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  1. Heather02

    Disability Living Allowance debate

    I have recently become a bilateral amputee. My first amputation was April 2011 and I received highest mobility and lowest care awards. In March this year I applied again and was given no award!! After ringing I decided to appeal. It took ages and in May this year I ended up in hospital with the outcome being an amputation of my other leg on 22 June. When I came out of hospital I rang DWP and told them of my change in circumstances. The guy checked the status of my appeal and told me I hadn't won it! Filled in the pages of the booklet and sent it off. A couple of weeks ago I got a letter stating I was not to be awarded anything again even though I was bilateral!! I immediately rang them and asked why I wasn't awarded anything. The guy couldn't understand why not. The ridiculous thing was the reason stated ' we have not given you award because on 15th January 2012 we invisidge your needs will change and you will not require this benefit'!!! Ha ha! I asked him what was going to happen on 15th Jan? Was I suddenly going to grow my legs back? Eventually he put me through to someone at Liverpool and I went through it all again. She also couldn't understand what had happened so promised to look into it and call me back. She rang me the following day and said had I stated ony form that I was bilateral!!! At this point I nearly screamed!! What a stupid question! A few days later she rang again to say that I had been granted highest mobility for life and medium care for 2 years to be reassessed. 'why then did I receive a letter a few days ago saying I hadn't got anything?' I asked. 'oh we sorry about that but the person dealing with your claim MADE A MISTAKE' she answered. Unbelievable!!!!!!! I wrote to complain but have never had a reply! Luckily i took it further but an elderly person may not have had the inclination to investigate it and may have lost out on money they are entitled to. Always query your claim if you're not happy. Your claim may have been dealt with by the same person who dealt with mine!
  2. Heather02

    New fella

    Ha Ha...I know what you mean! Never seen so many shops in one place..heaven!!!
  3. Heather02

    New fella

    Hi Steve! Just come back from a fantastic holiday in Dublin. I love Ireland! Its beautiful. Stayed in a hotel near Dalkey. Welcome to the forum...again. I only registered on here a few days ago and find the information on here is great. The people on here are fantastic too!! Im also below knee (left).
  4. Heather02

    Another newbie

    Great to read your messages guys.....thanks a million! Believe it or not this forum has already helped me as I have been a bit 'lazy' by not wearing my leg alot. Since joining you I've had the inspiration to wear my leg and have done for the past 2 days!! ...nearly all day! Its been really good and no problems so far. Thanks!
  5. Heather02

    Another newbie

    Hiya everybody. Im Heather and I live in Crewe which is in the county of Cheshire in England. I had a left below knee amputation in April this year. This was due to diabetes/cellulitis. What a shock!! It al happened so fast. I was walking on January 27th and the following day I got a sharp pain in my foot whilst driving and the following day I couldnt walk! Eventually it turned gangrenous and the decision to amputate was made. I couldnt get my head round it to begin and now when i look back i can hardly believe it has actually happened!! Anyway, it has and I need to get on with my life. I feel the whole episode has strengthened me and changed me so much as a person, for the good. i hate the stares when i go out in my wheechair (one of the worse things i have had to deal with) and have many 'low' days when i think 'why me'?? But then i read forums like this and realise i am so lucky being part of a group of people like yourselves. I was in a lot of pain before the op and suffer quite badly with phantom pain/sensation. I have had my prosthesis now for a month and am getting on fine with it although have had a couple of 'episodes' when my wound has bled whilst wearing it. I now try to put the negative thoughts about the position I am in out of my mind and think of the positives. Its wonderful to have found this fantastic forum and am glad to be part of it. So, I say 'Hello' to everyone here and am proud to be amongst such wonderful people. xxx
  6. Heather02

    Where Y'all from

    Hiya! Im from Crewe which is in the county of Cheshire in England. Anyone else on here from my area?