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    left below knee
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    4th October 2002
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    Complications after ankle surgery
  1. Hello Everyone I visited my new Prosthesist yesterday and after having lots of problems with the pin system leg, they have decided to try me with the suction fitting type made by Ottobock, which I believe is a liner which I roll up my thigh, and then the leg goes straight onto this. I have been told there is a release button at the back of the calve. I was just wondering if anyone out there has this system, and could give me any sort of advice on it-both positive or negative. I am particularly concerned about it maybe not feeling so secure as the pin system. Look forward to hearing from you. Jake x x x :lol:
  2. JRobson

    Tight trousers

    Hi everyone, Jake here again. Love reading the forum and am just getting used to it. When I first started on the forum I logged in as JRobson but I want to change it as I feel it sounds so formal, and I hope I can communicate with friends! can anyone let me know how to do this as I know not a lot about computers! I currently have an iceross pin system b.k and I am curious to find out if anyone has come across any way to disguise it. I wear a lot of straight, fitted trousers and am conscious about the bulkiness around the knee. Does anybody know how I can solve this?
  3. JRobson

    Painful stump

    Hiya! Looking for some info which I hope someone can help me with. I have a b.k.a and currently have the Iceross pin system. i like the feel of the leg but am having terrible problems with sore, red skin, which my doctor feels may be an allergy to the silicone in the Iceross. When I last visited my prosthesist, she said that if this was the case, then I would have to go back to the very basic elastic sock type fitting, which obviously I do not want. Has anyone else come across this, and if so , what were you offered? I feel that there must be other types of silicone-free type liners available but I am lost as to how I go about finding out about these. look forward to hearing from someone! Jackie xxx