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    M/C accident two years ago
  1. clanrickarde

    DIY Paint Job Prosthetic Socket

    Actually GTOPI is the outfit I find to be overpriced. i have obtained quotes from small firms that do not specialize in prosthetics and they underbid GTOPI by leaps and bounds.
  2. clanrickarde

    DIY Paint Job Prosthetic Socket

    I'd rather do a reasonable job of it myself than pay someone an exorbitant price to do it. The one company that is high profile in the US is over the top expensive in my estimation.
  3. Have any of you painted your own socket? I am looking at painting my own "chrome finish" as a do it yourself project. I find that the expense of having it professionally done to be prohibitive from a purely fiscal attitude. Each socket we wear has a finite life span so I do not want to pay big bucks. I pay enough for each socket via out of pocket costs and deductibles after the insurance pays and I do not then want to invest big bucks in a paint job for a leg that will end up sitting on a shelf once it's day is over. I am looking at a kit from a company called "Alsa Corp" consisting of a basecoat, chrome finish spray paint and a clear coat. It looks like it should provide a good quality finish for a lot less money. I suppose the basic carbon fiber socket needs some kind of sanding to prepare the surface for the black basecoat primer. Likely just some fine grit sanding and cleaning. have any of you done your own socket? Were you happy with the result? Mine is already black carbon fiber and is pretty smooth other than having that herringbone pattern common to layered carbon fiber.
  4. clanrickarde

    Hello all New Rbk Here

    Hi Chris. Welcome to the site. I had my Ertl RBK last year Nov 30th. Scooter accident 2 Jan 2009- about a total of 14 surgeries to fix all of my injuries incuding the right ankle. After one year I am on my second definitive socket (seal in suction socket Ossur) and I am doing very well averaging 13-14 hours a day in the leg. Best of luck going forward.
  5. clanrickarde

    Question about driving as an RBK amputee

    I am a RBK and have been driving with the left foot accelerator mod since several weeks after surgery. It is, in my opinion the best and most comfortable as well as safe scenario for driving.
  6. clanrickarde

    New Socket / seal in liner/suction socket

    The liner kit came with a full contingent of proximal socks for the purpose of dealing with future shrinkage. I also have the roll on Silipos items suggested. I can actually feel to much squeeze all along the front of the tibia from several inches above the end as well as too much in back. During my original phase of check sockets back in Jan/April ...the distal end was the offender as far as discomfort (seems typical for a lot of us) I am sure I will get there with this one. I'd almost like a new casting done first thing in the morning without being encased in the socket at all.
  7. clanrickarde

    New Socket / seal in liner/suction socket

    I got my check socket for this seal in set-up on 22 September. First time in the socket late in the afternoon. I was surprised at how extremely tight the fit was. Quite literally devastatingly tight. But having no experience I went home with the socket to try er out. Friday morning proved to be quite a trial getting into it due to the normal upsize in the limb overnight. It became clear that it was far too tight. Monday I called the prosthetist and went in late morning. He took a heat gun to the plastic socket ...softened it up and had me step in while it was soft so that it would conform. I have gone the rest of the week with it and although easier to get into in the morning it still seems to tight. After all day in the set-up I get some redness along the tibia end and it is not near as comfortable by far as permanent socket number one and 14 ply of socks. I plan to call on Monday and suggest I go in and have him size it via the melt method while I am large in the morning. My residual limb has an hour glass shape...large just below the knee tapering thin and than large at the bony ertl bridge. The leg man and I agree that that hourglass shape effects a natural locking mechanism for me. That being said I think I need to be sized large so that this set-up is optimally comfortable from the first minute in the morning. Being loose does not seem like it is going to be a problem for me. I have the Ossur Iceross X-5 seal in liner. I hope it gets better because I will not buy a permanent version of this socket until I know it is at least as comfortable as the first permanent socket for 13-14 hours a day. I do love the great flexibility/range of movement in the knee. Is it normal for the suction socket to be so unnervingly tight from the outset?
  8. clanrickarde

    Phantom and stump pain- shared experiances

    At 9.5 months post Ertl I rarely experience any phantoms of any kind. On Friday while driving to get casted for definitive socket #2 I did feel a five second minor zinger in my absent right foot. It was not that bad. I feel for those who describe their zingers as being high level pain equated with a feeling of a knife to their phantom limb. I consider myself blessed.
  9. clanrickarde

    New Socket / seal in liner/suction socket

    I am not familiar with this sheath? Does it roll on directly over the bare residual limb with no sock ? I take it these Silipos sheaths come in several thickness levels from one or two millimeters?
  10. clanrickarde


    Petrolatum, beeswax, cyclomethicone, coconut oil, modified lanolin USP and Lemon oil. This is for the viscosity 50. The 90 viscosity is the same minus the cyclomethicone.
  11. clanrickarde

    New Socket / seal in liner/suction socket

    I think the leg man feels I am very stable at this point....especially at the distal end. I pile on half socks on the bottom end. The top half of the distal end I view as being about as settled as it can get. The bone bridge is self evident in defining the top half of the distal end. Sure I can expect to still atrophy some degree of muscle tissue from the calf but I hope this socket will last a good eight months or so. I am sure when he casts me he will undersize it just a bit. He did that with the first perm socket. He does not use the computer generated casting but uses the old sytle method.
  12. clanrickarde

    New Socket / seal in liner/suction socket

    I tend to think that going forward the degree of shrinkage will be less than what I have seen in the last five months. The limb seems very stable at this point. Is it not possible to add any socks for some shrinkage with this set-up?
  13. After taking delivery of my first permanent socket back in the first week of May.....now in late August I require 12 plus ply socks to fill it by early to mid-afternoon. After a visit to the leg man Friday he told me he will put me in a seal in liner/suction socket set-up. I'll not need a suspension sleeve with that and as a result it should result in a lot more knee flex and comfort. I'd like to hear from those of you with experience in a BK seal in liner suction socket. My limb is now well along in terms of its maturity at nearly nine months post Ertl. 99% of the dull ache I used to have at night while sleeping is gone....I no longer use a compression sock as it simply is not needed. No phantoms or sensations to speak of. If you have comments or experience please chime in. Thanks
  14. clanrickarde


    I have continued to see improvement in skin condition despite raising my "stick" time in the leg. I average about 14 hours a day ....and overall the degree of perspiration is minimal. Adaptskin does help on the key weight bearing areas and behind the knee where some chafing tends to occur. I look forward to the point where I go to some type of system that requires no suspension sleeve.
  15. clanrickarde


    How many of you are aware of a product called Adaptskin? I ordered a free sample and have been using it for three days and ...so far it seems to be a product that does what it says it does. Applied after cleaning the residual limb it is absorbed and does provide what seems a barrier to protect skin from abrasion, friction and skin breakdown. It is not cheap...but I expect it lasts a while even if used twice a day. Go to WWW.adaptlabs.com to order a free sample of the product.