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  1. Hi Ellen,I am presuming that your amputation date is also your birthdate.If this is true ,I wish you all the best,health and happiness even being a onelegger!Happy birthday to you!



  2. EllenK

    Swimming Amps....

    Hi all, Are waterlegs any good? Never had one! I am RAK. Anyone experienced in using one? Ellen.
  3. Hi Ellen, I saw your post and I am an AK. I am 6 feet tall and my residual limb is about 8 inches or about 16cm, and I have no limp at all. I attribute that to having done 3 years of physical therapy once a week, also my prosthetist has worked very hard to get my socket just right, so that there is no discomfort at all. I use the vacuum type socket with a C-Leg made by Otto Bock in Austria.

  4. Hello all, I have been a prosthesis user all my life (AK) and although I had all kinds of systems (knees, sockets), I always have a bit of a limp. Not severe, but noticeable. Sometimes I see ads from prosthetic companies with amputees walking totally limp free, so I wonder if they are the 1 in a 1000. So I would like to know: how is your walking? Do people notice? Ellen.
  5. EllenK


    Hi all, I use it all day (RAK) when out, and when i am at home doing things. I used to wear it all day until bedtime, but I prefer now to have it off when i am sitting comfortably evenings. Its heavy moving it when I sit, its all the way up...so off is better! I never had a wheelchair , I use crutches at home because hopping is bad for the (real) knee. Ellen.
  6. EllenK

    Ellen from Holland

    hi all, I am Ellen from Holland, 24, and born without my right leg. I have my full thigh, but no knee, so technically speaking i am a through knee. I walk on a prosthesis almost all of my life, but I take it off more often when at home. Hope to get in touch with others here! Ellen.