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  1. doggie

    Have We Met Before?

    Or in Lands End! Come to think of it, why not start in Lands End, then travel up to John o Groats. Sampling the regional brews as we go! As...... Steve (who is not sure how long that will take)
  2. doggie

    The World Cup

    Hi one and all, I personaly don't like football and I have found it strange that the patriotic St Georges flag is nowwhere to be seen on St Georges day. I feel sorry for the flag seller, only selling those flags every four years! As, regards, Scotland/Wales/Ireland/Cornwall(part of the 7 Celtic states) these celebrate their National day as follows: Scotland=Robbie Burns night.........go get drunk. Wales=St Davids day.......go get drunk. Ireland=St Patricks day.....go get drunk. Cornwall=St Pirrans day....go get drunk. In England they celebrated, by Morris dancing, guys in shorts, braces, socks and sandals and funny hats dancing opposite each other and hitting the opposite guys stick with their own. Then when the Scots were drunk on R/Burns night the English would cross the border and ravish the women. The English would do the same in the other countries celebrating night's. Until the Scots/Welsh/Irish and Cornish got wise to this and made the English Morris dancers wear bells attached to their socks and braces, so that they could be heard coming; so the women would hide. So, IMO football has evolved from this, footballers wear shorts, long socks and... Hmmm could be wrong but won't be long before they have bells attached to their socks. As....... Steve
  3. doggie


    Thankyou Jim you are correct. It seem's that a number of members have disregarded Forum Rules etc, yet they agree to them when they join this site. Now I begin to wonder if they have forgotten that they have agreed to the Forum Rules or are they deliberately trying to cause disharmony on this site? This Forum is for Families, friends amputee's etc, and I am sure for the majority they visit this Forum for help/support/advice etc. However there is a minority who do not like the harmony and success that the majority of members have created and the Mod/Admin team take a lot of time and effort to maintain. Steve
  4. doggie

    Don't you just hate it when ....

  5. doggie

    Building in stone

    Hi Paul, that is looking great.....'The Great Wall' of Paul! As...... Steve (who has just taken another look at the wall........and, well, hmmmm hope you don't mind me mentioning but the 4th block down, eight rows across is 7degree's out of true, or is it that block is true and the rest of the........... :lol:
  6. doggie

    Finding the CP you want

    Hi Ally, we seem to be having the same sort of weather! Cold, wet and very windy. So I have some spare time and have read your post. You make a very good point, but I have a feeling that the same situation occurs in other countries. Plastic surgery here in the UK has got to such a point that they give free holidays if you have certain procedures done. However, as regards CP's, we have a system (National Health Service, paid by weekly contributions and run by the Government) so in theory we don't have to pay anything for a prosthesis. The downside is that initially you have to go to your area Limb clinic. And there is a very wide difference between the Limb fitting clinics. The standards, type of limb provided. This is dependant upon the prosthesitist, Health service budget. I would have thought there was a 'National' standard, so the same service provision was 'uniform' through out the country. When I was fitted with an 'Ultimate' knee and Flexi-foot, I was very lucky that this 'rig' worked for me. It was a learning curve for the prosthesitist and myself, because the only knowledge he had; was with the manual he received with the 'rig'. I spent 6 hours with him when it was first fitted, testing, adjustments, more testing etc! This was followed by intensive physio-therapy, and it worked out fine. As said I was lucky, but I fear I am in the minority on this. I have met many Amputee's in the UK who have had lot's of problems with the fitting, choice etc of prosthesis, even to the point where some have given up and just use a wheelchair. As said, a very good point! As....... Steve
  7. doggie

    Jones soda

    I voted as well :D
  8. doggie

    Shoes for MEN

    Er..I have a pair of shoes as well. But I also have one flipflop, which is green. I take it with me when I travel. As...... Steve
  9. doggie

    Building in stone

    Hi Guy's, I used to live near the 'Oysterfleet'. If memory serves me, Peter Green of Thin Lizzie, used to live on the Island as well. As......... Steve
  10. doggie

    what'ya doin' this weekend

    Er...not to Muz!
  11. doggie

    what'ya doin' this weekend

    I take it you don't like her much then :lol: :lol: :lol: Er.....naw...she's a lovely girl, but someone told me it was dangerous to check for gas leaks with a match! So I thought, hmmm be better if she did it. I was even gonna give her a guided tour round my new shed! Ah! well, there'll be another time. As.... Steve
  12. doggie

    what'ya doin' this weekend

    You need one of those piezo electric gas igniters ... much better than matches for a gas BBQ. ... and I find the bit about you staying sober hard to believe as well :lol: Hi Muz, I did actually stay sober, dunno why though. The gas BBQ I bought had to be assembled! So to make sure the gas connections were safe, I got 'er from No 20 to check the gas joint's with match's. The bbq does have electronic ignition, so it should be easy to light. We like to eat 'al fresco' during the summer months, which is why we choose the gas bbq, rather than charcoal ones. It only takes a few minutes for the gas one to be hot, so virtually instant cooking. Hopefully we will have a bbq later this week. One mute point, the reason we will have many bbq's during the summer months is because all the restraunts and pubs put their prices up and skimp on the quality and amount of food because of the tourists. Who actually expect to be ripped off! As... Steve
  13. doggie

    what'ya doin' this weekend

    Hi Everyone, just thought I would let you know how the BBQ went. I bought a gas BBQ for the occasion constructed it. Then I got 'er from No 20 to test it for gas leaks, but after a while she came and told me the wind kept blowing the match's out. Anyway, the rains came so we had to cook it all indoors on the cooker. Everyone had a great time anyway, and I actually stayed sober. As........ Steve
  14. doggie

    what'ya doin' this weekend

    Hi Hazel, if I may interupt; my grey hairs took 57 years to grow :D As for the weekend, I shall be hiding at home away from the dreaded tourists Finishing off fitting shelves etc to my new shed/workshop. On Sunday, a family and friends BBQ and a few pints. Monday will be for getting over the hanger over I will have got from the BBQ. As...... Steve
  15. doggie

    Building in stone

    Hi Paul, just wondering, did Southend United move from Roots Hall? When I lived on Canvey( about 9 years ago) they were talking about selling the ground off and building a new stadium, somewhere else; Eastwood I think? Enjoy the trip, have fun. As....... Steve