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  1. PaulaBonnie

    In the beginning

    OK Johnny So I am reading this long after you posted it, but hey I just re-joined life so to speak. This is a riot, I needed a good laugh before I popped off to bed. Thanks good thing I am more intune to the God diet now than the Satan diet. I was intune with Satan's plan of eating until about 3 years ago I looked in the mirror and said YUCK!!! And Bob was deployed then so who cared how I looked? ME Another rule of eating you must keep in mind. Anything that is dark in color is high in calories, anything light in color is low in calories. So if you mix the two, say a dark fudge brownie with whipped cream the light cancels out the dark. Hence no calories. Paula
  2. PaulaBonnie

    Church newsletters

    ;) Sue I have seen many of these before and laughed my head off. As well as learned some new ones from your post. Thanks. I am not offended and yup I do go to church. Often times I will ride by churches in small towns, such as the one my husband was born in, and laugh at the church signs. They are FUNNY! And I do believe they are meant to be funny. God has a great sense of humor. Keep them coming Paula
  3. PaulaBonnie

    Mostly For Over 40's

    Marilyn I too recall the echo chambers and AM radio did I ever think I was top dog when I was a senior in HS dating a college guy. He has AC in his car!!! And a stereo. Wow I was the queen. Ha! And the candy that looked like pop bottles, did you chew the wax? We all did. Yup I can recall very well buying penny candy too, and I mean the type that was 3 for a penny. Yup getting old but enjoying every minute of it. How dare my new nurse practitioner right off that I have back pain as...."well you are 58". She makes that sound as if I am one foot in the grave. Hey lady nurse did you ever think that perhaps my pros needs to be adjusted??? Or perhaps my right orthotic needs to be done again?? Well I am 58 I am not old and I still pray the God has a good number of years left for me. Paula
  4. PaulaBonnie

    Mostly For Over 40's

    Gill Yeah I am over 40 a grand bit over 40. And dang I am proud of it, see I did accomplish something before I stated that I was proud. I made it past 40. Yup recall the days very well. No one sued you and you did not sue any one, or at least not to my knowledge. I suppose someone sued someone how else did the lawyers make their money. That was before the word lawyer was considered a foul word. Got caught doing something I was not supposed to be doing, dang if the entire neighborhood did not know about it. We lived in an apartment building in NJ. Fine behind the building was a very long alley. Went from the beginning of the street to the botttom, of course the last 200-300 yards were downhill. When it snowed we would always bulid a snow wall at the bottom of the hill, since it lead into the busiest street in town. Then sled to our hearts content. No we did not own Polertec or any other fancy weather type clothes. We played all day came in with frozen hand, red cheeks and cold feet. Pulled off our soaking wet clothes and drank hot cocoa. That was not from a mix. Do I like the advances in some areas of the life, heck yes. Gosh I do not wish to trade in my pros for a peg leg. And hey I could not get to know you unless we were using a computer. But I do miss the old days. Ate raw hamburger all of the time, yum!!! Did not get e-coli either. Thanks for the memories Paula
  5. PaulaBonnie


    Jim How hysterical. Sad but true I was a hospital worker another lifetime ago and yes I have seen these types of comments. The truly hysterical are not here I wish I could see many of the bloopers that I did see. I am sure if we all looked at all of OUR records from way back when to present we would roll off the chair in laughter. Thanks Paula
  6. PaulaBonnie

    First Leg

    :) Hi Yup you should interview several prostetitis why??? Because for the rest of your life or at least until you move far from your current home you will be married to this person. Can you change in mid-waters? Of course but it is a good idea to stick with a good prostetist if possible. I adore the guy who has made 5 legs for me so far. Now do your homework. Get on the computer and check out all of the companines sites and look around, call and ask for mail to be sent to you home concerning their products. Yup I know they will tout that their's is the best, maybe so maybe not so for YOU. All amps like different components. Different strokes for different folks. Then write up what you thought you liked about different systems and feet. There are around 300 different feet to pick from sometimes depending on your stump length. I would carefully take notes when I had my consultation appointment, or bring someone along who will take the notes. Don't be afraid to ask as many questions that you have no question is stupid ever especially when you are talking about getting around well and comfortable with a leg. Then I would take the prostetist advice pretty much straight up. You have never made a leg they have hopefully made many. Yes do make sure that whoever you pick are board certified. That is a must and a member in good standing with 0&P. Next the foot that I started out with was made by College Park and it was great. I have elevated to other feet as they have become new on the market and my experiences have increassed. I would not start with the best of the best. Why? Where do you go once you already have the best? You will need a good learning curve to get used to walking, daily living, etc. in your new leg. Start easy and build up. Oh don't where your new pros all day right off the bat. Bad idea, great way of getting sores that could get infected which could mean two possible things. You will not be able to use your leg until the wounds heal, and you could have to have a revision loosing more stump. My 2 cetns hope they help Paula
  7. PaulaBonnie

