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    Maritime accident
  1. 'Game of thrones' is filmed in northern Ireland (my title was cut short! haha). I live in Ireland and work as a tv/film extra fairly regularly but only when its local. So even though I'll pass I thought I might pass it on. https://www.extrasni.com/news GAME OF THRONES SEASON THREE EXTRAS CASTING! IF YOU HAVE ALREADY CREATED A PROFILE ON EXTRASNI.COM YOU WILL AUTOMATICALLY BE CONSIDERED FOR GAME OF THRONES! If you haven’t already created your own profile with Extras NI since April this year and you want to be an extra on Game of Thrones Season Three this year the ONLY way to be considered for extra work on the show is to create your own profile on our website – it’s FREE to sign up and it only takes 10 minutes – please go tohttps://www.extrasni.../extras/sign_up and follow the instructions to become an extra. There will be NO open casting this year and we can no longer use our old files.The Epic HBO Fantasy Series “Game of Thrones” is returning to Northern Ireland and Extras NI are currently casting for thousands of Extras to take part in the production which begins filming in July 2012.So that we can uphold all the legalities of being an extras agency – Extras Casting this year will be carried out entirely through the Extras NI website! If you would like to be considered for work on Season 3 (and for all the other shows and films we do) you must register online, and you can do it now for FREE.If we don’t get you any work, you don’t pay us a single penny.Extra work on Game of Thrones and all the productions we do is fully paid.Please go to https://www.extrasni.../extras/sign_up & follow the very easy steps of creating your very own profile which you can amend at any time.We require people of all ages & all shapes & sizes, but this year we specifically need: MALES: - with short length hair of every colour - with shoulder length hair of every colour - all hair lengths with and without good beards - with short blonde hair - with long dark hair & beards - sporty, strong & fit types - any male amputees We’re always interested in men: - with special skills: archery, combat-skills, martial arts, military experience, rowers & sailors - in smaller numbers we generally require: farmers, butchers, carpenters, iron workers, blacksmiths, weavers, medieval musicians FEMALES:- With long natural undyed hairAnd men or women that are over 18 and that are under 5ft in height.We always love to see unusual, timeless and character-full faces. To be eligible for registration you must:- be based in Northern Ireland. (if you are Republic Of Ireland based you must be highly flexible and be able to cover your own transport and accommodation costs) - have a passport & a national insurance number for working in N.I. - be flexible & can work week days. (Game of Thrones does not shoot during the weekends)Please create your profile urgently – before the end of May to be in with the best chance as we begin costume fittings in June!We hope to see your face online very soon!Extras NI
  2. Would anyone have a problem with a liner (thin liner with the pin system) that tends to crease the skin? My problem area is in the back and about 3-4" below the knee. It seems to crease/pinch the skin and has caused what looks like either a blister or abrasion. Very painful! Wearing a adhesive bandage does seem to help but I try to keep the leg off and the bandage off to help it heal quicker. Is there any advice to why may be happening?
  3. Steve C


    Here are a few links to organizations that may take and distribute your unwanted prosthetic leg. Hope it helps... http://amputeesupplies.com/donationlistings.html http://blog.givenlimb.org/prosthetic-limb/children/haiti-needs-prosthetic-limbs/ You can also just type 'prosthetic leg donation" or something like that into Google. Thats how I found these links...
  4. Steve C

    Dear Santa...

    Dear Santa, I've been good this year so I want one of these... Steve http://www.fastcodesign.com/1664965/a-prosthetic-limb-that-lets-amputees-ride-bikes
  5. Steve C

    Knee problem

    It does seem to be getting better. I think the bruising came from pushing a heavy wheelbarrow uphill. That particular movement probably caused the socket to hit against the kneecap more than usual. I did some stone mason work the last 2 days and the leg wasn't near as bad as it was before. In theory I can rest it in the evenings. I say in theory as it does make everything harder. From making dinner to even just making a cup of tea. It also makes me feel more handicapped using crutches so chances are I'll just keep it on. The work leg I've had for about 9-10 years. My new leg has very little padding and that makes hard work impossible (it also is being fine tuned as it hurt my knee cap even before I hurt my knee with the work). With the knee a bit sore the new leg wouldn't work, so I'm stuck with the old leg.
  6. Steve C

    Knee problem

    The right side of the knee cap does seem to be a little swollen, but not much. Maybe some deep bruising that's taking ages to heal?
  7. Steve C

    Knee problem

    The old leg would be too big and does have some pistoning (I use a suspension sleeve with it). That said with all the extra padding (a alpha max sleeve and 3-4 layers of cotton socks) I was able to do loads of fairly hard labour and never a problem. But then, after the top soil work it seems the knee gets very painful after work that never used to be a problem. I sometimes think I somehow bruised the knee cap.
  8. Steve C

    Questions about horse back riding for amps

    Well, my pony is back from the stables. It looks like with her age (10-ish) and a possible hard life that she won't really be ride-able...at least not for me. The trainer said that her nervousness just doesn't seem to be easing and they think it may never. She may be ride-able for a accomplished rider but for a novice, it just wouldn't be safe. I'm still thinking of learning to ride but just not my one. Pity.
  9. Steve C

