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  1. Funding to visit hanger USA

    Hi please help if can please don't slate me for taking this route I've had enough of the pain and rubbing. I need this done properly, thank you mike https://www.indiegogo.com/projects/funding-to-go-to-hanger-usa-to-have-a-leg-made/x/12013813#/story
  2. Looking for an AKA amputee to have a chat with

    I had a fused ankle failure ending in RBKA best thing I did tbh. Was in hospital 2 1/2 days and home and walking 3 months later.
  3. Hi from pre-amp in uk

    Da da
  4. Hi from pre-amp in uk

    Update guys ive now been on a prosthetic for a few months no major issues. Couple blisters have a ottobock trias foot which seems good for my first leg. Still not walking to far but getting there
  5. Hi from pre-amp in uk

    Very true I'm itching to get going and starting a new chapter
  6. Hi from pre-amp in uk

    I'm doing well thank you. Some itching under bandage and seem to sleep one whole day and be full of beans the next day. But all good, so far!
  7. Hi from pre-amp in uk

    All done. In 20th... Home 23rd..
  8. From Plymouth living in cornwall now. Any others from around here?
  9. Where in the UK?

    Hello, from Plymouth living just over the tamar in cornwall now :)
  10. Hi from pre-amp in uk

    Hi guys been a while. Well things were delayed due to plastics but have a date I'm in on the 20th next Friday :)
  11. Hi from pre-amp in uk

    Thanks Snuba. Just got my pre-op for March at special request so hoping to get in there soon as been longer than expected.
  12. Hi from pre-amp in uk

    Thank you all so much thank you for your time really appreciated. I'm still waiting due to a mix up of pregabalin but getting there and hoping to get this over with soon and to close a chapter and power another in life.
  13. Hi from pre-amp in uk

    Thank you for your reply appreciated. Agreed a big decision but feel the right one rather than more reconstruction. I saw preamp doc she was brilliant explained legs to choose, nothing fancy but I'm told better than they used to be. I chose the exposed bar type with carbon top print. Not allot in the uk info wise which seems strange!. I just want to be more able and do more with the kids that would be great if I can. Sounds like you had hell of a journey with Mrsa too not good nasty stuff. Mike
  14. Hi from pre-amp in uk

    19 views no replies lol great start
  15. Where in the UK?

    I'm from Plymouth South west but now living in Cornwall :)