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    HEAR HEAR TO ALL THOSE GOOD WISHES. May it be a happy and healthy 2014. I am now getting geared up for New Year celebrations - as an expat Scot living in London, we have to lead the way so, folks I shall be sort of dancing the night away come next Tuesday. A VERY HAPPY FUTURE TO ALL AND MAY THIS YEAR BE THE BEST YET!
  2. Boots with Zips or Fasteners

    Hello people, Is there anyone in the UK - preferably London where I live - who supplies boots with zips down both sides? I have tried on numerous boots but cannot get them right in to the foot. They seem to get stuck half way down and they won't go over the heel. I am a LBK and would love to wear a nice pair of stylish boots. Has anyone seen boots that maybe open down both sides AND at the back so that the foot could go in without a struggle? I know I could ask a professional bootmaker to make a pair but.......costs.....! (pensioner!). Any ideas? Thanks Scotskate
  3. Everyones story

    Hello everyone! - I've just spent hours reading all your 'amp' stories so here goes..... I am a young thiking 68 year old (am I the Forum's Granny?).who originates from Scotland but now liives in the middle of London. I had vascular disease which culminated in a left BK amputation in February 2009. I went into hospital expecting to have some toes or maybe part of my foot removed and woke up 6 weeks later with the leg gone, below the knee. It seems I had gangrene going up to the heart and the leg had to go. I also had a bad reaction to the knock out gas and was in intensive care/coma for that length of time. Believe me, morphine and heavy drugs certainly kept me sedated but rhe nightmares I had during this time were something else! I don't know where they came from but I still recollect the terror and horror after 3 years and I wouldn't wish any of them on my worse enemy. I still can't talk about them. When I woke up from the coma and realised the leg had gone, I seemed to go into a place where I could not accept or believe what happened but slowly, with the support and love of my husband (40 years married) and family and friends, I cam to accept the situation. Now for the good bit - with my prosthetic leg fitted I can now do lot's of things an 'old biddy' can cope with- shopping, going out to dinner, going on holiday, getting on and off a bus (I don't drive), etc. The only problem I have is my balance. I cannot go out without my dammed stick as I feel very unstable. No matter how much I try, I need this 'prop' to boost my confidence. So folks, take it from me - you CAN DO IT - I don't pretend it's easy and at times I get very down but we all have to get on with life and you younger ones need to keep going. If you are still awake after all this, feel feee to drop me an e-mail any time. I like to be in contact with my Forum friends. Good luck to all of you. Cathie
  4. BKA prosthesis transition

    Cat, what's the difference in these pants to normal 'jogging pants?' - Have I missed something here? Must say, they are reasonably priced.
  5. BKA prosthesis transition

    Hello Alicia, I can understand your frustration on this one but do remember we ladies are never too young or too old (that's me, being on the wrong side of 60!) to worry about what people think about we look . As amps, we should feel challenged as to what we can and cannot do as regards our fashion statements. I am a left bk amp - two years now - and I discovered last winter that if you get some leg warmers (wooly) and wear them in a colour to match a skirt or dress peole tend not to notice the prosthetic! - Yes it's true you get a few looks but it is just so much better than seeing a leg made up of foam/plastic/resin and straps and buckles! The warmers just seem to hide things a bit better than tights. I am determined to find something that will camoflage the 'mechanisms' , in time for next summer. I did try cutting the sleeves off a dress and pulling one sleeve up over the leg. It certainly matched the outfit and one girl said it looked so cool! Howzat for an old 'biddy!' If any girls have more ideas please keep them coming - we all want to look our best and to heck with what anyone thinks. Maybe we could start a 'fashion club'' with tips on how to make us look and feel great. I think we are all great anyway but sometimes a wee bit of boost comes in handy on these cold, dull and depressing days. Go girl!! Scotskate
  6. Where Y'all from

    Hello all, I don't think I have done this but if so, sorry for the repeated message. I'm from noisy London in the UK, having moved from Gods Own Coutry - SCOTLAND - and then . married a 'Cockney Geezer' almost 40 years ago. Anyone on here from SCOTLAND or London? Am having a bit of a 'depressing' time lately - don't know why as I am usually very upbeat - perhaps it 'cos I'm getting older and more tired. Scotskate
  7. New here

    Hello David and welcome. This is a very helpful site and I know you will get lots of helpful advice and support - always remember you are not on your own - we will help if we can. I hope you start to feel more positive about life as I too went n for an operation just over 2 years ago and came out minus my lower left limb. I thought I was having a toe or at most, a part of my foot removed, but I caught blood poisoning and the lower leg had to come off. The shock was very difficult to live with for a long time, but we all learn to get on with it and try and cope as best we can. I am no 'spring chicken' and I have to contend with lots of small niggles that comes with maturing (I hate the words old age!) but it does get easier.. Keep your chin - and your spirits - up mate! I wish you luck. Scotskate You are allowed to say you can't You are not allowed to say you won't
  8. New here

  9. Where in the UK?

    Thanks very much! - I need all the help I can get on this swimming issue - I don't intend sitting on the sidelines watching others splash about when I am on holiday so every tip is worth having a go at. Scotskate
  10. Where in the UK?

    Hello everybody, I finally joined this site -it really is great! I live in London, was born in Glasgow Scotland and married a 'Cockney Geezer' almost 40 years ago. I hope to chat to lot's of people on here and get and hopepfully give, support and tips to make life easier. I have one question already! - I am going on holiday this year and wondered how a left bka gets out of the swimming pool? I can launch myself in to the pool but getting out can be a problem - any ideas? Maybe this part of the thread should go to a different site? but any quick answers would help. I now feel part of a very exclusive club! scotskate