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    Road traffic accident
  1. telford-wolf

    Hi All

    Hi everyone, I have been an AK amputee for almost 21 years. I was passenger in a car, in a million to one accident. by rights I should have bled to death, but somehow didn't. And when I have bad times, I remind myself I'm better alive minus my leg, than dead. I have had nearly 21 yrs of phantom pains - first I was prescribed some epileptic meds, which I ended up taking like sweets; then I had conventional analgesics which worked fine. I only took them when the pains were really bad. When they stopped working, I went back to my GP, who has since prescribed gabapentin, and I haven't looked back since!! 4 months later, I have little niggles, but nothing like my previous pains where I used to shout out in pain. If ny UK members want any further info on my meds, feel free to ask
  2. telford-wolf


    Hi everyone!!! A big part of me thinks some animals have it right when they hibernate over the winter - but then we'd miss out on all the holiday fun Sorry I haven't really posted on here, been one of those years since the forum 're-launched' itself. Currently out of work and having no joy trying to find employment - which means I can't blame lack of time for not contributing! Due to have my third grandchild in the next 2 or 3 weeks, so if I disappear for a while, I will return! All the best everyone, and may 2014 be as good as it can for you all.
  3. telford-wolf

    Another year nearly over

    Thanks Mick As I said in my other post, part of me is jealous, but another part of me is so inspired!! I'm not saying I will try and do the amount of walks you do, or in such wonderful locations - and cant guarantee my photos will be as good a quality either!. But walk I will with my little mate!!!!
  4. telford-wolf

    wet paws and foot

    Hi Mick, loved reading your tales, always with a tinge of jealousy!! One of my ideal holidays would be a deserted crofters cottage in the wilds of Scotland or some other remote place, with just me and my dog. The realisation is I need my car to get there, and I would be pretty useless in the wild weather that so often comes with wild locations!! Mark
  5. telford-wolf

    Good to be back

    Hi everyone I would like to say its good to be back, and its nice to see you again. However, I can't!!!! I think I had only just joined, and cant remember whether I posted more than 2 or 3 comments before it disappeared. So perhaps I'd be better off by saying: It good to see you back, and hope to get to know you all!! Take care everyone, Mark