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  1. showtime1k

    Best prosthetist in Orlando??

    I'm almost ready to take a trip there from ny
  2. showtime1k

    What prostheses do you use

  3. I know this is an old thread but would like to find out if I could have a vacuum socket re made out of pocket up there by someone. I'm in ny.
  4. showtime1k

    What prostheses do you use

    Anyone have any prostheses they recommend. Would be nice to review these places, Save a lot of time with trial and error. I mean years can be wasted dealing with the wrong prostheses. I've went to Amken orthopedic. I rate them about a 4, very outdated Astepahead. Very updated all the latest technology, rate them about an 8. They would only do pin lock system for some reason. I asked the. About a elevated vacuum system and they steered me away from that with no explanation, Prosthetics in motion. About a 6. Started off good but went south, this guy been trying to get my fix for 2yrs now,very frustrating . . Ready to just pay out of pocket for a socket and put it on my old foot for now from somewhere. Don't think insurance goin to pay for another for a min, and I can't take another year trying to get this thing to fit
  5. showtime1k


    How much would a carbon fiber socket only cost. No insurance. For a spare leg
  6. showtime1k

    Best liners out there locking or cushion

    Cushion for elevated vacuum Otterbock custom liner Comfort 6 Durability 10 Skin 7 Flex 3 ( claims there's a break in period, but I never got that far to see if it was)
  7. I'm rating some of the liners I've used maybe to help with decision making instead of just blindly taking what the physician gives you. Pin lock systems Ohio willow original. Comfort. 10 Durability. 4 Skin 10 Knee flex 7 Ohio willow alpha hybrid Comfort. 9 Durability 8.5 Skin 8.5 Knee flex 10 Ossur iceros dermo Comfort 6 Durability 10 Skin 7 Knee flex 5
  8. showtime1k

    More legs!

    How many legs can you have the fit at one time. I currently have a elevated being adjusted for the past year that I can't really wear yet but I want to get it right, but for the meantime i would also like to have a pin lock system also. How do I go about this. Do I have to pay out my pocket?
  9. I'm currently in a harmony for 1 out of 5 days so far, don't know if it's the liner but I can hardly bend my knee when walking like I'm getting kick back. Go back Friday and see what can be done. If not I'm goin back to a pin lock with alpha hybrid. Those liners feel so much better than any I've tried. They made my pin lick with an iceros which for me was very uncomfortable. I tried it with my alpha hybrid and got a world of difference
  10. Every prosthesis should have there patients watch this, her vids cleared a lot of things up for me https://m.youtube.com/user/AmputeeOT
  11. showtime1k

    new Triton foot from Otto Bock

    I'll be tryin this foot next week
  12. http://www.nbcnews.com/id/21134540/vp/53166354#53166354
  13. showtime1k

    Anyone use a prosthesis in New York

    I'm in nyc, you know the name of his company and what type of leg foes he make or has he made