    Look what I have made

    Hey Lisa That is a wonderful looking cake/project. I can't draw stick figures that look like stick figures. I am always impressed when folks take on a challange and see what they can do. Perhaps this will turn into a second career or a side line career. Happy 21st to your step daughter. Paula
  8. PaulaBonnie

    Good news for travellers inside U.S.

    Hi Cat I was a trial amp if you are speaking about the computerized screening at the ACA conference. It was cool I will say that. Just as long as you have competent folks running the machines I have nary a problem with it. If you are speaking of another device whoops on my part. Please let me know which one you are speaking about. Thanks Paula Hope I used correct grammer! :D
  9. PaulaBonnie

    Exercise Vote

    Hi Folks, I voted for jogging since that is what I am now really learning how to do correctly. I have a jogging leg and love it. But I also walk and bike ride for exercise and pleasure. So how come I can't pick more than one type of exercise. That is like only being allowed one item on a menu. My 2 cents Paula
  10. PaulaBonnie

    Everyones story

    :P Ok my name is Paula and I think I told a bit about my story before but hey my memory is not what it used to be so here goes. I am 58 and both of my parents are not living. I have one sister who will be 62 very soon. When I told her I was to become an amputee back in 2002 you would have thought I just stated that I was an axe murder wanted in all states and my picture was well posted in the post office. The only cousin that speaks to me had the same reaction. I tried to save my left leg for 2.5 years and had 13 surgeries. I was either in a cast, under the knife, or in a hard surgical boot. Most of the times non weight barring or hoping about with my walker or being pushed by my husband in a wheel chair. After break number 14&15 at the same time, in a cast and not walking. I looked at my orthopedist and asked him to bring in his partner who is a plastic amputation doc. Looked them both straight in the eye and told them, "either you use the scalpel to chop it off, or I use the chain saw". My only other option was to risk having a Cooper rod placed in where my tibia would be removed and be in a halo ring for about 6-8 months with no promises that I would not break through the rod and then I would quickly become an AK. No offense to my AK buddies but I was trying to save as much as I could. Two weeks later I was on the OR table. I have never looked back and thought whoops that was a big mistake. I progressed well in healing and through a good deal of hard rehab. In 2004 my right toes and forefoot began to follow the same pattern and I once again looked the doc in the eye and said off they come before I am a DBKA. He agreed and once agin 1 week later I was on the OR table. So far so good I have not broken anything else yet. I manage well I work full time and I have just begun jogging. I have a great CP who listens to ME and then guides me through decisions as to what to do next in terms of foot to pick etc. That is about it for my story. Any questions please feel free to ask. Paula
  11. PaulaBonnie

    Turning a corner

    Neil, As we have not met I can not comment on all that you have experiened in the past. But from reading your most recent post and from my own battles with depression all I can say is Amen. I will be diagnosed with depression for the rest of my life. Well many more horrible things have happened to me and now that I finally have a shrink that fully understands what is going on and has found a medical reqime that keeps me up and about and lively hey I am good to go. Money has always been a bug-a-boo for me. My dad died when I was 9 and my mom was addicted to prescription medication and booze, so I was never taught diddly squat about money. Finally my now husband has almost drilled into my head about how to use and not use money. I suggest that you look at the web site of Dave Ramsey very good site and really good financial information. The site is www.daveramsey.com just look around no harm no foul. As for your daughter she will love you because you are dad! Trust me I would give another limb to have my dad back, although I am now 58 so he would be pretty old. But to have had him while I was growing up oh yeah in a heart beat, and a NYC one at that. Stay focused and think of all that you have overcome so far. Just know that there is a whole list of folks here that are here for you. Paula
  12. PaulaBonnie

