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  1. wishwellingtons

    Hi Everyone

    Hi My name is Brian and I am 45 and I have just been given the news that I am to have my left leg amputated below the knee, for me this hopefully will put an end to a problems that I have had over the last 7 years or so, being a diabetic I have always had to look after my feet as obviously after a period of time you do loose the feeling in them, so therefore the risk of injury is greater than that of a normal healthy person, my problem started in 2007 whilst on holiday, I was playing water polo and I scraped my foot across the top of a filter in the bottom of the pool which took a majority of the skin off leaving a very nasty looking wound, I saw the hotel doctor and they dressed it and gave me antibiotics for the rest of the holiday, when I returned to England I was referred to various departments at the hospital and over a period of time the foot healed. Shortly after this I developed an ulcer on the base of my foot which would not heal and I was admitted to hospital with cellulitis and speticemia, this lead to the amputation of one of my toes. Once again the wound healed and for about 3 months I was pain free but once again I got yet another ulcer and once again this would not heal and once again I was back in hospital to face yet further surgery and this time they removed three more toes leaving me with just the big toe on my left foot, the surgical wound healed and whilst waiting for the orthotics department to sort me out some suitable footwear I developed yet another ulcer and I was back to square one, last year I had 5 lots of surgery to debride the ulcer and remove further bones within the foot in a hope that it would help it to heal, I also have osteomyelitis and this has now spread further within the leg hence one of the reasons for the amputation. I would like to know from others who have had a BKA how I can best prepare myself for the forthcoming surgery and what I can do to help myself with the recovery, surprisingly I have a positive attitude towards having the amputation and I believe that I have made the right decision to have it done so that I will be able to get my life back on track, the thought of being able to swim once again is something that cannot come quick enough! Hopefully somebody out there will reply to me and let me know how the surgery & recovery was for them. Many thanks Brian