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  1. I am so saddened by the news. I just heard this morning. Lots of love & hugs go out to you Heather and Paul & family. I will be keeping all of you in my thoughts and prayers.
  2. Daisy

    Thank you Heather!!

    That's wonderful, Heather is doing some amazing work. I'm admiring her more and more too. :)
  3. Daisy

    In praise of Heather

    I just read the article today and just felt so sad for Heather. I had tears in my eyes because of the hurt that these vicious lies are affecting her and the work she loves so much. I was very lucky to meet Heather about 2 years ago...I found her to be beautiful, funny, sincere, and genuine. I admire her immensely. I remember how awful the press and fans were towards Linda...haven't they learned how hurtful it was then? I only hope that Heather continues to have courage and strength to do the work she loves the most and I thank her for all of her efforts.
  4. I didn't see the doc either, however, from what I have read in her book and what I know about her...she seems to be an amazing woman whom I admire a great deal. I think she's a beautiful person who does a lot of great work. <_
  5. Daisy

    Where Are You From?

    I live in Toronto but I'm from the US. :) I noticed there is someone else in Canada. Where in Canada?
  6. Hi Kristie, I'm not an amputee either and I'm glad you asked the question because I would not want to offend anyone by being here as well. Over the years, I have worked with families, some who were amputees and always look to ways we can increase access of services. I look up to Heather as well...she has certainly become a role model for me.
  7. I was fortunate to attend the ACA Conference this year. I met such wonderful people, including Heather. I was amazed at the turnout and how friendly everyone was. Heather is an amazing woman whom I admire more than ever. B)
  8. Daisy

    First Baby

    I would like to wish Heather and Paul the best! What a blessing...I'm so happy and excited for them. B)