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  1. Snarfler

    Hallowe'en Trick or Treat

    I never really understood the tradition myself. Even as a child. I recall going door to door begging for food. The people inside all snug by the fire on the chilly night, having to open the door repeatedly. Now the little shits just stand there with their bags open as if I'm putting something into their trust funds. Bored to tears. Hardly a word from them. Their eye's light up when they see the full sized candy bars. The silence broken only by my saying, "You're welcome" then muttering, "Why not take a handful of leaves along with you as you cross the lawn?". Then back to my book by the fire. Just like the old folks I used to pester
  2. Snarfler

    Amputee Glossary

    In my understanding... A Hashtag was something left in your unmentionables typically by a 1971 Lincoln Continental Mark. After you've over indulged on bean burritos. Thought the other was the pound key?
  3. Snarfler

    Amputee Glossary

    Something that has always bothered me was the liberal use of the letter"A". If one is an above knee, they should refer to themselves as an AK. There is no need to say AKA. We all know you're a bloomin A don't we? Same as for BK. Theres no need to say BKA. The only sure A is one who uses the latin "Et Al" when addressing a post. All posts posted anywhere are all Et Al. Unless you're a pretentious "A", then by all means please continue on. I propose the following for the approval of all Ak : Above knee BK : Below knee BLAK : Bilateral above knee BLBK : Bilateral below knee AE : Above elbow BE : Below elbow BLAE Bilateral above elbow BLBE : Bilateral below elbow Symes : Partial foot VPG : Variable plane geometry FG : Fixed geometry DR : Dynamic response (The ability to return stored energy) Pe-lite : That white foam stuff used to shim spaces in your socket. Here's just a start at the rudiments. Perhaps we can all build on.