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    benign tumor infection
  1. Brent

    Hi from the pacific northwest (usa)

    Ouch! that's the shoulder, right? I hope it's doing fine now. I fell once in my room with the prepatory prosthesis, about a week or so before getting the new one, I think. It wasn't fitting good at all and I thought it clicked on securely enough to stand on it and take a few cautious steps to finish the connection. Wrong! luckily, I only got a few bruises. I have trekking poles too and should have used at least one. Thanks for the warning and reminder. :)
  2. Sorry I don't have a picture, but my bk leg when taken off, is just the right height to set a bag or bowl of popcorn in while watching a good movie.
  3. The amputeeOT over on youtube made a hilarious video on inventive/other uses for a prosthetic leg. I was wondering if you know of some amputee lifehacks, whether funny or serious.
  4. Brent

    Hi from the pacific northwest (usa)

    I did my daily walk in over an inch of snow today! The snow was quite dry and the road wasn't icy yet, but I was still a bit nervous and almost didn't venture out today. I'm very glad I did. I read in in the old forums about witch hazel as an antipersperant and am trying it out.
  5. Brent

    Hi from the pacific northwest (usa)

    Thanks for sharing Jenny! and thank you.
  6. Brent

    Hi from the pacific northwest (usa)

    Cherylm yes, my leg sweats a lot. Snuba thanks! Hi Eldar Thanks for sharing your encouraging experience with the Trias. I hope it will work well for me also.
  7. Brent

    Hi from the pacific northwest (usa)

    Thanks kep! Thanks cherylm! It's been around eight months since surgery. My limb is still changing, albeit slower now. Got it yesterday and the different foot sure made a big difference. I walk more natural, faster and further now. Needs some more adjusting, but I'm really happy with it so far. It's the only foot I've tried, other than the one on the beginner though. Not sure what that foot is called. Today's walk was the most enjoyable one yet. A grey squirrel even crossed the road in front of me. There's this one house with some chickens fenced in their yard and a rooster crows at me when I walk by, like a watch dog. Does anyone know of an all natural antiperspirant that works well?
  8. Hi everyone. I am graduating from my prepatory prosthesis in a couple days. Will have OB trias 1c31 foot. Am using locking pin type liners. I'm currently a k2 and progressing.