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  1. is looking for help from our community!!!

  2. KurtYaeger

    Amputee Athlete and Actor

    Thanks Jane!!! I was in a motorcycle crash about 4 years ago, so it's not been that long since I lost my leg. I just guess I am a little stubborn when I'm not supposed to be able to do something. = ) I'm doing my dardest to make everything I can out of this!!! best, Kurt
  3. KurtYaeger

    Amputee Athlete and Actor

    Hey All, here is a link to Kurt Yaeger riding bmx bikes in the 2010 x-games. My link a cool picture from the x-games. And here is a link to the Hollywood stuff. http://www.imdb.com/name/nm2900382/ I could really use the support from our community to keep the upward trend on my career! Thanks all, Kurt Yaeger
  4. KurtYaeger

    Amputee Backfilp

    Hey. Nice to meet you as well!!! Yeah, we all have a bit of fun. Motorcycles are easier to be more proficient at, still very hard to do though. Can't wait for next years as well. Hopefully I will have enough practice on MX so I can race as well. I wanted to attend the conference but I didn't have enough time to get their> i had several people asking me to go but I couldn't find the time. booo I know but maybe i'll go next year where ever it is. =) Feel free to spread the video around to your friends and family. I'm working on a couple of potential deals with an energy drink company and the more views the video gets the better my chances are. Hopefully we'll get an amputee on TV representing the community!!!! Best, Kurt p.s. you can check out my website at www.kurtyaeger.com
  5. KurtYaeger

    Amputee Backfilp

    My link Wanted to share this link to ESPN about the first amputee to do a backflip in the x-games. or to youtube Please leave comments on the their site as well as here. Feel free to post any questions as well. Thanks, Kurt