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    Fracture and massive DVTs

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  1. Andrew

    Hello everyone!

    My name is Andrew and I am a 44 year old with a new LAK amp of 3 months or so.. I had lost my leg to a fractured femur and a poorly situated DVT when I fell in my house. I am currently working with Hanger Clinic to get a prosthetic, and they have been wonderful. I really want to return to a very active outdoor life, swimming, fishing, bicycling, and saw the Ottobock X3....<drool>. I then discovered the price tag associated with it ...<face palm>...very depressing. I am absolutely stunned at the price for prosthetics, and the lack of insurance support. To make matters worse, each of these industries advertise on improving your quality of life and well being, and then try to sell outlandishly priced products that a small percent of people can afford. Currently, between health insurance and my life savings I may be getting a C-leg, but I understand that as nice as they are, I will still be limited in my activities and I really don't want that. Does anyone have any insight they can share and help me with, so I may steer my life towards a once again active future? Thank you so much for having me, and I look forward to chatting with all. -Andrew
  2. Andrew

    Where Y'all from

    Rocky Mount, North Carolina!