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  1. sghamer

    Hello and looking for advice

    My friends have been great since I had my operation. I would suggest that you just be his friend like you have been all this time. He isn;t going to be a different person! treat him the way you have always treated him. Do things that you have done in the past. It is great that you are so open to learn about what he is going through. After my operation I asked a few of my friends if they wanted to see my leg, just to get over that weirdness (cause i knew they were thinking about it) so i showed them and boom! no big deal. calling him and asking him how he is doing is great but then go on and talk about somthing else. be aware of his situation but don;t make it a huge deal. At this point I can't walk as fast i used to or I get tired fast, so when i am at the mall with a friend they know i might need to take it slow and that's cool! we take a break and have a cup of coffee, we talk then we get up and shop some more! I hope your friend comes and takes a look at the site. he will learn that he is one of MANY! :lol:
  2. sghamer

    Nov 28 - AMPUTATION date !

    Hi Tara- First of all, your mom is right. I hate the word stump. It is still your leg, it is just a bit shorter now! I also named mine. I call him Sparky. I too lived with years of pain, about 15. However no one knew what was causing all my pain till it was to late. I had cancer and had no choice but to have my foot and part of my leg removed. Do i still wish i had my foot? Yeah, sometimes. But i don't long for the foot i had, i long for one that didn't cause me so much pain. Your mom sounds like a strong woman. That is the one and only thing that is going to get her through this. Now, don't get me wrong, having a wonderful daughter, husband and family are going to be so much help to her but she is the only who can make the choice to live or to give up. I see a lot of people who just seem to have given up after something like this happens. So many people come up to me and say that I am so strong and that they could never have done what I have done. (I also shattered my knee and femur 6 months after my surgery). They ask how did I do it? Well, in my mind, i had no other choice then to do it. My mom came and helped take care of me after my operation. My suggestion would be to listen to her. She will have bad moments and i think the best thing you can do is listen. When i got depressed people would try to cheer me up and say it will be ok. Now that was nice but it didn't always help. I mean how did they know? I mean i got cancer in my foot!! Anything can happen!! My husband, he listens and tells the truth. No sugar coating (well, sometimes he does but that has to do with things like "does my butt look big in these!!) When i say that i don't know if i would ever go swimming is public again, instead of saying "it is be fine, its not a big deal", he told he wouldn't want to either. he made me realize that i am not alone in my feelings, that he understands why I wouldn't want to and push me to. But he also is very supportive when the time comes that i do want to go swimming, he will be right there. Only I can make that choice. You seem like a wonderful daughter, you mom is very lucky. Just BE there for her. And tell her about the site. It is nice to know that you aren't alone.
  3. Deb/Brenda- i live in Atlanta, GA. Any chance of the clinic coming up here? Is there a web site i could check out for more inforamtion?
  4. sghamer

    My Goal

    Hi! i think this is a great idea. A goal is nothing but a dream until you tell someone about it!! I would love to ride in lance Armstrongs -Ride for the Roses. i am a BKL and a cancer survivor and a big fan. My problem is that at this point in time i can't ride a bike. I was all set to ride this this years race (October) but in Dec. of 2002 i shttered my knee and femer. I have had two operations so far and just went to PT on friday for the first time in weeks. I am glad to say I have not lost any movement I had gained in the past. But still not enough to ride a bike. i tell other people that this is my goal, to ride a bike, and they kinda laugh, like that isn't a real goal. i then have to explain that I am unable to bend my knee enough to rotate the wheel of the bike. Something so small for others (they don't even think about it) yet so big for me (all i do is think about it). In a couple of months i will have another operation that will hopefully help me reach my goal. i will continue to go to PT and build up my left leg. i would love to hear about other peoples goals and what they are doing to reach them. Mandy- even when i had 2 good feet i couldn't ski....scared the you know what out of me!! So you go girl!! let us know how you are doing!! :lol:
  5. sghamer

    Office equipment

    Hi Deb- I know i am late in replying to your question....by the way, how are you?? I use the pin release method type of "super foot". After my recent operation i could not sit for long periods of time without a ton of pain. Even when I was driving!! i think it was the swelling due to the operation. i found that releasing the pin and pulling my leg out just a bit worked wonders. i also had to do this at work. While I was on crutches and still had my staples in and could not wear my "super foot" i had use the trash can to rest it on. At home i can rest it on the desk! it looks funny but who cares!! I guess you could buy a foot stool or something....maybe one of those cubes people use in their family rooms. you could get a cheap one at Target or IKEA. if you find out any other ideas ....Share!! will e-mail you soon! Shay :D
  6. sghamer

    Upstairs mobility?

    Well, i am able to walk up and down the staris on my "super foot". i go slow and by the time I get up them my right "cheek" is on fire Sometimes i still use my crutches, like right before bed. i have been known to walk up and down the stairs with my crutches. Although, sometimes I sit down and go down them. it really depends on how i feel. I never got a wheel chair. After my fall, I was unable to wear my "super foot'" for 3 months. I wore long skirts and walked on crutches. I can do alot on my crutches, even vacum!! :lol: . Are you a double amputee? If not maybe you should try them
  7. sghamer

    I am new!

