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  1. katiebeth69

    New to amputation and new to here.

    Hi all- just a quick post to update you... Yesterday afternoon I was finally able to take my prosthesis (and a zimmer frame) away! It's not finished, and will need adjusting weekly after I get my cast replaced, but I can use it, and it's so much easier than I was expecting! I don't think I've smiled this much in years- and I'm getting heaps of fantastic reactions from other patients and staff! I've been wearing it for the past 6 hours, tomorrow my goal is to wear it all day (excluding during my nana naps) and also to walk down to the Hospital Cafe- takes about 5 minutes in the wheelchair, I'm pretty confident I can manage that, although it might take a while!
  2. katiebeth69

    New to amputation and new to here.

    Thank you for those tips Cheyrlm, I have made note of each of those. Regarding number 3- being proud of each step, I managed to feel proud of myself this weekend- I went 4 wheel driving with my brother, and mid-track, in the middle of nowhere, I decided I just couldn't hold on any longer- I desperately needed to pee... but the ground around us was too rocky for me to wheel myself in my chair to a private area, so I managed to climb out of the car and stand on my only foot, leaning against the car, whilst my brother fireman lifted me and carried me to a private area. I then managed to manouver myself from the remains of a wall he had leaned me against, to the corner, squatted down (sorry for tmi!!!) held my balance, and then managed to get back up and over to the area he had left me, waiting for him to come back for me. I haven't managed to stand on my remaining foot in about 2 months because the foot drop caused my foot to warp into a position that I couldn't stand on, but now I have a cast on, I can do it! It was the first time in ages that I have managed to recognise an achievement and actually be proud of myself, so that was definately a huge step, both physically AND mentally! I have a few goals, mostly big ones, i.e. learning to walk, and once my car is modified- learning to put my wheelchair in/on the car (depending on which technique I decide to use) and also learning to drive a hand controlled car. Then there are some smaller ones like sorting out a well fitting, comfortable prosthetic, becoming more confident and able in my wheelchair, and improving my balance. But, I don't have time frames for these goals, and I don't think I will make any time frames for them, I really can't afford any disappointments right now!
  3. katiebeth69

    New to amputation and new to here.

    Hey guys, thanks for all the replies, sorry it's taken so long to get back to you all. I've really not been coping well with the amputation, so I've been stuck in a psychiatric hospital for 6 weeks and 4 days now :( They've decided that they will be keeping me in for a while longer, to help me get through some of the rehibilitation stuff. I also got the crappy news that if I don't get the feeling back in my remaining foot within a year, they want to amputate my other leg.... but I think I will be fighting that tooth and nail, because I don't see the point in going through the pain and stress of getting a leg removed due to lack of feeling, only to get it replaced with a prosthetic you can't feel! I get that I am more likely to get wounds and infections because of the lack of feeling, but I am willing to take that risk, I'll just have to learn to be more aware of things!! I've been thinking a lot about the overheating issue (obviously not much else to do on this ward, lol!) and the more I thought about it, the more reasons I came up with to explain the excess heat- mostly the stuff you all have suggested, although I didn't consider it being a side effect of medication- must look into that!! I have an appointment with the Limb Center next Friday, I think my prosthesis might be ready (although it's been 6 weeks since they last saw me, and I think I've lost weight, but hopefully not enough to need the prosthesis altered!!) They have warned me that it's going to be a LONG road to recovery because of the state my remaining leg is in (currently getting serial casting to stretch the foot back into position) and because it's been so long since I have weight beared. I'm not looking forward to this! I wish I could press a fast forward button and just skip straight to the walking like a pro stage! I guess maybe it is a good idea to be in here during this stage. At least it will save me a LOT in travel costs, seeing as the Orthapaedic ward is in the same building, and the Limb Center is across the road! If anyone has any advice for getting through the initial learning to walk phase, feel free to post or PM me, think I'll need all the help and advice I can get!
  4. katiebeth69

    New to amputation and new to here.

    Hi all, I am a left below knee amputee after falling into a coma (reason unknown!!) and developing Compartment Syndrome and a whole lot of other problems from CS on the 21st of June 2012. I also had Fasciotomies on either side of my remaining calf, and on the outside of both thighs. There doesn't seem to be many amputees where I live, so I don't have anyone to ask questions, which is why I joined this site. One thing I have noticed since my amputation is that I will very quickly switch from boiling hot to freezing cold- in a matter of seconds- and was wondering if this is something to do with being an amputee? (It's not infection, I've been checked for that, and have a District Nurse visit me twice a week to change the dressings on my Fasciotomies). Thanks guys!