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  1. Doug

    I Am Still Alive!!

    Speedy healing and prayers sent.
  2. I used the Triton Harmony and liked it.
  3. Doug


    I am also interested in this knee but wont be ready for one for another month. Will be watching the thread.
  4. Unexpected advantage! I found that I can work out in the cold wearing shorts and only get half as cold now.
  5. Doug

    Hello, I am home again

    Had my AK conversion on Monday. They tell me it went well even though the surgury itself took a few hours more than anticipated. I met some really good people along the way and plan to stay in contact with some of them. Monday was all about the operation. And Tuesday they applies the radiation treatments. Wednesday the pain was less so I could back off on the meds. :-) Thursday I missed the opertunity to go home because of a teeny fever. But switched to Tylenol for pain and fever. Friday the fever was under control so they let me go home. Today is Saturday. I had to learn to give myself injections. Wow. I am here and healing. Thanking God for looking over me. Thank everyone that prayed for me or my surgeon.
  6. Doug

    HO - Heterotopic Ossification

    Time to get it done. Thanks for the well wishes and prayers. See you all in a few days....
  7. Doug

    HO - Heterotopic Ossification

    Surgury is just this weekend away. "I'll be back."
  8. Doug

    HO - Heterotopic Ossification

    Not a whole lot is known about HO by anybody Cheryl. Thank You
  9. Doug

    HO - Heterotopic Ossification

    Decision has been made; starting the paperwork to remove the knee and as much of the HO as possible. Ann the doctors don't know much about HO either, studies are still being done. After they remove what they can, they are using radiation to TRY to stop future growth.
  10. Doug

    One of my stories

    Very nice Ally
  11. Doug


    Yes I am watching them too. I tend to like watching the stuff they don't show like shooting, archery, etc. Did see some of the air rifle and bicycle. And will watch for the track and field, didn't know that started. And the Paralymics...I didn't even know about them before this year. Watched clips from earlier times on the net.
  12. Doug

    HO - Heterotopic Ossification

    Looks bad at first Neal. But when I look at all the improvements in mobility, life should be better.
  13. Doug

    HO - Heterotopic Ossification

    And the process begins again. I saw two other doctors today and both of them say the best possible result would come from moving the amputation to AK. They may also use radiation to minimize the growth of HO. Got a few months before they actually do this.
  14. Doug

    New to site

    Welcome to the site Charlotte