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  1. it has been awhile .just wanted to wish everyone a merry christmas and areally drunk new year
  2. sarah.b

    Happy Birthday Cat

    happy birthday cat hope you have a lovely day
  3. sarah.b

    Where in the UK?

    i am from tiverton in devon .quite near to taunton .live in france now but get back to devon twice a year
  4. sarah.b

    BRENDA ?

    i was wondering the same thing
  5. sarah.b

    Happy New Year

    happy new year everyone and good health love sarah
  6. sarah.b

    The Question Game

    stroll on the beach.if you could have any car in the world what would it be
  7. sarah.b

    feeling good again

    well we open this weekend so wish us luck
  8. sarah.b

    The Question Game

    if you could change your name what would you change it to or are you happy with the name your parents gave you.i would change my to madison.
  9. sarah.b

    New Baby

    cat do you know the name of the baby.
  10. sarah.b

    New Baby

    give caz my kind regards .god i feel broody .just waiting for the grand kids now.
  11. sarah.b

    The Question Game

    coffee and continental breakfast.if you could be a singer or in a band for a day who would you be.
  12. well everyone have a really good time meeting up and getting to know each other we are expecting lots of photos and please behave yourselves so that means lots of drinking but not too much falling down .
  13. sarah.b

    My Stump Surgery Is Set

  14. sarah.b

    feeling good again

    thanks everyone for your encouragment.for the summer we have rented a restaurant it is in a campsite but very natural no shops just some little places to eat ours being one of them.so this summer i am going to learn how to surf well try my hardest.i do not have a water leg so am going to try with a old leg .
  15. sarah.b

    feeling good again

    tonight i feel life begins again as most of you know i had a problem with drinking and not feeling good about myselfafter losing my leg some of us grievelonger than others.tonight we went to watch the fa cup at a friends of my hubbys.my hubbys friendafter a few drinks started to come on to me .he has been doing this for quite a while i did not say anything to anyone as i thought no one would believe a one legged cwoman but tonite i told my hubby and he has faith in me he says i am back and maybe he is right i have stopped taking prozac stopped sleeping pills .go to bed at midnite but at 7 in the morning am ready to face this life again .ijust feel good and wanted everyone to know i still have a drink but only with friends at a meal or when the foot is on .maybe i just want to say it does get better and life is good just take it one step at a time and before you know it you will be taking weeks at a time .hi to all you newbies this site gives you friends support and most of all hope.