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  1. CaptainKB I am looking for information about the ak ERTL. I lost my leg in 1986, had reconstructive in 2006. But i am having problems getting a socket to fit and having pain and not able to have pressure at the end of the stump. I have been looking for people to talk to about the AK ERTL, and even thought yours isn't a true ERTL i would like to talk with you about what you had done. Please let me know if I can get in touch with you and how to do that. Thanks Bob
  2. kbpat

    AKA ERTL Revision Post Surgery

    Hi captainkb, it has been a couple of years since your ERTL procedure. Wondering if you are happy with how it turned out. I have already had 1 reconstructive surgery for bone spurs and neuroma and now need another. Just heard about the ERTL procedure and trying to find some who has had it done for AK. Would really like to talk with someone who has had it done