    Knee problem

    I have had a problem with my knee and my prosthetic leg for about a month now. It started when I was shoveling topsoil (then wheelbarrow it up a hill) a few weeks back. Even though I wore my 'work leg' (the one that is too big and so has loading of padding) I still found it very painful at the end of the day. I couldn't even wear the leg in the evenings. What it appeared to be the problem was the right edge of my knee cap. I found that spot problematic when I was wearing my new (less padding) leg but it always seemed fine with the old one. No so anymore. I thought that when I finished with the topsoil and the leg had some time without physical labour that it would be fine. Yesterday I did a bit of labour but for only a few hours and sure enough that spot acted up again. It seems that that the right edge of my knee cap is a bit swollen pretty much all the time now. Has anyone had this happen to them and what can be done about it?
  10. Steve C

    Tag rugby

    Not at all. I'd want to earn it properly and I didn't get over the line. I don't play tag rugby anymore (where I moved to there isn't any teams) but if I go to watch Connacht play I always wear my Connacht jersey just in case they need an extra man. Maybe I'll still get my try...haha!
  11. Steve C

    Tag rugby

    I may have told this story (maybe not...) but it would have been years ago anyway so here goes. I live in Ireland and lost my leg in 2000. I absolutely love rugby. I eat and breathe it. I'd love to play but with being in my 40's and with only one hind leg, tag rugby was my only alternative. Tag rugby is where you wear shorts with ribbons zelcroed on the sides and a tackle is made by pulling off a ribbon. As I wouldn't be the quickest player on the team, after a tackle was made I would be the one to start the action again with the first pass. A bit like a scrum half if anyone follows rugby. During one match I get the pass off and we start to pass it back and forth as we ran up the field. Then, most likely by accident, it was passed to me (the slow man). The try line was not too far off (a try line being the line on the ground that when crossed with the ball and after the ball is placed on the ground counts as 5 points). I decide to go for the try myself. I caught the other team unawares and made my break. I'm legging it up the pitch as fast as I can with the opposing team chasing me. A few metres from the try line I feel the leg start to loosen up. Apparently, all the running had caused me to sweat and the sweat on my leg broke the suction on my suspension sleeve. I hoped beyond hope the leg wouldn't loosen any further. Unfortunately, the leg went east and I went west. I managed a few hops on the good leg before the big tumble. The player chasing me down nearly had a coronary. They said later that with my cosmetic cover and tall rugby socks they didn't know that I had a prosthetic leg. At worse, a bad knee with a knee support on it. They thought that, until my leg went solo. Suffice to say I was denied the try and the ball was turned over. Such is life. A few weeks later I was at the professional rugby club, Connacht Rugby, to buy some tickets for a upcoming match. The person working the counter gave me a quick look in my shorts and asked 'Are you the fella whose leg fell off playing rugby?'. My legend precedes me.
  12. Steve C

    New fella

    Glad you liked your holiday. Dublin is nice, but I wouldn't find myself there very often. I always get lost!
  13. Steve C

    New fella

    Hey all, Just a quick post to say I'm back. I was on the site here a good few years ago. I'm Steve and I live in the west of Ireland. I work as a illustrator/painter, I also write (one children's book published so far, working on my second) and I work as a television extra with the occasional small role. I became an below knee amputee from a accident while working as a crewman on a ferry here in Ireland back in 2000.
  14. Steve C

    Questions about horse back riding for amps

    Higgy, Thanks so much for the advice. I hope to go by the stables where 'Stoirm' (Irish for Storm) is being trained in the next few days. I'll talk to the trainer about training me in riding as well. Also, maybe if I can help train her then we will bond better. Maybe if its safe I can ride her around the stable enclosure under her supervision. It's lovely and flat where as my property is very hilly and has a good bit of rock poking through the grass. I'll check into the stirrup covers as well. It sounds like a good idea. I also thought about bareback riding but I tend to think thats for a more advanced rider (and I bet it doesn't feel too good to start off with) Hey Neal, Long time no read. Hows the form?
  15. Hi, I was thinking of learning to ride a horse. I have a few myself (a shetland and a Connemara) and I thought the Connemara would be nice to ride around my land on for the fun. Thing is, as a amp are there things I have to be careful of? I think my biggest concern is the stirrup. Getting on doesn't seem like a problem but the possible falling off and the prosthetic leg getting caught in the stirrup. I am a BKA and I'm using the pin system (if it matters...) The horse itself is around 7-8 years old and is in training right now to calm her down/train her enough for riding. I mention this as she is a fairly nervous horse. I've had her for about 2 months and I don't know what kind of of life she had before I got her. She was living wild with a small herd of horses when I got her. I think she is the reason for my concern about the stirrup. As I know her (before training), if I fell off and I couldn't get my foot out, she may just take off and drag me.