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  1. icarus0211

    Looking for an AKA amputee to have a chat with

    Thank you Ann for your prompt reply. As you mentioned not to many NHS amputees are using Genium. I know that because I was already in touch with the LA and met some guys but with the ordinary prosthesis. I have tried also to get into someone through a private prosthetists (Dorset Orthopaedic) but with no luck. I think now I will try Roehampton. I forgot about them and you refreshed my memory. Thank you. Kind regards Jacek
  2. Hello, It looks like that after 10 years of struggle, 33 surgeries performed I will have to give up my left leg above the knee. I am looking for an AK amputee to have a chat about all pros and cons before I make the final decision. Preferably someone using a GENIUM or C-LEG knee. I am quite knowledgeable about the subject (including osseointegration) so I am not going to waste your time. I am 56, live in Croydon (UK) and happy to travel even up to 100 miles radius from my home. I am looking forward to shake your helping hand friends Icarus