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    medical negligance
  1. maggie6

    Nail Polish

    hi girls(including the one who's not telling...LOL!!!!) All of the above is correct and believe me ive tried them all i find first clean toenails thoroughly of all debris including old polish lightly buff toenails with nailfile put your basecoat on when dry apply two topcoats finally apply clear nailpolish or finishing polish and when dry buff nails with a soft cloth or sponge and VOILA it should stay on for about a week a last tip is try and wear a light colour flaws are less noticable i nearly always do a french manicure its simple with practice and gives a real illusion of you having proper toenails and it can be done with pink or taupe topcoat hope this helps you all take care out there maggie6 xxx
  2. maggie6

    advice on cotton liners

    hi everyone first timer on forum have been on all mornin reading your tips and tricks but nothin on cotton liners im a fairly new amputee stump shrinkin at a fast rate at present waerin 5 socks how can u disguise their bulk and tight elastic read heather mills cuts hers to shape of knee brace but what can u use to hold them up quitee skinny so its a real problem PLEASE HELP!!!!!!!while im on how long till u get a leg that actually looks like a leg in size as well as looks going on hols in july appreciate any tips on a hot beach holiday and what can i expect at the airport will i need to take my leg off so man y questions i need to ask so this wont b the last u all here from me stay safe folks,thankyou in advance for your help x