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  1. Daviddup

    Find my Balance

    Thank you for all the replies it is very helpful. I am working hard with a physiotherapist to get everything going. I just need to get over myself as I don't know why but I am finding it hard getting over the fact that I have lost my leg. I find it hard to have to look at my stump and find it uncomfortable when meeting up with people who did not know about my amputation and see me, the surprise on their faces and then the explanation. I currently use a wheelchair when I know I am going to be out for some time like shopping but crutch as much as possible. Maybe I sm just vain but I really feel uncomfortable with my stump Thanks for all the advise.
  2. Daviddup

    Find my Balance

    Hi I have been a ABK amputee for about 3 weeks now and I am still struggling with my balance. Is this normal? I am a bit low on confidence, as I have hit the floor 3 times, once during the night got up to go to the bathroom got up I would normally do forget the leg was gone. Thanks.
  3. Daviddup

    New here

    Hi my name is David I am an above the knee amputee. On the 26 May 11 I underwent a knee replacement operation, my body rejected the knee that left me with a dealy infection. As a result my leg was amputated. i am in shock as i went for a routine operation and came home today with my leg being amputated. It is as everytime I see my stump i get a shock, don't know why I did it but stopped at the mirror this morning and had a look at me. looking forward to learn a lot from all of you. cheers.