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  1. Disability Sports Books?

    Is anyone interested in writing books about amputee or disability sports? Contact us if you are as we want to expand the range from just the one cycling book that we have. If you know of any existing good books for amputees and disability sports topics, send them to us so we can shout about them on our website please? Thanks! It's info@stumpsandcranks.co.uk Have fun!
  2. Cycling Handbook for Amputees!!!

    We will be starting a 'donate Stumps and Cranks cycling book to new amputees in limb centres around the UK' campaign soon - it will be on for November and December on JustGiving.com Will post details of it next week. Have a bewitching Halloween everyone!
  3. Hi Rikk can we put the video and article onto our webpage or at least link it from our webpage to you? We are on www.stumpsandcranks.co.uk Email us on info@stumpsandcranks.co.uk if we can do stuff together? Thanks!
  4. Cycling Handbook for Amputees!!!

    Just to say that the cycling book for amputees is now out and selling. All over the US, Canada, New Zealand, Australia, UK, Europe and beyond. Available from major online booksellers - see www.stumpsandcranks.co.uk for available outlets! If anyone wants to write more books on disability sports please do get in touch at info@stumpsandcranks.co.uk - it's worth developing these resources for future generations to enjoy.
  5. Hi Please tell everyone you know about the new beginner's cycling book for amputees coming out soon. Visit www.stumpsandcranks.co.uk to register your interest. It really is the best fun on less than four wheels that you could ever have! Thanks...
  6. Cycling Handbook for Amputees!!!

    Hi! Just want to tell everyone on the forum about a new beginner's cycling book for amputees that is coming out soon. Visit www.stumpsandcranks.co.uk to register your interest in the book. It's full of fun packed ideas, hints and tips on how to have fun on less than four wheels... Look forward to hearing from you all soon.