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  1. aknurse

    Why Can't I do this?1

    Hello!! I understand your concerns,, been there done that. I am a aka left due to severe bloodclots on may 26,2010. I started physical thearpy the next day inpatient. after discharge continued thearpy at center three days a week for two hrs a day.. saying that i prepared with all i had for prostetic. i knew if i kept my core strong id do better,, but still i recieved my prostetic on august 5,2010. as you said it was heavy,bulky, and just honest a pain in my rear, literaly. i had problems that i never expected. i could not have done it without thearpy sessions,, weight shift, control, trust. you are not gonna do anything with that leg if you do not trust it and what it can or cannot do, yes that might mean sniffing the floor a few times, but hey as long as therapist are there to catch you and soften the fall then thats when you should do it.. This is your first leg, i promise the next one will be alot better, i got my new suction socket a few months ago, and it has made a world of difference ,it is lighter , easier to move, and i contribute that all to a better fitting socket. if the socket does not fitt right on us aka we are in misery,, its heavier, bulky slides shifts digs places its not suppose too. The one thing to do is this someone told me in the beginng to start keeping a daily/weekly diary on paper and in six months time reread it and i would see i was progressing more than i thought.. i laughed at that time and thought no way,, but hey they was right. i could not believe it when i reread it.. Not to say i still do not become frustrated at times,but i promise it does get easier.you just have to take baby steps.
  2. Hello, I have had my ottobock 3r60 knee since august. Since then at two months along i noticed fluid leaking from adjustment screws. i went to see my prostetic guy, and he sent it back to ottobock and they replaced it with a new one.He said he had never had this to happen and neither the company, so here i went thinking ok just a flaw with that one, im ok.... but here we are four months later and i got up this morining to find it is leaking again, but worse making fluid gushy sounds at knee. ok i am within weight limits for knee, i must not have more than 200hours of light activity on it in this four months. leg always is positioned straight up when not in use, and kept clean... has anyone else had this problem with hydraulics or is it just my luck...now im scared to go with ottobock again but im afraid i have no option due to insurance already paying for this... thank you.
  3. Hello Jane, I to have the Ottobock 3r60. I to had great concerns at the first with the knee having no stability. I had my prost man tighten it up to not bend as quickly and easily. He also moved it back on the socket and made the knee point to the outside. now saying this, Yes i was what we in the U.S. call "knocked Kneed", but i was not "smelling the carpet" and have not since. Now saying this i worked on balance and strengthing my limb in this time as i am also a kd amputee. now being @a month later, i am slowly letting the knee bend more by getting adjustments and we have set the unit back aligned. i see now that it just took time to get use to and to trust it. The knee you have is a great knee, and you can get to where you don't fall as much. Like my husband told me,he has two natural legs and he still falls atleast twice a yr. so if we fall we fall, its gonna happen. I have been now told that i am over powering the leg so i need to have it adjusted out. Yes im still scared sometimes, i wonder about falling all the time and i have to be more aware of my leg, but this knee has proved to be solid, adjust to my gait, and will allow me in time to do great things, I just have to trust in myself and work hard. and in the end i know I am doing this and it is all me and my muscles not a microproser. not to knock them but i do wonder if one tears up and that is all your use to what happens when you have to fall back on a hydr. knee and your not able to control it.. just a thought. sorry so long,but all im trying to say is give it time, and i know your worries i to cried and thought id made a mistake with this knee, but now all i see is moving forward. it will happen and it does take time. My thoughts are with you and take care.. questions just ask. i have had mine now for three months and learned alot...AKNURSE
  4. aknurse

    Need Help!

    Hello and welcome, as a fairly new lak amputee myself with a ottobock knee and hard socket, i can tell you now that i have had the same iissues. now to your questions i will try to help from my short experience.. I to at first sweated somthing awful, i hhave had my prost, around two half months also, but just a couple of weeks ago the sweating has slowed ALOT. i also removed my leg alot and dried. now i don't have to and i wear it about 12hrs a day. i clean it with antibacterial soap daily and i switch in out of two liners.my leg is a otto 3r60 hard socket, yes for a while it did seem heavy when trying to lift it. walking was not bad, but sit me down and try to move it , it was painful. my surgeon and prost man told me it was because the femur bone at the end tends to ride high to top of skin in the beginning, and makes it feel heavy,and also your muscles atrophy VERY quickly so excersise is most important. i thought the same as you , walking in leg was surley enough,but no it wasn't when i started again with strenghting my inner, outer, and hip muscles i did so much better, i noticed my endurance was stronger, i am now walking with much less a limp, only when i get tired, and my balance is alot better. I lay down with a 1pound bag of dry beans on my leg as a weight. it really helps, and go slow with movements if your rushing them you are doing them wrong and wasting your energy. hold leg slightly to back of you..and yes do those core stomach excersises,they really help.at first i could not understand why i could not truely shift weight into socket,even though i thought i was, i was just using it as a third crutch so my physical thearpist said,and after my muscle excersises walloa i went right to that side,and alot less limp... And yes my socket is alot bigger to where my pants do not fit well, this will get better with a second socket, try to manage for now knowing it will get better,and wear your shrinker when ever leg is off.. i also had to have my socket moved forward and out to outside for more stability and it made the world of difference... i have just recently noticed in the last two weeks some of the most smallest improvements have made the biggest difference in my life as a amputee, just happened all at once. and thinking about it will make you laugh already looking back.. this will come for you to just wait. I am a young 32 yr old ,wife and mother to a three yr old and a surgical nurse missing her patients also, we have a life to live still and this is now our new lives, we may never do things the same as we did before, but i guarentee you we will do them just different.never say never, and don't give up.if you want to accomplish it you can, just look around at all these inspirational people. hang in there , and again welcome , people here can give you wonderful advise, and if there is anything i can do to help just ask..
  5. aknurse

