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  1. Katie-D

    Icy Britain

    I've never tried the socks over the shoes trick but I have been out in the ice a few times now even though I do try and stay in as much as possible. I stick by taking baby steps, I make sure that I put one foot down before moving the next one and I never put it too far in front, I find this stops the skidding element. So far so good, although it takes me a while to get anywhere.
  2. Katie-D

    Birthday Wishes Kirsten and Katie D

    Just saw this. Many thanks for the birthday wishes, had a great day, and all the presents I wanted. And we'll still be eating cake for the next week! xx
  3. Katie-D

    Uk Limb centres

    i also attend the DSC at Harold Wood, I also received all of my phisyo there and they are an excellent team, I was in hospital at Southend and many of the patients there were trying desperatly to attend pysio at Harold Wood as it has a great reputation. I sometimes have to make a bit of a fuss, but with regards to my leg i've always ended up with whatever I want, and they are very accommodating with regard to repairs etc.
  4. Katie-D

    Have your friends changed?

    The people that know me - my friends and family treat me now the same as they always have. There are however, people that i went to school with for example that treat me differently if they see me now. There are people that heard about my accident and the result of it and couldn't imagine a worse thing happening and assume that i am depressed and that they have to tiptoe round me. Because they think like this they avoid talking to me. This happend a few days ago, i saw a girl from school who i hadn't seen for a long time, she was sitting on the train, she saw me but didn't speak to me, the next day the same girl saw my sister and asked how i was coping and explained she didn't want to talk to me as she didn't know what to say. My point is, the people who know me well and see me a lot know that i can do everything i have always done, and that i am still me. People who knew me before but do not see me or talk to me anymore for whatever reason - they think that something terrible happend to me and that I would never be the same happy-go-lucky person and so do not approach me anymore. I hope that makes some sense - I always end up babling on whenever I write anything, and I always try and be short and to the point. Kate
  5. Katie-D

    Planning a vacation

    Hi, I work in Central London and often travel on London Transport. The London Underground is not very accesible for disabled travellers and is often croweded and although i walk totally un-aided mostly you can not get a seat and my balance is not too good so I avoid travellign on the 'tube'. However buses serve all the attractions in London and a lot of funding has been spent on making sure buses in the Centre of London run on time and are accesible for disabled travellers, so I would recommend taking the bus. The transport for London web site has lots more info Transport for London Website Hope that was some help Kate
  6. Katie-D

    got my new leg

    I have the same foot, and have had mine for nearly 2 years so I have got quite good at adjusting the heel according to the shoe I am wearing. Although at first it was just trial and error I'm afraid. I found that the best way to adjust it to nearly the right place by eye was to put the leg into the shoe and adjust the leg with the shoe on (sometimes this was more difficult than others depending on the shoe). Anyway I would put the shoe on a flat surface normally a desk so I didn't have to bend down and adjust the leg until it was at a 90 degree angle. Then I would put the leg on, walk up and down the hall and decide if it needed to go forward back or was fine. Eventually I knew the right setting for every shoe! :P Also I feel more comfortable wearing heels than flats and find it easier to walk not sure why it is but it certainly isn't any more difficult. Hope I have been of some help to you and you manage to work out the leg soon. Kate
  7. Katie-D

    What part of the world are you from?

    I live just outside of London. My Dad was born in Ireland (Cork) and most of his family live there and my Mum's family are also from Ireland (Dublin) although she was born here. So I suppose that makes me a little bit Irish. :D
  8. Katie-D

    Today is the anniversary.....

