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  1. chader

    The Silence of the Amps

    What a place!!I am finding the guiness makes a good temp fix but I will need to work on something soon. The drunk look will not work forever.
  2. chader

    The Silence of the Amps

    I am in ireland. My wife has taken me on a trip(live in Canada) I am loving it more then I would have ever guessed. Doing lots of walking and not feeling to bad. Suspect it is due to my positive frame of mind. One thing I am finding odd and it has been going on for a while, my balance is poor. I think if it were not bad I would be in even better shape for the walking. And no it is even before I have the guiness. I love checking in here to see how all is doing. It keeps me positive. Chad
  3. chader

    Persistent rash

    I experiencing very similar conditions. I have had bad skin all my life but this is new to my stump. I am seeing a dermo dr tomorrow in hope of some cure. I will post any info I get to help. Chad
  4. chader

    My Anniversary

    Keep your chin up. You have made it through the hardest parts and have experience to help you through the rest. Chad
  5. chader


    Well I got into a suction system today and I can't say it was what I was hoping for. I am back in old faithful after a couple of hours. Will give it another go in the morning. Found I was bottoming out and can't compensate for it. Maybe I can't communicate to the leg guy properly? Or maybe just have to give it a chance. Apart from the lack of comfort for walking, it sure appears to be a lot less user friendly but it is new and maybe I need to get used to it??more of the unknown? Just an update. Chad
  6. chader


    Wow. Thanks for all the insight. I feel better already. I find it tuff to question my leg guy when I am under educated, but with your help I am sure I can fIgure it out. I really am hoping the suction system is as great as everyone says. I do alot of pistoning and the skin is in poor shape. I suspect I put up with more pain then I should as well. Thank you again. Chad
  7. chader


    Hello, I have been looking for an amputee forum since I had my accident/amputation seven years ago. I guess I did not look hard enough? I find it odd that in this day and age you can find more info then you know what to do with on most any topic under the sun....other then amputeeism(if that is a word).I never new what to expect and even to this day I don't know if the trouble I am having is to be expected or not. I am normally a very active person and expected to be much more active then I am now. In fact I was playing ball, golf, skating and all sorts of activities that I had done prior to my accident within a couple of months. Now I have trouble going shopping or walking accross the airport or even chasing my children. I am sure this is due to a poor fitting socket which I have been trying to have built for over a year. I haved been in and out of a temp socket for that long and have recently found most comnfort in the first socket I had. My leg guy is currenty working on a suction fit socket, which I hope is the ticket. I am currently in a pin lock style. I am happy to have found this site, it helps me answer alot of questions I have often wondered about. Even reading other posts and hearing of the situations others have help motivate me and make me realize that I am not alone. thank-you for listening, and I hope to be an active member with many questions. Chad