    Amputee book - an idea

    <_< Hmmm I have to chime in with mixed emotions as well. Of course this is my opinion and others may vary. My main concern is what hands would get ahold of this book? There are a great many devotees out in the big world that prey upon amputees. It is their own awful sickness but they can not become sexually aroused unless they are with an amp or looking and googling amp pictures. Can you say YUCK! Many have been at ACA conventions even buying tickets to get into the convention. Recall the convention does not state that you must be an amp to attend. Many family members could not attend then. Right? Right. Just this past June in Atlanta one was caught stalking "us" and was arrested and thrown out of the hotel. It happens each time. In Boston of 2003 I believe the devotees had their convention just 2 blocks away from the ACA hotel. I would be highly wary of producing this book. Please think twice and then twice again. I am not ashamed about my amputations not at all. And yes I have accomplished a good deal since then, not tooting my own horn here, but I do not want people stalking me either. Been there done that in another setting. Again my opinion, get comfortable with yourself first and then see what other amps feel. Some get turned on by devotees it is their thing. Paula
  13. PaulaBonnie


    :P Hello Marsha, Welcome I was a member a long, long time ago. Then dropped off into no where land, not that I suddenly grew back a leg or was depressed over not having a leg and now my right forefoot. I was simply depressed, period. It is a chemical imbalance and has nothing to do at all with amputation. After trying to save my leg for 2.5 years and 13 surgical procedures I told the doctor to chop it off. When this decision was made I asked my husband Bob how he felt about it of course. He said the same thing you told your husband, I did not marry your leg, I married you. He is a love and just can't say enough how supportive he has been to me. Amputation is on the low list of medical (physical) things he and I have had to deal with. I agree walk a mile in my shoes and then complain. Bob will never let me down as I am sure you will never let you sweetie down. This morning I was getting on to the WDC metro, our subway so to speak, and wanted to sit in the seat that states right above the seat, reserved for the elderly and handicapped. The man that I asked to please allow me to have a seat gave me such a dirty look that if looks could kill.....yup I would be dead. I was wearing a dress and had to pick up my BKA side and show him my pros. Good golly!!!! He still glared at me. I held my tongue since I don't like to pick fights and not win the battle. I am sure when his morning began he simply stood up and went about his business. I donned my liner then my socks then my leg. Then when it was time to put on my shoes I put in the orthotic for the right side shoe and used the shoe horn to put on the left. Enough about me.....as stated before don a leg AK or BK or both and then tell me about it. Caht with you later. Paula This Bob and me!
  14. PaulaBonnie


    Hello All, My name is Paula and I am a LBK and a RTMA. I was on the forum a good long time ago but then driffted away and now from the nagging of Neal I am back. But happily so. I do attend the ACA conventions and this last one was one of the best. I do plan on going back next year, but I believe next year I will go and see a bit of Hotlanta. I did do the 5K but had to walk a good deal, my running leg needed my CP to adjust it. Next year I do hope to jog it all the way. Hopefully they will pick a better course. I am from VA, but I was raised in NJ and have NO intention of going back north. My husband is very southern and we will move to the south once he decides what he wants to be when he grows up. :-). Right now he is serving in the military in Kosovo but he has been to the desert as well. I am a sign language interpreter for 25+ years and still love my work. No I do not have Deaf parents and or sibling I just fell in love with ASL and just kept plugging away until I went to interpreter training. Way back then it was for 8 months, now it is 4 years. Talk about baptisim by fire! Ok Neal I have posted so now you must answer back. Love to all Paula
  15. PaulaBonnie

    Support group

    :D Hi Vince, Glad you are starting a support group, I just helped start a second one in my area of Washington DC you know what happens when you start a group you instantly become the president. Smile. But I am sure that you will do fine. It does take time, sometimes we only get 3 members to show up. However two things I hope that will improve that shortly, 1. summer vacations will be over and people will be back in the area, and 2. I am now certified by the ACA for Peer Support Vistitor so I can be referred by my doctor to visit his new amputated patients. Good luck in all of your endevours.