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  1. Hi, We are starting a self-help support group, run by amputees for amputees the limbless and their carers of all ages, Here in Norwich Norfolk UK. I am ATK amputee and found support from other amputees more helpful than the medical staff, talking with others helped me to understand what my stump was doing, and that I was nt the only one feeling what I was, it also helped me come to terms with my new way of life, but once out of re-hab, I lost that comunication, OK I visited the prosthetic centre, and had the odd 5 mins, but no in depth convo, where I could share my progress, moan about my partner! (She's been brilliant through it all) and much more. We started Walkon Crafters to help others before, during and after amputation and pass on information to the carers, family, freinds and employers if needed. As my partner and myself are into Jewellery making, Jewellery box decorating, Resin, Polymer clay and more, we decided to add Crafting to the group interests, offering all kinds of classes as an introduction, maybe a group funding excercise even business venture. We opened a facebook page to see if there was any interest, and have found many amputees do some kind of Crafting from Knitting to Rag Rug making etc, willing to share their crafts with others. We are at present in the process of gaining funding for our 1st meeting, We have not rushed into anything but have a few interesting people to contribute to the groups post... businessman from US involved with Prothetic art, a researcher who has writen 2 reports laqtely concerning amputees, we have support from a local co-op of other Norfolk based Charities and good causes, and Norwich City Council. As stated above we have a FB page https://www.facebook.com/Walkon.Crafters.UK where a warm welcome awaits all new visitors. Good luck and let us know how you get on. Chris