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    C-LegĀ® System

    Hi Teresa. My name is Vince. I'm a bilateral aka since4/14/03. I have 2 c-legs and am learning to walk again. The c-legs are great. Learning to walk with them is going to take a while. I am walking with a walker and starting to go up and down stairs. I am getting a new fit on my left leg as the suction fit won't stay on and getting a pin fit. The right leg is a pin fit and is doing well. The c-legs will give you a lot of confidence. You know it will be there when you walk, it does well on stairs and uneven surfaces. Good luck!
  2. Byteme12


    Hi. My name is Vince. I'm not sure I understand your problem. You say your residual limb is too short but yet they want to amputate more? I would get another opinion. Try at all costs to save the knee. I am a bilateral above the knee. It will be a lot more work to walk w/o your knee, although you still have your other leg, which will help a lot. I have 2 c-legs and am still learning to walk. I have had them about 3 mos. now. I hope you can find a solution to your problem and keep as much as you can of your leg. Don't give up! Do alot of research on the computer and ask a lot of questions. Don't settle for what you don't want or are not happy with. There are many prosthetists out there so find one who will try to give you what YOU want. This is a good site to get some opinions and answers. Come back soon.
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    Hi! I know its been a while so here's the latest. I'm still trying to learn how to walk with the canes with the arm support. A lot harder than with the walker. :( Needed some adjustments to the c-legs too. All in all everything has been going O.K. Had a bout of depression one weekend. Guess its the holiday and the fact I couldn't decorate the house like I use to. Impossible for me ever to climb a ladder again to put up the lights. But my better half yelled at me to knock it off, and I wasn't the only one affected by it. :o Also some extra praying, remembering that so many others are worse off than me and all the help I have received from the railroad made me feel that I really don't have it so bad. :) My biggest problem seems to be getting those muscles in my hips to stretch and allow me to stand straight when I'm trying to walk. I know it will never be the same, but the therapist wants me to get as straight as possible to help me walk easier. It all takes so much energy and I am trying to be very patient as I know it will take time. So to all of you here have a MERRY CHRISTMAS and a HAPPY NEW YEAR!!!! Vince
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    two weeks to go

    Hi! My name is Vince and I lost both my legs above the knee in a railroad accident in April. I have c-legs and happy to hear you were able to get one also. They are great. :D I'm still learning how to walk with them. Just remember if you are not comfortable with whatever they give you as far as the foot or leg tell them to try something else. YOU are the one that has to live with it the rest of your life. They are there to help YOU. If they can't go to someone else. It may take several trials and errors to get what is right for you. DON'T SETTLE FOR WHAT THEY WANT TO GIVE YOU. GET WHAT YOU FEEL IS RIGHT FOR YOU!!! It will make a big difference in your activity level later. Ask a lot of questions too if you don't understand or just don't know about what they are telling you. Use the computer to do a lot of research too. There's alot of info out there to educate yourself about prosthetics. Well, hope you do well and be sure to keep in touch here. There's a lot of people here to help!!!
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    O.K. Almost end of week 2. I'm walking with a rolling walker. They are really "pushing" me. But they say my progress is great, better than most. Will let you know as I get better. Feels good to walk again. Thanks for all the positive thoughts.
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    O.K. Finished my first week in rehab. Am doing well and doing a lot. Crawling, kneeling, weight shifting, getting up from a seated position using a walker, and of course walking. Sweating a lot too. The c- legs are really great! Having a little problem with the suction fit on the one leg which is short, but the other one, a pin fit, is doing good. They say I'm doing really good for my first week especially being a bilateral aka. Looking forward to the day I can walk on my own. I know thats mos. away, and am being patient. I am really happy with my progress. Thanks for all the supportive posts! Vince :D
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    My Goal

    My goal is just to walk again. ;) Then get back into the work force. ;) Am thinking about getting into the prosthetics field. :o What better example to someone that it can be done by someone who lost both legs and is walking again B). What the heck I got another 50 yrs. to do it :lol: . Good luck to everyone's goal and keep up the good attitudes. :) Thats 80% of it. Hard work the other 20%.
  8. Byteme12

    Where Are You From?

    Hi! Kfarmer. I'm in Peachtree city, about 20 mins. south of Atlanta. Been here now for 9 yrs. Bet the fall colors are great up there! Feel free to post or e-mail me with anything, questions ,jokes or just to talk. :D Vince
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    New legs

    Hi! Well, today is my last day in the fitting process. :) Boy it sure is hard work!! :o Still need A LOT of therapy, but the c-legs are great! :D I feel like a real new born trying to walk again. And my arms and chest muscles ache. I am sleeping a lot better at night since this fitting started, all the energy I'm using really tires me out. Everyone has been so supportive and they say I'm doing very good esp. since I'm a bilateral above the knee. Thanks for all of the good advice and support I've received here. ;) I'll keep you all informed of my progress. God bless everyone.
  10. You probably walked it better than I could of when I had both my legs. :lol: Keep up the fantastic job your doing :D . And good luck in all your future events. I myself am looking forward to taking walks with my wife again when I get my legs. ;) .........................Vince B)
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    Oestiointregation Anyone?

