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  1. juancmaires

    New Hybrid Prosthesis (Aqualeg)

    Hi Peter; thanks for reaching. You mentioned you are a new amputee. As a new amputee I understand you have to thinking what is the right foot? what cover to use? and things like that. But before getting into that please make sure you get the right fit for your prosthesis. and when I say the right fit I mean like a glove. You can have the best foot, the best cover the best everything but if you have a poor fit, nothing will feel right. I wrote about that in the following link in case you are interested: http://www.empowerin...r=106j2tgos2e6o Ok sorry for that long introduction ;-) Regarding the Aqualeg. I am a very very active person. I do crossfit 5 times a week, and I enjoy every outdoor activity (im not saying im good at those things, I just wanted to point out my level of activity). I am now living in Montreal, Canada so I need to enjoy even more the summers now (lucky you that live near the sea ) So I was always looking for something that would allow me to do all my activities AND water activities as well without the need of having a special water/shower prosthesis. Thats when I came accross Aqualeg, Its been a couple of years since Im using it and I can tell you that i can not be happier. I was afraid it was not going to last but let me tell you it is very very durable. To give you an example check out the link below for you to have an idea of the kind of treatment i give to my prosthesis and the aqualeg cover http://www.mudhero.com/fr-ca/trouverun%C3%A9v%C3%A8nement/montreal.aspx To answer your questions: 1. Are today also satisfaid with your aqualeg Hibrid Semi-soft cover? VERY satisfied 2. Do you use it only in summer or all year all year long, I use for anything and everything 3. How is damaged after two years after two years is in pretty good condition. There is no damage to the cover so far 4. How much time aqualeg gives the warranty for their aqualed semi-soft cover The version I have was a prototype, to get the warranty information you will need to contact them directly 5. How many years do you think you will use your aqualeg semi-soft cover before you will have to buy another one Im not thinking about changing it any time soon Peter, I hope this info is helpful for you. Hit me back if you have any other questions. Not only about the prosthesis but about anything regarding the prosthesis, life as an amputee, and why not life in general if you want lol Have a great day!
  2. juancmaires

    New Hybrid Prosthesis (Aqualeg)

    I agree with you... having a dedicate swimm leg is a luxury. The good thing (IMO) about the Aqualeg cover I have is that it is that ... a cover.. meaning that I can keep it and use it with my future prosthesis or if I have to change my socket or the foot I can just take off the cover, do whatever i have to do and then put it back on and it is suppose to last for many years. In terms of price you know that it will depend on your prothesist, because the people from Aqualeg sell it to your prothesist and then your prothesist sells it to you (like any other component) but it should be around 2,500 euros.
  3. juancmaires

    New Hybrid Prosthesis (Aqualeg)

    Hi Neal, What you see in the pics is the Aqualeg cover. It is a cover that you can remove or pull up whenever the prothesist needs to make adjustements or if you want to change it. Basically Im using a carbon socket, with an Iceros Synergy Liner and a Freedom Innovations foot (Highlander). So on top of that I added the Aqualeg Silicon Cover, all the components are water resistance so this is my everyday leg and I use it for everyday activities (including water activities).
  4. juancmaires

    New Hybrid Prosthesis (Aqualeg)

    Hi Ann, You can check his website here http://www.swim-prosthesis.com
  5. Good day everybody, I wanted to stop by to share my experiences with my last prosthesis which is by far the best I've ever had. My name is Juan, 30 years old, LBK amputee since 2000 (cancer). I am far from knowing everything about prosthesis but been an amputee for over 12 years has allowed me to see the good, the bad, and the ugly about prosthesis, leg guys, insurances, skin problems, sports, and people in general. As I said I don’t know it all and that is why I join this type of sites to share my experiences and learn from yours. A couple of years after I started with my first prosthesis I began searching for a solution that will allow me to go in the water, specifically the beach. There were some options out there like having a shower prosthesis or using a cover like the Dry Pro. I did not have the money to spend in a prosthesis that I will only use for the water. I did use the DryPro cover and it was ok (you get what they offer). I know many of you maybe thinking "just take off the leg and go in the pool, beach or whatever you want to do". I use my glasses for everything except for sleeping, and that is exactly what I wanted with my prosthesis. I use my prosthesis for everything except water. How come that will all the technology there is no solution for amputees that want to have one hybrid prosthesis for everyday activities including water activities. Fortunately there was another amputee that was wondering the same thing, and he was actually doing something about it. That is how in 2010 I found the website of Fred Roach (wonderful person) in which he was sharing his story and his personal project called Aqualeg. Fred was happy with the results and decided to move forward with the project, and that is how the Aqualeg Cover started. This year I needed to change my leg and in the process I was able to add the Aqualeg Cover. I am currently using a carbon socket with a Freedom (Highlander foot) and the Aqualeg Cover. After all this years I am now finally able to go to the beach, pool, taking showers at the gym. (you can check my pics) I was already happy with my life before I found the Agualeg Cover because I have a wonderful wife and I’m surrounded by great family and friends but it is a great complement and it has allowed me to do things I always wanted to do after the amputation. We are in the middle of summer and I am enjoying every bit of it!!! Regards, Juan