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    Me and my Jeep

    Heard of Superlift from other forums and their website, but not sure I'll ever get out that way. Thanks for the posts.
  2. Byteme12

    Me and my Jeep

    This should take you right there. http://www.grandcherokeephotos.com/thumbnails.php?album=27
  3. Byteme12

    Me and my Jeep

    Which one was yours??
  4. Byteme12

    Me and my Jeep

    Great pics!! Is that a regular off-road area or is it just out in the countryside? Not many places near where I live to go. Everything is at least 2-4 hours away or in another state. I already have a 2"BB, 245/75/16 Revos, JKS discos, skids, Addco rear sway bar and Hyjacker shocks. Can't raise it any higher as I get in and out the back of the Jeep and any higher I may have trouble getting in. Its also my daily driver. I found it did really good off-road. I did a ton of research before I did anything to it. I think I've visited almost every website that has anything to do with off-roading and Jeeps. There are more pics at the NAGCA website of the trip. Its under other 4X4. It was a Breast Cancer ride and we raised over $1,500.00. When I go again I'll get some more pics and let you know. Thanks for the pics!!!
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    Support group

    Hi! My name is Vince and I am interested in starting a support group on the south end of Atlanta area. The meetings will probably meet in Peachtree city Ga. Right now the only group I know of meets in Austell north of P.T.C. I have contacted the NLLIC for an info packett on starting a group. Anyone interested please e-mail me either with ideas,if you would like to help get it started,or you would like to attend. This group would be for eveyone no matter your condition. Thanks. :)
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    This is a P.S. On April 20th 2006 I received an award from the International Association of Rehabilitative Professionals, (IARP), for being the 2005 Outstanding Rehabilitation Participant. I was nominated by the vocational person in the railroad. Also two people from the Risk Management dept., who played a key role in handling my case, received an award. This was a very uplifting event and has helped me keep my spirits up.
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    Hello to everyone. There may be many of you who don't know me since its been ages since I've posted anything. To those who do remember me here is the latest. Well, I am still working at the railroad. My wife and I have purchased a Card and Gift shop. But last July I decided not to continue my therapy with the prosthetics. After 2 years of it I was getting really stressed out from the ordeal of getting the legs on, being comfortable, all the effort required to walk, the problem of my shorter weaker limb, and my progress seemed to have leveled out. I had to decide whether I was going to continue working and get on with my life or quit work and dedicate more time to therapy. If I had been single and younger I may have continued. Everyone, my therapist, the doctor, the shrink all said it was my decision and that I was not "giving up". I needed to do what was best for me. I do encourage others to do the therapy and give it your all to try to walk again, but for me I decided the wheelchair would be for me. I feel so much better without the stress. I have fewer down days. I would like to thank everyone here that was so supportive when I first came to this site and while I was in therapy. I guess I stopped posting since I had stopped the therapy and didn't want to discourage others. I hope everyone is doing well. If someone could try to catch me up on what has been happening I would like that. Again thanks for everything. Vince
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    The Things I Have Gained

    Ok so I can add a few here too. A lot of admiration from friends, family, and church members for my good attitude with what has happened. Being an inspiration to others at therapy who have had less happen to them and make them want to try a little more. More help around the house from friends. (Kinda a good and bad thing sometimes.)
  9. Byteme12

    The Things I Miss

    I have a few more. The cool feeling on your legs as you slide them under the covers in bed. The feeling of putting on a pair of your favorite jeans. Rubbing up against your wife in bed with your legs. And I agree with all the other ones listed, except I really did enjoy putting up the Christmas lights!!! Never was afraid of heights. OH forgot, Getting a foot massage.
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    Hello. Remember me? Well, sorry for not posting lately. The last report was that I was going out to Denver for 4 weeks. of stubbie therapy, then 4 mos. at home and back to Denver to go back onto the c-legs. Well, went back to Denver and the transition wasn't all that smooth. Still had to have more adjustments made and am having to have 4 mos. more therapy with the c-legs here. Then back to Denver in Dec. for another evaluation. Have gone through a bout of depression and dissappointment. But, still am going to give it another try to get walking on the c-legs. After all it did take me 9 mos. to get where I was the first time with the c-legs and after 3 weeks in Dever I was almost to that point again. I also have returned back to work at the railroad, an office job, since April 1st. Limited to 30 hrs. a week, but I'm salary so I get a full 40 hrs. pay. I really have a lot going for me so I do have to give it my best try and then and only then can I say I gave it my best and it just wasn't meant to be, walking that is. Hope everyone is doing well. I'll try to be more on-line than in the past. A special HELLO to ED as you have been a big part of my keeping at it. Thanks for all of your support and words of encouragement in the past. Vince
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    Guess the Google!