    New LAK

    Freddy, Yes you would think the medical world would have advanced on thrombosis, and in someways they have, i think i was just to late, i set up compartment syndrome,which doubled to make less blood flow, then the damage was already done, and gangrene set in... Yes im on warfafin 7.5mg daily, and they think that will be for the rest of my life, they think i may have some unknown heritary blood disorders..ugh.i do have a shrinker and i wear it when ever my leg is off, im religious to it.I love the idea of this socket in the link,,, how is your socket attachment set up(suction, pin lock,etc).. i believe in about ten months from now , we are gonna try to make my definate socket and he said he would like to try suction, i have a very long stump so the mechanics does not fit good under, so i could not go with pin system, so i am worried about the change, i have one chance every five yrs with insurance to do it. he might also switch me to cleg or somthing like it then,if insurance allows. i also notice you swim, do you know of any inexpensive shower legs for aka? i am tired of that dang shower chair.... Thank you for info..greatly appreciated
  6. aknurse

    I'm about to become disabled.

    I am sorry to hear you will have to endure this, but happy that it will make things better with your leg. I agree with everyone that you will need some help, atleast for a couple of weeks. Take advantage of your local hospitals, sometimes in these fall-winter months they have what we call budget cuts, this means workers hours are cut to save on money. these workers often would love to come to ones home and do daily needs for a small price.Best thing to do is go and ask around. I do all my chores from a wheelchair right now, and yes it takes longer, harder,but i get them done, and i don't have the fear of falling. Im a recent aka so im not so good in my prostetic yet. I agree with what was said about crutches and stairs, they don't mix that well. i was trained for mths on crutches to get ready for prostetic and when i had to not wear it for the past two weeks i fell up the stairs. atleast i didn't go down,which i easily could have.. so i use walker to walk all the time now, and wheelchair to do chores and stuff. Our arms are very easily going to wear out, and that would be bad since we do depend on them so much more, so i prefer to sit in wheelchair and save them all i can. I do sit and scoot on my bottom to go up and down stairs now if needed. not pretty but gets me there. I had a thearpist in the hospital that i worked with, tell me that when i could stand on my one foot hold both arms straight out to side and then bring them into the center of my stomach,(kinda looks like the karate kid crane thing}then and only then was i SOMEWHAT safe on crutches,,, Again good luck , hang in there, and if i can help in anyway please let me know. AKNURSE
  7. aknurse

    New LAK

    Hello, Just a little update. I have not been able to wear leg now for two weeks,due to a red area that came up on the outside end of my insicion. i had been wearing my leg for approx. 8hrs a day with no issues. felt so lucky,,then one day i wore it for two hrs then i had a red spot. what irony.i removed the leg, left it off for days thinking that would help, it didn;t it got worse. being the nurse(you know we have to self medicate ha) and knowing exactly what the dr. would do, i started antiobiotics and put drawing salve on it. it busted. i of course cancelled all thearpy and saw my prostetic dr. he padded the socket thinking that would help, he also finally adjusted the unit backwards and outward for more stablization. the few minutes i wore it , it felt so much more stable, my WONDERFUL mothern law (who carts me everywhere)said she could tell a big difference in my stance and gait.I being scared to death of the red spot still, i immediatly removed my leg. now it being a week and 1/2 after i still cannot put leg on, it rubbs that spot. it tried yesterday. At this point i am gonna see my prostetic dr. thursday, but i really don't know if we can fix this problem because my leg is not healed. i can not take any chances, as i am also borderline diabetic.i would love to give the new adjustments a try i really think i could do alot better, and patience it not one of my strong points ha ha . Another question is my prostetic dr. listed me as a knee dist. but really how do ya tell, i know i really need to talk to my surgeon, but is there a way to tell? My husband said he thought the surgeon told him he cut right above knee to save as much he could and a long muscle flap, so i would have better control. My husband being so distrot might have misundertood. And yes i have a very long limb, we could not fist pin system due to it making knee system stick out bad, i am in a cable lock to liner now and my prostetic knee still sticks out further about a inch.. that don't bother me though.. least i have the privalage of getting a prostetic.. some don't here in U.S. And to the females out there.,,, my weight flucuates constantly. When i was in hospital i lost approx. 50lbs in three weeks. i wasted away. so when i started fitting, i had gained muscle back and little fat, but now i have gained more weight back. i fluctuate daily i think, one day i can get in socket fine, and the next i have to work and work at it , it actually is tight at top and to big at bottom, so my naturalleg is able to move around at bottom and i think thats how i got this red area, my muscle and skin roll upward when flexing muscle to stand,walk, etc. but the top of my leg will be draping over a inch , and hurts like the ya know what. any advise for this problem?Well besides losing weight. i cannot get a new socket made till i am up to twenty sock ply, and i probaly could use them for the bottom but when i put them on i would never get in the leg at top, i cant with just liner... Help..please. And finally i must say I thank each and every one of you for your ideas,advise., i am honored to be apart of this wonderfull world called amputee. I believe if you fall for nothing , how will you know what your standing for.Again thank you so much.. AKNURSE
  8. aknurse