    I know exactly how you feel, last night was the 3rd anniversary of my accident, I dont think I would remember the exact date but it was 3 days before my birthday so i always do remember. Anyway back to my point, I was just talking to a friend of mine I mentioned to him my accident was 3 years ago and then I realised how lucky I am to be here and that things could of been so much worse. Looking back I'm not really any different to how I was before, I work, I go out with my friends, I go on holiday, I go to the gym the list is endless. So around this time I feel like I was given a second chance, and I'm just thankful to still be here. kate xox
  9. Katie-D


    Sue That is so terrible, a similar thing happend to my family and I with airtours a couple of years ago although we got to the airport in Spain only to be told our hotel was overbooked and we would be put in a different hotel but in the same resort. How guliable were we! We got on a coach and dropped people off next door to our original hotel. Then we were the only people left on the coach. We drove and drove and drove. The driver spoke no english and could not explain where we were going. I dont know how well you know spain but we were meant to be staying in Marbella and ended up in La Linea in a hotel which was in the golden years brochure (we were a family of 4 with young children!) on the boarder a 5 minute walk and we were in Gibralter! We got no compensation at all even though airtours promised something would be done. I hope you have more luck than us - at least we were in Spain when we found out. Hope you get another holiday - cant imagine how disappointed you must be. I'll say a little prayer tonight hoping you get your well deserved holiday and it ends up being better than the one you had planned.
  10. Katie-D

    Amputee Survival Kit

    In the Uk the "Advanced haeling bandaids by Johnson & Johnson" that Lark mentioned are called Compeed Blister Plasters and come in a little hard green plastic box. They work really well for me whenever I have a blister athough they do tend to come off if you sweat a lot. Found that out in the sweltering heat of the Greek Islands. B)
  11. Katie-D

    Summer/Travel Tips with Prosthesis...

    Pam, I have just been on holiday and carried my spare limb on as hand luggage in addition to my little bag with all my essentials in it - book, passport, tickets, hairbrush etc etc. Anyway when I told the check-in staff I had two items of hand luggage my handbag and my spare leg, they didn't mind. If your worried though just ring the airline in advance and ask them, I think you are allowed the extra for medical things.
  12. Katie-D


    I have just come back from a holiday to Zante (Greek Island). I too was unsure of what to do with my spare leg, and decided it would be best to take it as hand luggage. I was going to put it in my case so I didn't have to carry it around with me but then I got worried that my case might go missing. Mine didn't but my friends did - she had to go a whole week before it turned up! Anyway it wasn't that awkward. When we were checking in I told the staff at the desk that I had one suitcase and two items of hand luggage (normally only allowed one) and explained that one was my leg and it was too valuble to put in my case. They were fine with this. Then when we got on the plane I just put it in the overhead locker - not a problem at all. Oh and I just put it in a bin liner as I didn't have a bag big enough and I didn't want to scare any unsuspecting passengers on the plane by leaving a leg in the overhead lockers! Hope that was some help and hope you have a lovely time - I certainly did :P
  13. Katie-D


    Hi all, I just found some great blister plasters that athletes use - they are called compeed blister plasters. I got mine from the supermarket but they should do them in chemists - i know boots definately do them. You clean the blister and put these plasters on and they act like skin. They are waterproof and you just leave them on until they fall off. They are the best thing I have ever used and as they are like a layer of skin they dont interefere with my liner or anything.
  14. Katie-D

    Travel preparation!

    Hi, I am going on holiday in 2 weeks time travelling from London to the Greek islands and while it isn't the first holiday I have been on since my amp, it is the first time I will be travelling with a spare leg. Until I read these posts I was just thinking of putting it in my suite case - well I suppose I wasnt really thinking. Anyway to the point - now I'm worried about what to do with the spare leg - do I take it onto the plane with me as hand luggage? I would rather do that but I would also like to bring a small bag for my passport, reading book etc, would I be allowed both? I thought I was getting good at this whole travelling thing - this will be my fourth holiday since my amp. Any advice would be greatfully recieved Katie x
  15. Katie-D

    Can i still drive

    I'm a LBK and so it was fine for me to drive a normal automatic car - when i first got my leg I didn't even wear it when driving. Anyway I'm not entirely sure but when I was at my limb centre last I was talking to a lady RBK and she had an automatic car with an adaption on the pedals which moved the accelerator from right to left meaning she could use her left foot. I'm sure there are lots of different ways to go about modifying a car but there is no doubt about it you can still drive. Maybe if you talk to an Occupational Therapist or someone like that, they maybe able to help. Kate :D