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  1. char

    blisters please help??

    Thanks every one am going great guns with my gel sock and then dual thickness sock,, yipee am going for 4 or more hours and taking leg off because i doing as i am told not because its killing me ,, resting for a few hours then the same again so thanks for all the fab advice x
  2. Hi i am just starting to wear my new leg every day,, not all day just a few hours in the morning then a good rest for a few or more hours then wearing it again for a few hours,,i had my op 12 weeks ago and have healed pretty well,, however my scar is bright red and raised but not quit blistered it is damaged as it stung whilst in the bath this morning,, any advice on how to stop this or at least help it please,, i am wearing to socks at the moment that are thin at the bottom and thick on the top, oh and i am a bka ,, many thanks x
  3. char

    blisters please help??

    Hi thank u both for the advice, i wore my gel sock today with 2 half socks to top end of stump,, was a little easier but still very red and raised on removal, there is no oze or gunk from the scar just sore red and raised not even a real blister, i think ur both right and that i am going in 2 far,, grrr only had leg for 2 weeks at the moment i am shrinking and needing new leg every 2 weeks!! thank the lord for the nhs!! i go to the mobility center mon wed and fri so will swiftly get it looked at tomorrow,, am going to wear leg for a hour at a time today and take it easy,, gosh it all change with the stump at the mo looks different every day !!! Thanks again guys x
  4. char

    New to site

    Hello everyone, my name is Charlotte and i am 7 weeks post below knee, i am 39 years old and live in Devon ,, i have my new leg but had a bad day at physio on my first try out of the mobility centre ,, so i am on a weeks rest grrrr first lesson learnt,,, always make sure u have enough socks/ liners on,,
  5. char

    Gambling problem

    I have a wee funny story as well,, I was at a road crossing on my scooter and a little boy kept staring at my stump,, he was walking around it and bending down to get a good look. Next minute he says to me" has your foot fallen off?" So i reply "yes it has, i was naughty and didnt eat all my veg" He then goes running up to his mum and talks very animatedly i could imagine him asking for sprouts for dinner,,
  6. char

    New to site

    Thank you everyone, Hi Steve i am based in torquay and have found exeter to be the best for everything,, i wanted to go to physio closer to home but as it was a smaller set up with just one physio trying to see to 6 of us, i very quickly went back to exeter mobility center, the good thing there is that you have everyone there from the counsler to the phsyio to the leg makers, i would contact you direct but not sure how to????
  7. char

    A curious observation.....

    Hi i only had my below knee 7 weeks ago and around a week after the phantoms kicked in and wow did they kick in!!! I tryed meds and am now slowly stopping them,, the cure for me was mirror therapy wow it works,, i have no phantoms now but if i do get any i will right back to my mirror,