I had adjusted my cast to be perfect (having just learned about socks n such) I decided to pop out of bed and do a few laps of the nurses station. It felt absolutely amazing. No pain. My gait felt natural. It was perfect. I ended up walking for 40 minutes before I knew it. That little escapade cost me 2 days of not fitting in my cast before a new one had to be made. To answer your question, I'm from Illinois, but I'm in Memphis, TN at St. Jude Children's Hospital. "Children's Hospital," you say? "But you're 24?" Yup. Had a knee replacement about 11 years ago now and- Well- There's a whole big story. I had a slight issue with the knee and ended up getting MRSA from St. Jude. Since it's "their leg" they took me in and tried to fight it, and here we are today. As far as time after surgery before PT goes; They told me before surgery that (surprisingly/thankfully) they don't get many amputees, so pretty much all of this is going to be up to me when it comes to moving around. I am impatient. So that's that. I am hoping to ditch these crutches in weeks not months. Purposely didn't do any research on timeline. I am bustin' this out on my own terms.
  4. FourHundred57

    A/K Forum n00b With Prosthetic Questions

    Hm. I thought that was normal... They had me up and walking (bearinng almost zero weight) the day after surgery. Not the case with most people? Anyone have stories about postop rehab?
  5. FourHundred57

    A/K Forum n00b With Prosthetic Questions

    Thank you all for the responses! They were awesome to read during the countdown to D-Day. Not much time to type, so I'm sorry if this is brief. Had my surgery a week ago today (surgery on 2/21/11) and now I'm scooting around on this very, very very very basic leg. The joint is nothing but a post between 2 bushings and the foot is a solid ankle with a foamish foot. Today was the first time I bore the full weight of (half) my body on it crutch-free for some balance training. Leaning onto the prosthetic is tough, I'll tell you that. Not only does the incision hurt, but the cast digs into all sorts of places, but it's normal (they say) because the weight has to be borne somewhere. (I was thinking of getting some pipe insluation foam and using it as a cushion for my... what's the term... bifkin, grundle, gooch, chode? You know what I'm talking about A/Kers. Anyway, the question is this: Any tips or tricks for learning balance and bearing weight during the second week after surgery? Bear in mind I'm still in a cast.
  6. I'm a 24 year old guy in IL, and I am going to be having an above-knee amputation of my left leg on the 21st of next month. That's just enough time to get seriously worked up about prostheses and not know what I'm talking about. So far, everything I know has come from YouTube and lurking on these boards. I do have a few questions that I'd love answered. Forgive me if there are already topics on them, I'm not quite sure what the terms are I should be searching for. First Question.) Is there a(n unbiased) resource that has videos of different legs and feet in action? It's hard for me, as someone who is not yet an amputee, to see the differences between knees. It seems like I would make sense to have a site, or even a sticky on this forum, that is nothing but videos of people walking, running, biking, golfing, etc. and information on what equipment they are using and what makes it good. Second Question.) If not, can any A/K's on here please give me a little primer on the differences? e.g. What makes a C-Leg different from an Endolite Mercury? Smart IP? Third/Final Question(s).) Doing... 'active' things. Let's use riding a bike as an example. Does that (normally) require any special equipment or preparation for an A/K, or can you just strap your leg on and get riding? Are there any surprises I should know about now before my leg comes off and I find out? Thanks for putting up with me and any answers you may have. -Arthur *edit* Also, what about battery life?