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    unilateral left bka
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    motorcycle accident
  1. Alicia

    Hi I am new here

    Hi Lauren! I am also new. I've been a BK left leg for about 16 months. My husband and I were in an accident and both lost our left legs, his is AK. We are from the United States. When this happened I did not know any other amputees especially women. I am a dressy kind of gal and miss my dresses, skirts, and beautiful high heels. I've had a prosthesis for about a year but it just does not fit well and some days I get so discouraged. However I am going to switch to a new prosthetic place in another state and see if they can help me. I also have a bummed up knee from the accident so have a hard time straightening it all the way and can't bend past 80 degrees. But I am still thankful to be able to walk at all. I am so thankful to have found this site because I've already learned more in a few days than anyone had told me in the past 16 months. Hang in there! You will eventually get to a new normal. Alicia
  2. Help! I have been a LBK for about 15 months and have been wearing a prosthesis for roughly a year and while I'm having several problems with fit that I'm working on with prosthetist I can't find the answer to this question. I like to wear skirts and heels or even casually longer shorts and I hate the top of the prosthesis and/or sock showing - What in the world do others do to cover up or make that transition smoother? I've tried a light weight nude colored suspension sleeve but it's so tight at the top I have thigh fat spillage (ugh!). I would love to hear what others do to hide the top of their prosthesis. Thanks!!
  3. Alicia

    Stains on polyurethane skins?

    I also had a pair of black sandals that leeched onto my skin and I used everything; nail polish remover, alcohol, Mr. Clean eraser etc. and nothing worked. My prosthetist had to order a new skin and we went with Skinergy from RSL Steeper and it's a much better skin. Washes off easily with soap and water.