    New LAK

    Hello everyone, Thank you all for the wonderful responces. Let me start by clarifing some things. When i first got realesed from surgeon five weeks after surgery to be fitted i was still i think in a little shock. My husband researched for knees and such all the time, he would beg me to look with him, it physically made me sick. even though i sat there infront of computer it was all hazy and i really didn't even comprohend what i was looking at. At the first appt to see prost. company we inquired about micro knee units, I was told that he thought the complicated system might be to much for my lifestyle and since i was young , healthy he would put me in a polycentric, and i would do fine, i told him i needed a leg that would get me back to my job and keep up with my three yr old. I even looked him right in eye and said"I need you to make me a leg that will let me be me again and as fast as possiable,and i expected to have the best one for ME even if i have to pay out of pocket.""This is my life on the line and i cant afford to make a mistake." he assured me i would do fine. Now that i am out of shock i have found that i should have went with one or like cleg. but at this point leg has already been billed to insurance and no other choice but stuck with it. I do not feel safe with knee. has not stability or stumble control. It is my fault for not knowing this before, but frustrating the same. The socket was really nice, it felt like a glove after tweeking with back and groin. I did not hit bottom, no redness after wearing it all day. It is a hard socket, and i wear i alpha liner, since my limb is long i do not have room for pin andlock. so for now i have a clamp and lock system, the clamp is on outside of socket, and the plastic thread is glued on liner, i aligne and it comes through to clamp and locks in. not great system but works, we plan on suction fit in a yr. I was told the socket would change in yr,but the knee down is mine from now on. So far insurance has only aproved one prost. leg, don't even know if they will pay for another even ten yrs down road. who knows. I do not have pain in socket. i just can't seem to feel that i am aligned right, or something. I can not put weight all on left side, i think i am but thearpist says not. When they align me to what they say, i feel wrong.I walk on crutches with it. When i had the loaner knee when my knee leaked it was the older model of the 3r60. i felt better, i steped up four inch steps without holding on to anything with the prost.side first. now come on there was a diffrence. i felt safe, i walked in with it and walked out with the new 3r60 and it buckled as soon as i put it on. I told him, he said he ajusted knee but really it still buclkles to easy.When i stand up straight and tall and put weight to that side,it seems to buckle. I just believe somthing is not right. I have to stand before i walk right. i don't want to learn a wrong gait. If i do this i want to do it right. Has anyone remember having this problem in the beginning,or am i just freaking out to soon. i don't know if i am causing this promblem or the leg not allowing me to . sorry so long and again thank you i love this site for your amazing courage and knowledge. AKNURSE.
  9. aknurse

    New LAK

    Hello, i am a 32 yr old,wife and mother of a 3yr old. i am a registered nurse on a very busy surgical floor. I became a LAK amp, after a unknown blood clot disorder in May. i walked in ER having leg pain,ultrasound negitive then mri was medicated heavly so went out. found out i was MASSIVE cloted from aorta in heart to bilateral groin. had emergency surgery within hrs.husband was told i could die on table or atleast was gonna be bilateral hip amp. luckly i came out of surgery with right leg intact , not good blood supply in left, took back to OR in a hour to try to get left pulse back, did but lost it again five hrs later, surgeons worked with my leg for two more weeks , debrievments , wound vacs, hyperbairtric treatment with no sucsess, amp.right above knee. i woke up next day to see what had happened. i thought i had been in hospital for about three days and it had been three weeks.I came home in a week, started rehab the next day after amp. three times a week. I of course put on the "I am a strong independent, women and your not gonna see my pain." I couldn't bring myself to research. and now feel i have really goofed up. They say i am doing great,but i feel different at times. i recived my prostesis three weeks ago. the socket fits great except we tweeked with the curve in back digging in by groin,but somthing does not feel right and i don't know if its normal, me or prostetic. i can't seem to put all my weight shift to that side. i thought i felt like i was ,but thearapist says not.I have a long limb with long muscle flap. i have a ottobock 3r60 with journey foot. i feel no pain when trying just not like i am standing at my normal but old stance or position. i am very frustrated, i have fell twice on leg it has no recovery when the knee bends so im down and down fast. last week the knee unit started leaking fluid so we sent it back , recieved new one today.no change. darn. thanks in advance, and sorry so long. i know of noone else. and i need to get back to my beloved job (being a active participating mother, and a devoted caretaker to my patients.)