    What is osteointegration? And I agree tell them they have to do what is best for YOU. Start looking for a new prost. Also report them to, I don't know who, but report them to somebody! Keep us informed. ;) Vince
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    stump sores

    Its O.K. :P Go ahead laugh it up :lol: ;) You gals are O.K. :D
  13. Byteme12

    stump sores

    Can they do revision surgery on my head :lol: to grow more hair :D
  14. Byteme12

    stump sores

    Hi! I thought you were NOT suppose to shave? Although I guess if you're a woman that may be different. Please clarify if you can. Thanks.....Vince
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    Thanks ;) :D
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    Hi! Just got the word, getting measured on Monday(5/6) and then fitted on the following Monday and should be walking by the end of that week! :o Excited and a little scared too. :( Seems to have been a long time since I walked. Will post my results. I'm getting legs :lol: :) :)
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    My Goal

    Glad to hear it Katie!! :D :D :D Keep it up! And treat yourself more often ;) .
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    New here... all the way from Colombia

    Hi! Laura. My name is Vince. I'm waiting on my fitting a for a pair of c-legs and all the good posts on them make me feel so much better. :) I do understand everyone is different,so I hoping for the best. ;) Thanks for the post you can understand how it feels. Keep up the good work!! :D
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    hi im patricia

    Hi! Patricia. My name is Vince. I am a recent bilateral above the knee amputee(4/14) due to a work accident at the railroad. :( I'm waiting to get fitted with new legs. Just remember you WILL be able to do almost everything you did before. Keep up your faith. ;) The good Lord kept you here for a reason. Pray and He does hear you. He may not answer you in a way you understand, but He is there for you. A lot of info can be found on the computer. Get into a support group if you can. And if you feel down or grumpy thats o.k. too, as long as it is for a day or two only. :P Post here for help, advice or just to talk. You can e-mail us too if you want some privacy when you discuss some things. You're alive and life goes on! Will let you know when I get my legs. :D Your friends and family need you too, so keep working at living a good life. And remember it is spelled [dis]ABLED. ;) Bye.............................VInce B)
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    Hi! My heart goes out to all the people here that have or are going to have to lose a leg due to illness. I lost my legs due to an accident and really didn't have time to think about it like all of you do. I pray all goes well with the surgery. And remember you WILL be doing everything you did before. ;) Have faith, you're still alive and the good Lord has more work for you to do here. Don't let Him down, your friends, family or especially yourself!! Post here anytime you need a lift! :D God bless everyone! :)
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    OK, Time to Get off the Fence

    Hi! Well, the support group is sort of at a standstill. The mayor did put a word in a local publication and I received 1 phone call. Still waiting on more of a response to see if it will be a doable endevour. Have put out some flyers and waiting. Thanks for asking!! :D Vince
  22. Byteme12

    OK, Time to Get off the Fence

    Hi! Well, I may not respond right away,but here it is. :D Also I have e-mailed some responses and don't get a reply. Understandable though. :) To everyone out there KEEP THE FAITH. You're still alive and with your family and friends who care and are happy you still are with them. :D Pray and be HAPPY. ;) Vince P.S. Still waiting on getting fitted...soon. :D
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    Amputation Stitches

    Hi! My name is Vince. I'm a recent bilateral ak.(4/14). I don't think I have any stitches. I've had some skin grafts done and they used staples on those.The grafts took 100%. :D I know they will be my biggest problem when getting my prostetics. Wish I could give more info,but thats all I know as far as my amputations. Good luck on your visit and I hope you get a good fitting. :) I'm getting closer to mine. Any day now, just waiting on the paper work to clear and get the O.K. from the railroad med. people. God bless everyone too!
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    Hi, my name is Vince. I'm a recent bilateral amputee.(4/14) This is a good place for advice,support and friends. :D Just keep your faith and friends. There will be good days and bad. If you want to be a grouch be one,but don't make it a habit. You WILL be doing everything you did before, just a little differently. Good luck with your fitting, I'm still waiting for mine, pretty soon though. If you need to talk,post here or e-mail us. ;) Feel free to ask questions and also do a lot of research on the computer. Join a support group if you can. Thats about it for now. :P