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    New here

    Hello David, I am sorry for your loss, but I am happy you are still with us. Long story short, no pun intended; Lost both my legs above the knees while working for the railroad in 2003. Went back to work for the railroad in 2005 and am still with them. I have a new hobby of offroading. I built up my Jeep with some help. I tried for 2 years to walk with c-legs, but determined it wasn't for me. I am still using a manual chair to help stay in "shape", (hopefully not round). And Life goes on. You will be surprised when you do get fitted and start your therapy. It will take work, and most important a GOOD ATTITUDE, but you will walk again. May the Good Lord help you, your family and friends to all help each other through this. I know He saved me and now I try to help others to see that life does not end or even slow down just because of a "bump in the road of life". 2 more factors to remember: This isn't for eternity and there are so many more people out there with more serious problems than what I have. Adjust, improvise and overcome. Keep the Faith. Vince
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    Thought this may help

    My reunion Wanted to share this article. I think it's in the right place.
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    Thought this may help

    Ain't none of us getting younger except for the ladies, they just stay ageless
  4. Give this lady a call also. Very good. Works with Hanger. And is in Tucker, GA. Paula G. Katz C.P.O. 2258 Northlake Pkwy. Suite 100 Tucker, GA 30084 770-939-2640 Good Luck!!
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    Jacqui coming home

    Not exactly sure what you had done, but I was lucky and only had some phantom sensations, toes tingled, foot itched etc. Iwas told to try a couple things. Tense and relax the limb muscles. Also try to get your mind use to the idea that the leg, foot or whatever is missing is gone. Look down and think I shouldn't be feeling that because the foot, leg etc. isn't there. Kind of a mind over matter. Also if you start using a prosthetic that seems to help the phantom pains/sensations to diminish for SOME people not all. I gte a pian some times, but it usually is because I need to adjust how I am sitting in the wheelchair. I hope you recoup quickly and am back to walking soon.
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    watch me on Tyra Banks Show!

    Nevermind. Couldn't delete. Sorry.
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    So Silent!!

    Byteme12 who was with the group, but has been very quiet till now.... "I could never try that on a cop........if I go to court I don't have a leg to stand on"
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    Georgia Support Group

    Where was it held? When is the next one? Sorry if this info posted elsewhere, I haven't looked around. Thanks.
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    1 year later

    Hello Derrick, Going to be my 7 yr. anniversary in April. Lost my legs above the knees while working at the railroad. Worked with prosthetics for 2 yrs., but it wasn't for me. It gets easier if you let it get easier. I've been lucky. No nightmares/dreams of my accident. Yes, I do go over it sometimes, but that's the past. You're alive and have friends and family to help you and they need for you to have the good attitude to help them. My biggest problem is the change of seasons. Can't do all the things I use to, but I try to do somethings. God bless and help you through this time. These wonderful people here will help with whatever questions you have.
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    What do you say?

    Makes you wonder if you went in for surgery that they would operate on the correct one!! LMAO
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    feeling down

    Hello Tess, Needless to say I get my fair share of stares. I either smile at them or look elsewhere and move on. The children are the best. They come back for 2 or 3 looks sometimes. The parents just about die if they ask me, "where are your legs?". I hope you start feeling like your old self. I myself do not like looking in a mirror to see me in the chair. I can tell you you'll get a lot of support and happy thoughts here. Hang in there. God bless you and your family.
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    Turkey Day

    Late as usual. Hope everyone had a great Thanksgiving. We didn't cook this year so our house didn't have that wonderful turkey roasting smell. Maybe next year.
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    Spasm/clenching sensation

    I have never had any phantom pains, very lucky. Just at the begining I had some phantom sensations, toes or feet itching. Now I get an occaisional sharp, quick pain(s), but if I adjust how I'm sitting or lift myself off my butt it goes away. It may take a couple seconds or maybe up to 1/2 minute. I had read it may just be a blood vessel that I have cut off the circulation to or a nerve I'm compressing. I hope you find relief in some way. Hang in there.
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    Da Blues

    I know I haven't been a regular here like I use to be, but I'm feeling da blues lately and just need some cheering up. I hope y'all won't think bad of me for coming back on here looking for something. I guess I need to get back on here more. The end of summer, (and every season change), the miserable weather we have had lately and not being able to do some work outside, esp. on my Jeep, is getting to me. I am not on any meds. Really can't say its depression. Just in a unhappy state of mind and bored. Thanks for listening and any comments. I'm feeling a little better already.
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    Hello all.

