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    Car Rental

    Hey All, I will be renting a car for a trip in April but as a RBKA I need a left foot gas pedal. I do not wish to dive into hand controls as I would most likely hurt somebody :) so I am curious if any of you have any positive experiences with portable left hand gas pedal conversions that actually work. Thanks in advance, Kane
  2. My question is to those who still actively ride there bikes. I am a RBKA and prior to my amputation would ride 60km to work twice a week. I have ridden my road bike a couple times since getting my prosthesis (with clipless pedals) but without an articulating ankle my seat height must be lowered to get a compete stroke on my prosthetic side and therefore I cannot achieve a full stroke on my sound leg (my leg does not come close to full extension). My question is has anyone tried custom crank arms? My thought would be to have a 175mm crank for my sound leg side and approximately 130mm for my prosthetic side. There are a few companies who do custom crank lengths and this of course has my optimistic. Any help would be appreciated as I am currently building a cyclocross and XC bike and have a number of events next spring which I must be ready for! Thanks, Kane
  3. kaneo

    Inappropriate noises

    I use a pin system for everyday use and this occurs more often than not with mine as well. Due to the suspensioning that occurs within the socket of a pin system that air between the bottom of the liner and the socket must escape somewhere in a hurry which usually means up out the top of the socket. For me a 3 ply sock will eliminate this but I don't like adding more bulk than I have to. I also believe that drilling small holes in the socket won't help much due to the actual volume of air that must be displaced so quickly (path of least resistance I guess). I guess I don't have a solution for you but at the least I can share your experience. -Kane
  4. kaneo

    Horrible hotal experience

    I have stayed in many hotels since my amputation 10 moths ago but have no experience with these tubs that have a sitting area built in. I am very content standing on one leg while I shower in a regular tub. On that note I am sorry you had a bad experience although keep in mind I am sure the hotel or the person who installed the chair had no intention on having it fail. I would recommend not sweating the small stuff and turn it into a comical story to tell and laugh about with family and friends. I think we have to pick our battles in life, and as amputees there are already enough challenges without having to cause further conflict and stress. It is unfortunate this has caused you psychological stress, I guess we all cope with situations differently. Best of luck, Kane
  5. kaneo


    Hello, I have been on a prosthetic for 6 months now. I wear mine from when I wake up until I get into bed at night. I use my crutches maybe 2 times a week at night when I don't feel motivated to hop to the bathroom. I don't have a wheelchair and don't intend on getting one until I am much older! -Kane
  6. Hey All, I am off to Phoenix for 10 days in a week with some friends. As I live in Canada and winter is here, I haven't encountered the below issue yet. I will be spending 5 days outdoors in very dusty conditions and of course want to prevent my foot, socket, and other components from getting excessively dirty. I was hoping some of you have made covers out of maybe a neoprene or other type of elastic type of material. I basically want this to extend from my foot/footshell up to mid-scoket. Any ideas on materials, securing the cover, etc would be appreciated. Thanks, Kane
  7. kaneo

    Prosthetic Cover

    Thanks for the replies. It is my OCD and general cleanliness that causes anxiety when getting dirty :) I do not have "skin" cover thing as I don't believe in hiding something that is obvious regardless (if I was a female and wanted to wear a dress that would be a different story!) Thanks for the tips. I have never removed my footshell. Any tips on how to do it correctly!
  8. kaneo


    I work both as a paramedic and safety consultant. The safety side of things has me doing about 50% office work and 50% field work (walking around on sites, etc). My job as a paramedic has me working 2 days on 6 days off (48 hour shifts). -Kane
  9. kaneo

    sport setup

    Just some quick feedback on the trustep I tried at my prosthetist's yesterday. We played around with it for about 2 hours and I never got to a point where the foot had a smooth transition and felt natural. From heelstrike to toe-off it was all very choppy and it felt as if there were three different stages with each step rather than one smooth movement. On that note this is my own personal experience and the trustep is being sent back and I will try a soleus next. -Kane
  10. kaneo

    sport setup

    I will be trying the trustep the week after next and I will be sure to post my findings! -Kane
  11. kaneo

    Are you active with your kind of amputation?

    My day to day activities haven't changed much since a RBKA August 6/2010. I have had my prosthetic for 2 months and the only thing I can't currently do is run and ride my road bike. Those two issues are related to the leg which will be solved in the new year with a couple of new legs (and some weight loss haha)!
  12. kaneo

    Strength and Agility Training

    Awesome Mick, I like the Wii idea especially! An excuse to go buy one!
  13. Hello All, I had a RBKA August 6 of this year after a traumatic injury and was fitted with a prosthesis early October. I typically wear my prosthetic 8-14 hours per day and stopped using assistance (ie. cane) after the first week of wearing it. Walking, stairs, ramps, etc pose no issue but as I work as a paramedic I seek guidance as to particular training I can do to improve flexibility, strength, and balance. Unfortunately I find rehabilitation centres close to me seem to only focus on getting a person upright which is why I only went to one physio appointment and never went back. On that note I hope to be back at work full-time in Jan/Feb but hope someone can provide me some links or information to programs that I could follow either by myself or with assistance to get me to a more functional level. My biggest obstacle will be carrying equipment (>50 pounds) up and down stairs and over uneven terrain without anything to hold on to for support. Any help would be appreciated. -Kane
  14. kaneo

    Strength and Agility Training

    Thank you for all the wonderful advice. I do think a personal trainer with some knowledge in the area of amputations would be the most beneficial. I also do need to start focusing more on balancing on one leg on my prosthetic side in addition to strengthening my body as a whole. I almost find it hard to get motivated at times as I get around very well as I was lucky to have a reasonable amount of muscle mass prior to my injury. That being said my balance needs to improve and I need to work on that gait to eliminate the slight limp I still have. Thanks again for the help. -Kane
  15. kaneo

    Need Help!

    That's a really cool looking leg..!! My legman tells me that, when I get the next socket (after my stump has shrunk) it will get better. My stump has a lot of grafted skin, so I can do without the liner I guess, having a suction socket over the liner looks like a good option. I spoke to my legman yesterday about getting a suction socket, over my silicone liner, but he was telling me that although there are many good things about the suction system, the Harmony e-pulse makes hissing nosies when sucking the air out.. wonder if that's really the case.. hmmm I have never experienced the Harmony e-pulse first hand, but as far as I know the noise when the pump is active is not loud enough to draw attention to it. I can only speak for myself and don't know if the manual Harmony pump would work with a AKA but it works quite will with my BK prosthetic and I like the fact that there are no batteries to contend with (I have bad luck with electronic devices haha!). -Kane