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    below knee bi-lateral
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    hereditory birth problems
  1. kastley3


    thank you very much for the help and advise I appreciate it
  2. kastley3


    Hi thank you for getting in touch my itching is mainly all round the top of my gel slieve at the edge it drives me mad at times
  3. kastley3


    Hi I'm Kevin could anyone please help me I am a Bi-lateral below knee amputee, my problem is itching it's driving me mad, the more i scratch the more it itches could anyone tell me anything at which may help
  4. kastley3

    gel sleeves

    hi I'm kevin I've just been given new gel sleeves and after wearing them for a few hours they started to pull my skin and when I took them off at night a lot of hair folicals were raised, red, very very itchy, and sore the more I rubbed them the worse it got it drove me mad through the night I hardly slept for itching. Dose anyone have any advise PLEASE!!!!!!!!!!
  5. kastley3


    Hi my name is kevin I am a below knee amputee and I use the suction type.I was troubled with sweating unti my Dr told me to use DRICLOR it is a roll on there is a spray on but its not as gpod. You wipe your leg,I use baby wipes,let your leg dry then use the roll on. In the morning wipe your legs with baby wipes and dry off. It took three nights of use anf it lasted me three months but everyone is different good luck please let me know if it helps
  6. kastley3

    sweating in liner

    Hi my name is kevin i am a below knee bi lateral amputee and I have had the sucction fitting legs and I to suffered from excessive sweating and then my doctor gave me something called DRICLOR. when you go to bed I wipe my legs with baby wipes let them dry or dry them then use the DRICLOR its like a roll on and let that dry. In the morning wipe your legs again with the baby wipes and do this for four or five days I think you will be supprised at the results everyone is different the length of time it lasts for me is three or four months before I have to use it again. If your Dr. offers you the spray on version it does not work as good as the roll on.goood luck I hope you get as much relief as I do.Please would you let me know Kevin.
  7. kastley3


    Thankyou l fear that there arn't many of us
  8. kastley3


    Hi my my name is kevin lm wondering if there is anyone who has the same condition as me because ive lost both my legs because of my condition and since ive lost my left leg lts started ln both hands I would be interested to hear from anyone who has the same condition
  9. Hi my name is kevin im a bi-lateral below knee

    amputee r u new to the site give me a call

  10. kastley3

    Suction socket

    you definatly need to get a good fit i have had suction sockets for a good number of years and if you get them right they are very comfortable you should try and persivere and i think you will find they are worth all the effort
  11. kastley3


    thanks so much i have tried allsorts of things and nothing as worked as yet so i will give it a try thanks for taking time to try and help
  12. kastley3


    hi my name is kevin im a bi lateral below knee amputee and i to have had a great deal of problems with sweating in both liners until just recently my doctor prescribed a roll on called dri clor you put it on last thing at night just before you get into bed and wipe it off in the morning with baby wipes. at first you will need to do this every night for three or four then you will find you can extend the time you use it good luck.
  13. kastley3

    New Leg!

    hi my name is kevin i am a bi lateral below knee amputee please forgive me for sounding a little bit dense but what is a harmony socket
  14. kastley3


    hi this is kevin thanks for your reply you say you use spray on skin can you buy this or have you to get it from your doctor