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  1. Hi Kaz, Although I have no experience with the Triton foot, looking at its specs, it doesn't seem like a best choice for hiking. For Nordic walking or hiking, I'd say one needs to look for a foot which is energetic enough and at the same time has strong eversion/inversion capabilities. I get the impression from Ottobock's site that only their low profile foot versions may be candidates, however low profile versions often have relatively weak energy return and low eversion/eversion range of motion. I think the following feet may provide better solutions for your requirements (in this order): http://www.ossur.com/pages/13461 http://fillauer.com/Prosthetics/Ibex.html http://www.ossur.com/?PageID=15418 http://www.ossur.com/?PageID=13620 Note that we've recently reviewed two of the above mentioned feet on our community blog: Ibex foot review, Vari-Flex with EVO foot review. Best, Ofri.
  2. Hi, For those of us who are interested, please see the following post, which explains how to estimate the "true" weight of an amputee (had we not been amputees) and how to calculate BMI for amputees. Ofri.
  3. Ofri

    Thankful for Prosthetist

    Hi, It's always great to hear about prosthetists with heart and soul! I consider starting a list of recommended prosthetists worldwide. I'd appreciate if you could email me your recommendations along with the details of the prosthetist. Thanks, Ofri. Amputee-Life.org
  4. Ofri


    Speaking solely for myself, I'm using regular jeans. I manage with any jeans which fit my size. Here is what works for me: 1. If possible, loose weight before getting your next socket. this will make it thinner. 2. if the socket includes an inner socket (soft or hard), you could ask your prosthetist to make another one without it. 3. insist on a tight fit. When getting a new socket you should get in with a single 1 ply sock or no socks at all. if you're going in with more, the socket is bigger than it needs to be. Note that such a tight fit should feel very comfortable. If it doesn't, ask your prosthetist to make a better job. 4. if you're wearing a cosmetic cover, ask for the ability to remove/add it at will. Covers usually bloat the leg and you don't need them anyway when wearing jeans. Ofri. Amputee-life.org
  5. Ofri

    Hello from Israel

    Hi all, Happy to have found this forum! I'm Ofri, from Israel. I lost my leg (RBK) on 2007 in line of duty, while serving in the army. Today, I'm a software engineer and a computer sciences student. In parallel I am active at the gym, practicing aerobic and anaerobic sports. Ever since my injury, I've been interested in what's going on in the prosthetics world, searching for new solutions, experiencing with various feet and looking after knowledge and ways to improve quality of life for me and for others. It was when I realized that friends see me an address for questions and that there is a lack of knowledge base online, that I've decided to open the Amputee Life website, where we invite anyone interested to post and help creating such knowledge base for amputees. I look forward to participating in this great forum and hope to learn new things and contribute here as well. Cheers, Ofri.