    Hello Ed. I too have been away from here for a while. I'm a DAK. Lost both legs while working at the railroad back in 2003. I did try prosthetics for 2 years, but it wasn't for me. I'm sure you'll do just fine when you get yours. Sorry it is taking so long for you to get it. But once you do you'll be just as good as before. Hang in there.
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    Da Blues

    Thanks everybody. I am feeling much better today even though the weather is still gloomy. Just sometimes too many things go wrong and it builds up. After a good cry or two I feel better. Yes I said cry. Haven't seen the youtube yet since I'm at work. I'll take a look tonight at home. Again thanks for the pick-me-up.
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    4x4 Wheelchair

    Another late reply. I test drove the Ibot about a year+ ago. It's really nice except for a couple things. It's heavy 350+lbs., and the cost then was $24,000. I have read that they have made some improvements since, but I'm not needing one.....yet.
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    Need a friend!

    Sorry for the late reply. PM sent and will add to my friend's list. You'll be my first.
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    Me and my Jeep

    Howdy. Just thought I'd let you see what I've been up to. Went off-roading a few weeks ago in Northern Georgia. Had a good time. I think a few people were surprised to see not only a newer Jeep, but someone in a wheelchair. Going to go again in Oct. My wife went this time and may go again. Hope everyone is doing well.
  20. Byteme12

    Me and my Jeep

    A couple of the guys in our club go out there every year. One trailers his Jeep. Once I retire I plan to try to get out there. For now I have to settle with GA, TN, & AL for offroading.
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    Me and my Jeep

    Well its been a while since I've been here. Still working at the railroad, but I may retire end of this year. My wife and I would like to do some traveling while I can. Still off-roading and have done some more work on the Jeep. 4" lift and a new bumper with a winch. Still getting around in my chair. Had my yearly physical and all is well. Not much else happening in my life. Hope all is well with everyone.
  22. Byteme12

    Over a year

    Hello everyone. Haven't been on here for over a year. Just thought I'd drop in and say howdy. Not much new. Still using the wheelchair since I decided the prosthetics were too much stress/aggravation. Still working at the railroad and going offroading. I did have an accident and laid my Jeep on its side, I wasn't even offroading, but got it fixed. So now I have another Jeep for everyday and the other Jeep is for offroading. Hope everyone is doing well.
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    Amputation or not?

    Hello Steve. I haven't been on the forum for quite a while, but can tell you there are a lot of good people here that will give you support, advice, and just good friendship to help you. My opinion is get as many opinions from doctors, prosthetists, etc. as possible first. Having just one prosthetic will be a challenge at first, but I think after therapy you will find you can get around better, not as good as when your leg wasn't giving you problems, but better than with a leg that was giving you problems. I am a DAK. Lost both my legs above the knees in a work accident with the railroad in 2003. I spent 2 years trying to use prosthetics, but with a very short limb on one side, that was a problem of fit and strength, and going through a lot of stress with working and therapy I decided using a wheelchair was the way for me to go. I'm 54, still working at the railroad and am still adjusting to my new lifestyle. I have seen others that have had both legs below the knee amputated and walking in a month with therapy. I wish you every bit of success if you decide to go with the amputation. What happened to me was traumatic, but having to make a decision is even tougher. I'll pray for you to help you get good advice, to help with your decision, and for recovery with what ever you decide. Hang in there. :)
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    Hello Victoria. I will pray for you to help with your decision and for your condition. I am a DAK(double amputee above the knee) due to an accident while working for the railroad. I can try to understand your fear, but for me it wasn't a decision I had to make. My opinion is have the amputation. You will be able to walk again, possibly be rid of the pain, and with some prayers and faith the condition will not spread. You will get back your life. You can go out, swim, do all the things you could before. The bad leg is just holding you back. I also believe in exploring all avenues, but as you said time is also a factor. Please keep us updated on what you decide anda follow up of your progress. God bless you and give you some guidance.
  25. Ok. I'll put in my say. I have a disability, no legs and can't walk, but I'm not disabled. I can still get around, I drive, I do work around the house, of course except on the roof!! I always liked spelling it [dis]ABLED to help people see what was important in the word. I miss my legs terribly, after all being a letter carrier(mailman), for 17 years I did a fair share of walking and enjoyed it. But this is the path in life I have been given and I accept it. And for those who don't know I had been trying prosthetics for 2 years and decided the stress was keeping me from being happy. I feel much better, but still miss walking. Thanks.