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  1. Hello, I hope you all had a great Thanksgiving. We had 12 guests for dinner and, like every year, I did the cooking. Lot's of work, lot's fun too. Anyway, I have a question for all you wearers of the C-leg. How do you keep your socks from sliding down to your ankles? I am thinking of taping them to the calf of the C-leg but I am hoping that you folks have better solutions than what I am considering. Thanks in advance for any ideas that you bring forward. Regards, ERK
  2. Hello, I picked up my new c-legs yesterday, (see my intro for more info on this), and thus far it is the sockets that are bothering me. They are really tight! I guess this is because my body has to adjust to the new fit. According to my prosthetist this will happen over 2 or 3 days and until then I have to limit my walking. As far as going from a mechanical leg to the c-leg right now I am still relying on my canadian crutches and probably will be for awhile yet. But, I am already practicing, around my house, walking with only one cane and am doing pretty good but I still need LOTS of practice and some training. Take care, ERK
  3. Hello from Michigan, I am a double AK and have been using prosthetics for over 40 years. My early legs, (circa 1969), were fabricated from blocks of wood and the knee was nothing more than a hinge, (wooden legs are very heavy). Over the years the knees became safer with the addition of various cam systems to keep the knee from buckling when extended and the sockets were no longer being made from wood. Well, now I am getting a set of c-legs. I will be picking them up on Tuesday, Nov 26th. I have had them on but have yet to use them in the "real world", I have only used them between parallel bars over very short distances in a small room, (they sure are different from what I am used to). I have seen numerous Youtube videos of obviously experienced users who do amazing things on their legs. I am curious about first impressions and early use. If there are any double amputees who can share their early experiences with their c-legs I would sure appreciate it. Take care everyone and I will let you all know how I am progressing with my new legs. ERK