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  1. Cakepigeon

    Probably a very silly question but......

    Thank you all so much for your advice, I think what I may do then is just wait and see how it all feels when I have got used to my prosthesis. I will definitely let the DVLA know when I feel I am fit to drive, something that I didn't even think about before. Thanks again everyone xxx
  2. I am due to have my left leg amputated bk and I have a manual car. This may seem like a really silly question but will I be able to still use the clutch pedal with a prosthetic leg or will I have to get an automatic? Just wondering as obviously you can't feel the pedal any more and I am unsure how the prosthetic actually moves. Apologies again if this appears a daft question but as I am very new to all this I am trying to think ahead.
  3. Cakepigeon


    Thank you for all your advice, its great to be able to talk to people who have already been through the operation as it gives me more of a realistic expectation. I have an appointment with my surgeon next month to discuss the operation so I will be asking lots of questions. Thanks again guys! Xx
  4. Cakepigeon


    Thank you both so much for you advice, I am a very realistic person who doesn't expect to be pain free straight away. I fully appreciate i will have a good year or so or painful difficult times. Thank you especially to you Beth Marie, it is comforting to hear that you have never looked back at your decision and have achieved so much! I admire you immensely and really hope I can get to where you are now. I live in the UK so unfortunately I won't be at the Amputee Coalition meeting. There must be something like that here in the UK so I will do my homework. Thank you again x
  5. Cakepigeon


    Hi everyone, I am new to the forum and am currently waiting for an elective left ankle amputation due to be done in September. I am 42 and myself and my husband had a motorcycle accident 7 years ago. Hubby got the serious life or death injuries including a broken neck, broken femur and lots of internal injuries and I got the long term injuries which was a dislocated compound fracture of my left ankle. They actually found my ankle bone in my motorcycle boot! Ewwwwww! Thankfully hubby is a true fighter and has now more or less made a full recovery. I though have had 9 operations to repair my ankle and to save my foot, including skin grafts etc. Now though 7 years on the osteoarthritis resulting from our accident, has got so painful along with the severe nerve damage I have, that I am virtually unable to walk. At 42 living like this is just not an option for me, I still want a life and at the moment I just don't have much of one. I want to be able to run around with my grandchildren, take my dog for a walk and take walks with my lovely hubby! So in March when I saw my specialist and he said my only option to be pain free was to amputate the ankle, I didn't have any hesitation in agreeing. I now have my pre-op appointment with my surgeon on 14th August and have been put on the list for the surgery for September. I can't wait to have to op but I am also as scared as hell as I am sure every pre-amputee is so any advice on coping before and after the op is very much appreciated. Thank you so much to you all! :-D