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  1. ben57

    Having problems with NHS prosthetics in the UK

    I am having problems with my norwich centre who are refusing to maintain my spare limb. Due to cost.I am a left leg above knee for 23 years at this time you were given 1 walking leg and either a swimming leg or a lower spec walking leg.I chose the later. In all this time I've had one of my two original limbs replaced 2 years ago after an 20 month battle with the NHS over the type of limb they would supply, not a very high spec either.don't think I have been a particular drain on the NHS, but looks like I now have another battle to fight. fed up of this but am determined to win,and my advice to anyone else is to fight your corner! The company that provides the service to my area NHS trust is OPCARE who's parent company is ORTHO EUROPE.
  2. I attend a limb centre in norwich NHS run by opcare after 23 years they refusing to maintain my spare limb this is going to cause me a lot of problems , am a bit distressed as what to do and not that good with social media. Any advice? !