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  1. loz1804

    Isn't It Lovely......?

  2. loz1804

    Left and Right Below Knee Amputations

    Hi and welcome I am also relatively new but just wanted to say hi. I can't imagine what you are going through right now. I am a RBK amputee as a result of infection. It was all very sudden for me and was not given the opportunity to mentally prepare myself for the events to come. There are heaps of caring and helpful people on this site who should be able to give you some answers that you need. I am in Australia and I am unsure what the process is where you are. Your healing time will depend on a few factors. I had split skin grafts so my healing time was far longer than the norm. I had issues with the grafting when I started wearing the prosthetic so it took my a while to be able to wear it full time but now (almost a year after initial amputation) I am using my prosthetic every day, all day and after spending 6 months or so in a wheel chair it feels great. Everyone's case seems to be different but hopefully someone who has a similar situation to yours will add to your post Best of luck, Loz
  3. loz1804

    Getting up from the floor

    HAHA!!! I prefer bourbon, but the results should be the same. Quite partial to bourbon myself.....
  4. loz1804

    Getting up from the floor

    Ha Ha Good excuse!! Love it Loz
  5. loz1804


    That's really good news Neil. My prosthetist is still muttering about revision, but did say that it was the last resort. Hope the new leg ends up being good for you. I got a new one yesterday and so far so good. I can see redness but not in the offending area cheers Loz
  6. loz1804

    Getting up from the floor

    Thanks so much everyone. My leg fell off because it is quite loose, I got my new one today It is pretty good but have not tried getting up from the floor yet. I am pretty new at this so am going to try all suggestions until I find the best one for me Wish me luck Loz
  7. loz1804


    sorry, didn't realize they didn't ship to Australia Loz, I have also come across this site which might or might not be helpful. http://www.ossur.com/?PageID=13433 not sure again about shipping to Australia though. Good idea though to talk to your leg guy though and see what he suggests. Thanks so much Ann I will have a look and see what they can do for me. Saw my leg guy today and he is still muttering about revision but new leg (I got today) is really comfortable and working quite well. Let's see what happens when I remove it tonight!! Loz
  8. Hi All I am a BK amputee. I have trouble getting up from the floor. I can get up if I have something to pull myself up on but not without. I was doing some floor exercises yesterday and pulled myself up on the lounge and my leg fell off! Any tips for me? Loz
  9. loz1804


    thanks Ann I had a look at that site and they don't ship to australia....back to the drawing board. I am going to see my leg guy on Monday so I might show him the site and see what he can come up with. Using the gel liner (cut off) is a really good idea. I might try to grab a couple of extras and try that idea cheers Loz
  10. loz1804


    Hi Neil I am also suffering from this problem, but not as bad as you. I have a very prominent tibia which does cause some pain and also have issues with my left hip as a result. I have seen some gel pads advertised to add a bit of cushion to the end of the stump but they seem only to be available in America. I am looking further into this to see if I can have delivered to America. I will more than likely need revision surgery in the future which may result in losing my knee as well but we are trying everything before going down that route. My leg guy cut a hole in the front of my prosthetic where the most pressure seems to be happening and that did work quite well but I have a fair bit of reddening at the front end of my stump where the bone is prominent. Has anyone else seen the end gel pads I am talking about and have any idea where I might get one here in Australia? Chin up Neil. I hope things work out for you Loz
  11. loz1804

    Another newbie

    Howdy Heather. My name is lauren and I am also BKA, but right leg for me. This happened in December last year. I also lost my leg due to infection. It is a great forum and quite inspirational. I am now up and about on my prosthetic (about 3 months all up) and also had some skin breakdown issues. I have not had any breakdown now for quite a while and wear my leg all day from getting up until bed time. (I do go to bed quite early some nights, is that cheating?) I hate my wheel chair now, but know it is there if I need it. We all just have to get on with life and make the best of it that we can. Good for you, you sound as though you are getting through this quite well. Great attitude Hope to hear from you again soon Loz
  12. Hi Mary

    How are things going? Have not heard any word on your progress. Hope things are going well.


  13. Hey all I am also BK and have only been using my prosthetic leg full time for about 8 weeks now. I find I have a limp when I am tired or walking on uneven ground. I found in the beginning if I held myself straight (ballet style bum and tummy in) and walk swinging my arms a little I have no limp at all. I now have to remember to do this every time I walk to encourage a good gait. No matter what I do when I am tired I can't get rid of the limp. I hope things get better as time goes on, though. Loz
  14. loz1804

    from Barcelona

    Hi Rick My name is Lauren. I am also a BKA and also spent close to 6 months in a chair. I became BKA in December 2010, so it is all new to me as well. It is very overwhelming to say the least but you will accept yourself again and you will meet someone who cares for you. I am still lacking confidence a bit and hate the look of my prosthetic leg but I am getting used to it. I am still using the first one, you see. Things are going pretty well now as far as using my leg goes and I am hoping to be living as close to normal life very soon. I am not far off now. I have found this forum really useful and the people are inspiring to say the least. Listen to all the great advice and learn to love yourself for who you are now. Take care Lauren
  15. loz1804

    Hi I am new here

    Hi again to you too!! I have to call the theme park to see if they do have the availability of a scooter. I do think it will be too big a day to try and walk all day. You can hire wheel chairs so at least I have that option. They claim all the rides have disabled access but I am thinking it will be fun getting on and off some rides (even getting in the car sometimes is a little hard if I cant open the door fully). did you find your leg was a bit squashed in to some rides? I suppose thus far I have overcome the challenges that present themselves to me so I will find a way there as well. I am going to try my hand at swimming at the resort we are staying. I have not tried it yet and used to be a really strong swimmer. I think my only real problems will be getting in and out and not swimming in circles. LOL, can just imagine it!! I can't use crutches so will have to take the wheel chair into the pool area with me and lower myself from that to the pool entry. Wish me luck!!!! (plus have not worn a cossie in ages. Grrr ) Enjoy your long weekend in New York. Is there no possibility of hiring a wheel chair or scooter for the weekend? Take care and let us know how your weekend goes Loz