    Barb- Right now I can only bend my knee 70-80 degrees. It depends on whether someone is pushing it! I was supposed to ride in the Ride for the Roses race that Lance Armstrong :D holds every year to raise money for cancer research. But that dream was shattered (no pun intended, well, maybe) in Dec. Now all I want to do is be able to ride a bike. And that is my goal. I would like to ride in 2004 and that is what I will work for. I think one must always have goals, something to work towards. And once you reach one goal you make another and move on. I have my bad days and then sometimes I kinda forget about it. Like you I ask “why me?” I mean really, who gets cancer in their foot?? But I guess God and my guardian angles thought I could handle this more then someone else. As for being able to do what I did before the operation well, I couldn’t too much cause of the pain!! :( So maybe one day I really will be able to do more! And remember, God or whomever, let you live for reason. There is a reason why you survived that crash. The tough part is trying to figure out what it is. I don’t know if you read much but if you want to read an uplifting book try “It’s not about the Bike” by Lance Armstrong. It really helped me days after my operation. :D
  8. Ok, this might sound werid but what do you do when you take a shower? I have a chair from when i shattered my knee and still use it. But i hear that some people balance on one leg. :o Is it hard? Safe? Does anyone use a shower leg? How do they work? Thanks! :D
  9. sghamer

    Feeling sub-human

    Hi! My name is Shay. I lost my leg 6/12/03 to cancer. I am a LBK. I am not a teenager but my heart goes out to you. :( It turns out that I had my cancer when I was your age and just didn’t know it. I am 30 now and married. I was married before my operation and my husband was so great. He is sad that I had cancer and that he almost lost me. He is happy that all I lost was my leg. As you get older you will realize that the “good people or men” out there look way beyond your looks but to what is most important and that is you, the person. When I was young my family moved from the mid west to the deep south and I got picked on for the way I talked. I am 30 and people still bring it up! But that is ok, that is just one part of who I am. As is my missing my leg, or the 10 inch scar that runs down my leg cause a I fell and shattered my knee and femur. Surround yourself with the people who really know you and care about you. You don’t have to have 20 best friends. I found out that having 1 or 2 was enough. And who cares about wearing shorts! They are over rated!! :D (I don’t wear them either)! As for going to the beach on vacation, I have started going to places where there is no beach but where I can still have fun! Try San Fran. I was just there and it was too cold for shorts!! :) Stay strong girl! Don’t let those a#@ho@es get you down!
  10. sghamer

    I am new!

    It is nice to hear from you Star and Barb. I know what you mean about family being great but not really knowing what we go through. I had a conversation with my mom this week and she said that we had all been going through this with me and I was like no you have not! I am unable to walk normally without a cane, I can’t ride a bike, I do not wear shorts in public, and I haven’t even thought about getting in a pool. These are things that everyone else takes for granted. They have no idea what it is like to think that I might never go to the beach again. Don’t get me wrong, I have wonderful support but sometimes you just want to scream. That is one reason why my husband is so great. He doesn’t even bother saying he understands what I am going through. He doesn’t and he says it. When we talk about going to a pool he isn’t like “oh it’s no big deal, you can do it”. Instead he is honest and says, “I wouldn’t want to go either”. We have already stated that the next house we buy must have a pool! It is so nice to hear that other people worry about their looks too. I am aware of how I look. :( I wish I could work out but until I get my operation to take my plate and pins out it isn’t an option. And even then there are no guarantees. I work in the financial world where you have to dress nicely and I only have 2 pairs of shoes that I can wear right now. Up until a month ago it was only 1! I don’t think people understand how hard it is to find shoes that fit! Then you have to worry about them looking good. Grrrr!!! After my operation I invited two friends over to take a look at all of my slip on shoes. I gave away some $$$ shoes. But then I think, I am lucky to be alive. I could have never been diagnosed and ended up dieing. But some days….you still just want to scream! keep writing! it does make you feel better! :D
  11. sghamer

    Support group

    Vince- I actually live in Atlanta and have an office in Peachtree City that I go to about once a week. It would be great if you do get a group together. If I am able (time) I would like to meet up. Shay
  12. sghamer

    Fed Up with the NHS?

    This might be a dumb question but what is the NHS? After reading the posts I take it that it is something in England. I am from the States, so could you clue me in? :( shay
  13. sghamer


    Vince- Welcome to the site. I am a LBK (6/02). I lost my foot/Leg to cancer. I am sorry to hear about your accident. It is too bad God could not have used a different method of letting you know that your job choice was not the right one for you. But he does work in mysteries ways doesn’t he? I am also a GA resident and know of PTC. I hope you have found a good group to work with when it comes to fitting you for a new “super foot” (that is what I call mine). From what I have been reading they make all the difference!
  14. sghamer

    How long did it take

    Janey-ney Thank you for the support. I just got back from my quarterly cancer screening today. I am happy to say that I am still cancer free! I do have a question for you and others out there. Do you find it hard to walk up and down a hill? I find it easier to go up but going down is scary! :o Even with a cane. Will I ever master it? -shay
  15. sghamer

    Neurontin for Pain

    At first I tired not taking anything for my phantom pains but that did not last. I took Neurontin for awhile and I found that it worked. I only stopped because I had another accident and just forgot to take it. Once I realized it I was on so many other drugs I figured I should lay off. I have not taken it since. That is not to say I don’t get pains but they do not come as often or are as bad. I spoke to a gentleman who lost his leg in Vietnam and he said that the pains go away over time. shay