    Catherine, Thats the Crimson Room. Did that a while ago. Got to admit I had to cheat to solve it. :o Good luck!!!!!
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    Guess the Google!

    I got out last week!! The cards were a real pain. I'm not tellin' either :lol: :lol: :lol: :lol: :P :P :P
  13. Byteme12

    Guess the Google!

    Go to tnt.tv/games/thedoors and try to get out. I'm stuck in the last room. Good Luck!
  14. Byteme12

    ak phatoms

    My amputations were traumatic. But I also was out for 4 days. At first had phantom sensations. Was able to get those under control by either moving the limbs, tensing and relaxing, or just thinking theres nothing there you can't be feeling that. Have had some pains lately, but usually its from sitting or laying and causing pressure on a nerve. I shift around or turn and it subsides. My limbs ache with the rain, dampness, when they get cold. I don't have any sensation of them being cold, I have to touch them to tell just how cold they are. The only meds. I take are over the counter for pain relief. Guess besides being lucky surviving the accident I've been lucky at not having too many problems with the phantom issues.
  15. Byteme12

    Slushy gurl hhas a questtion to evveryonmes..

    Hi. :D I have been on less because I am doing more with my stubbies and also I have gone back to work, part-time. 2 years of semi-retirement is hard to get over. But working does make the day go by faster, I think?
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    What Remark

    And as for me, I'm totally confused Guess I need to read more.
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    If yoiu can be annyone in the whole woorld .

    I would like to be a knight from the days of old. Standing up for and defending the weak. Saving fair maidens. Dying for a good cause. ;) Goes back to my Hero fixation. B) My wife says I'm her knight in shining armor. :D I guess that's as close I'll get!! :lol:
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    New forum to join

    I haven't been able to get on the site for a couple days. Anyone else had any luck? :(
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    Hey Pam. I know exactly how you feel. Today is my first day at my new job with the railroad. Two years of semi-retirement is hard to get over! :( Plus I'm still getting use to using the stubbies. Although it will be just 20 hours a week,the first month, and on 2 days I have therapy and then go to work, I'm going to be one tired puppy. :o I'm doing my best to try to make it work. Let me know how your day went. Good luck and God bless. ;)
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    feeling very lonely and sad

    Hi Lesley. I know the feeling all too well. Even tho I have family and a few friends, since my accident I don't get to see as much of my friends. :( I can't do a lot of the things I did before so I've seen less of them. They know how much an effort it can be to go visit at their homes and going places. I'm a little disappointed they don't come to visit more often. Well, I'm starting a new job next week so maybe it will fill in some of the day and everyone there is excited to have me join them. :D Try to keep an up attitude. :) God bless. Vince
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    New forum to join

    I'm in.!! Hope we get a few more. :D
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    Yes Muz that one :P I tried to download one but it wouldn't accept it. And Galway, how did they modify your vehicle? I want to eventually get a 'Vette and thought I would have to get an automatic. Although I am a Bilateral amputee so maybe it still wouldn't work for me. Just curious. Thanks Muz for posting my Jeep. I'll have some othersafter all the mods are done. Maybe by then I'll figure it out.
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    I have a 2004 Jeep Grand Cherokee Special Edition. Just had permanent hand controls installled replacing the portable ones I had. Now I can drive with my stubbies and eventually with my c-legs when I go back to them. I also have some stuff I bought to fix-up the Jeep to go do some off-roading. I can't seem to be able to post a pic here, but if you go to www.CarDomain.com and do a search under Vincem you can see a pic of it. I really like it!!
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    Back from Denver

    Hello to everybody. I am back from Denver after a month of rehab. with my new stubbies. :D Still need to use a cane, but it is gradually getting easier. My posture has improved and my endurance. I will use them for 3 months and then back to Denver on June 27 to get a couple weeks of rehab. with the c-legs. By then my strength and balance will be better and should make for an easy transition. Hope everyone here is in good health. Been a while since I've been here. Thanks for all the words of encouragement before I left. Its a tough battle, but I can see the results are worth it.
  25. Byteme12

    Oddball questions

    My residual limbs are always cold unless I keep them covered with a blanket or while in bed under the covers. The trouble is I don't know they are cold unless I touch them. If I put something warm or cold on them I can feel it, but I have no sensation of them being cold, except they may ache a little when they are cold. The rest of me is warm and comfortable, but I guess its a circulatory thing. Although I was always able to be warm even before the accident. Even in my hosp. room I had the temp at 62. I just tell everybody to put on a sweater! Well, try to stay warm.