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  1. wildcountrygrl06

    Need suggestions on Prostetic companies

    Thank you all so much for your replies and we will take your advice. also thanks fivestring for the link I will check it out. I know Mark doesn't care about cosmetic he just would like something to help him, like getting the last spoon full of yougurt without haveing to chase it around the table or put it between his legs lol. Any way there are other things he wants to do as well such as fish and play music again. Again thanks so much for everything I so appreaciate it.
  2. My hubby and I are now starting to look into companies to find Mark a new arm. We have talked to 2 so far and we have heard that one of them isn't the greatest so we would like opinions on other bigger companies that may be all around. A good friend of mine from high school (missing a leg) suggested we talk to Otto bock ( think thats how you spell it) I did talk to them right after his accident but what I was wondering are they good and would it be worth it to contact them and make an appt with them. This is a very important decision and I like to gather info and make sure we feel comfy with the person we would be dealing with to make him a new arm. Thank you so much.
  3. wildcountrygrl06

    New here

    HI RachelReilly my husband is a new amputee as of this summer as well and his was also because of a car accident except his was in his car and he lost his arm. We have only been on this site for a little bit but everyone seems so nice. This is a great place to get to know others so welcome.
  4. wildcountrygrl06

    My husband and myself are glad to meet you all

    I will send you a message from my email addy joachim and thanks again. So sorry dreamy to hear that you to had an accident shortly after your marriage. When people tell me that it is horrible I just tell them well he made it through and he is alive as for the marriage part well every marriage has some kind of issue at some point, well we just wanted to get ours out of the way at the beginning lol. Anyway thanks for the welcome.
  5. wildcountrygrl06

    Where Y'all from

    Thanks so much
  6. wildcountrygrl06

    My husband and myself are glad to meet you all

    Thanks so much for all the warm welcomes. Also its nice to meet another from our pretty state Jerry(fivestring) Before his accident Mark enjoyed playing the banjo himself and was getting pretty good at it. The prostetic guy and even his instructor told him not to get rid of his banjo (the same thing I told him too lol) They told him there are ways for him to play again and if not well there are other instruments he can play such as the slide guitar. Joachim thanks so much for your message I told Mark about it and told him to read it later (he is watching tv right now) It is always great to hear of peoples experiences for that I am greatful to all but it is also good when someone is going through or has gone through what Mark is right now. Fortunitly we have solid proof that the accident was not Marks fault so thats one less thing he needs to worry about. This forum and you all help with the other by letting him know others are there with him and he is not alone in this whole thing. I my self have the tip of my ring finger gone and have since I was one year old but I can honestly say I don't know how it feels to go through what you all and he are going through. Thanks again for the warm welcome and the support.
  7. wildcountrygrl06

    Living in "Amp Land"....

    We haven't moved but my hubby is new and told me he can't help but think everyone is looking at him. I told him maybe they are but it could be cause they are curious. He doesn't let it get to him at all. We live in a town that is ok in size as it is a college town but never had I run across an amputee. At least I never noticed one before, then one day after my hubby was released from rehab we decided to go to the grocery store where I have shopped a lot over the last year. (I tend to go and get things I need for the day weird I know) Any way I have very bad knees and due to my hubby's injuries I decided to use my handicap sticker (I only use it when my knees are really bothering me or he is in the car he had a collapsed lung as well) Any way we look over and I noticed a man loading groceries in his car and pointed him out. It was another arm amputee same arm as my husband. My hubby being the way he is went over and started to just talk to the man. He was an amputee for 25 years and seems to have adjusted very very well. I think this acutally helped my hubby see that yes he will be able to drive and do other things again. I just think its weird that now that he and I are dealing with this change we notice more.
  8. wildcountrygrl06

    hello old friends i need a favour!

    Hi there my husband is a new arm amp, he lost it in a car accident on the 23rd of July this year. He is adjusting to life but does struggle he hopes that when he can finally get his prostetic it will help alot. I would be happy to chat with you and will ask the hubby any questions you may have but just remember he is still new to the life as well as I am so we will try to answer the best we can.
  9. wildcountrygrl06

    Is this a weird question?

    I haven't seem many arm amputees on any of the sites I have been on so I thought I would try and let you know what his looks like. (Once the rest of his wounds heal we will get a pic and post it on here but right now I don't think people could take it much lol) Any way he calls his a stump as well someone told us that its what ever we feel comfy calling it. He has about 6 to 8 inches left and they had to actually create a new arm pit so he is not able to move it up and down (Kind of a flapping like a bird motion) much yet. This could be because its still so new though. He says he doesn't feel like there is a lot of muscle there at all and the docs say that may be because of how he lost his arm. His prostetic guy also said this. He did loose a lot of chest muscle as well. I guess I don't have an exact word to discribe it but the stump of his arm does look smaller then his good arm in that area. Hope I didn't confuse anyone.
  10. wildcountrygrl06

    Where Y'all from

    My husband and I are from Morgantown, West Virgina and its great to meet you all. My introduction double posted and I am not sure how to get rid of one of them so sorry if ya see both. Great to meet ya all again.
  11. I would like to introduce myself and my husband, I am Shannon and my husband is Mark. We live in Morgantown, West Virgina. I will mostly do all the posting but my husband may do some from time to time. We actually are newlyweds as well, we got married then 13 days later he had his accident. Now onto why we joined. We decided to join this forum because my husband is a new amputee. On July 23rd he was driving when a flat bed tow truck crossed the double yellow line and hit my husband. He did loose his arm at the accident and he still has a little left but it is above the elbow. Along with the violent amputation he recieved major chest injuries, broken ribs, and other minor injuries as well. He is now home and doing well and actually suprised the doctors on how fast he recovered. His mindset for the loss of his arm is better then I thought it would be. He does say it sucks but at least he survived. There was no saving his arm what so ever. He is adjusting and still goes to out patient therepy and we are told that he can have a prostetic, that was a big one for me when the docs worked on him at the hospital. I wanted them to do what ever they could so he could have the choice. At first he did not want one but after being home for a while now he has decided it may come in handy for things. Any way because we are so new to the life we now have suggestions and recomendations would help a lot. I want him to know he can do what ever he wants on his own but that I am there to support where I can. Any way I am done with the book I just wrote lol thanks for listening and nice to meet you all.