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  1. lmc1972

    Hello, start of the journey

    Hi I'm not sure if anyone reads back in these posts after this long but I've just stumbled upon it whilst looking through the various threads. It's been almost 18mths since my amputation and I'm pleased to say that not only was I started on a level 3 activity foot but I have dropped a little over two stone in weight, work full time for the prison service and I do in fact manage a gentle jog on the treadmill as well as daily sessions on the exercise bike! Overall life is very good for me as an amputee, some days are harder than others with my shrinking affecting my socket fits but I've not once regretted my decision and look forward to what the future has to offer!
  2. lmc1972

    Hello, start of the journey

    Thank you Ann that was very informative. I don't really have much experience with regards to how the media portray amputees other than paralympics which in my mind is a different kettle of fish to everyday life so I won't be under any false hope there. My support group have already advised me to speak to a prosthetist and luckily I live very close to a centre in Colchester Essex which is great, when I meet with the new consultant I will request a meeting with one to talk about possibilities can you recommend any other questions I should ask please? I know that my focus after will be to get up and about and when I talk about jogging etc I talk way in the future but here's hoping eh?! The joint I have at present has no movement in my ankle and the small amount of movement in my foot comes with alot of pain which is why I will be grateful with a limb that only has a little movement and no pain in the foot but I thank you for checking that I am aware, my "buddie" in the group said that I'm to push for more if it's available once I have healed and feel ready to look at regaining some fitness via the gym, at the end of the day I am full of determination and positivity and will do everything I am told to do. I hope to spend my future getting stronger and returning to work as pain free as possible. Thank you once again for your advice it is all gratefully received.
  3. lmc1972

    Hello, start of the journey

    Thank you for your reply, my instinct is to go for amputation and it's nice to hear from another elective amputee. I will hopefully be meeting a prosthetist before I have the operation so I will be aware to insist on having a limb that has some movement, I am not very sporty but I do go to the gym as part of my weight loss desire, I can only walk on the treadmill so it would be nice to pick up eventually to a gentle jog and a limb with a little ankle movement will allow this. The other amputees I met yesterday informed me that the limb I will most likely get should allow me to do this but not much else which is fine, even the exercise bike is difficult as the fusion I have has put my foot and knee out of alignment so when I'm on it my ankle either sticks out causing my heel to catch the side or I have to twist my knee inwards which causes pain. It is really nice that these forums are around as it helps chatting to other like minded people.x
  4. lmc1972

    Hello, start of the journey

    Hi everyone, thank you for allowing me to join, I am a 41 year old woman and just starting on the road to amputation. I suffered a full dislocation and triple fracture of my right ankle in 2005, after a number of various operations including firstly a sub-talar fusion in 2007 followed by an ankle fusion in 2008 I have made the decision to look into amputation as my foot is now severely arthritic and I am in a lot of pain and discomfort. My consultant has agreed that due to this pain and discomfort I am in and the lack of mobility I have I am making a sensible decision. He has offered to refer me for a 2nd opinion about considering an ankle replacement but he has been reluctant to explore that in the past and I am concerned he is clutching at straws and delaying the inevitable. Today I met with my local prosthetics user group who were all so lovely, they made me and my partner so welcome and really helped us with their support, they advised me to request an appointment with a different surgeon at the hospital who has dealt with amputations and could look at my medical history and give me a scientific opinion which I am in the process of now arranging, thankfully my current consultant shares the same secretary as the other one so this made the request easier. After looking on the internet and reading many forum posts including this one I am wondering if anyone else has been faced with choosing an ankle replacement or amputation? Many people have said they tried fusion first or chose amputation over fusion and I by no means regret my fusions, they gave me a few years pain free and were certainly worth trying however at 41 I am hopefully young enough to deal with amputation and return to work but I worry that if I choose replacement I won't get the mobilty I seek and can hopefully achieve with a prosthetic albeit an nhs one and will still be facing amputation in roughly 10 years which is the average life span of a replacement. Any advice would be gratefully received and I understand everyone is different but it would help to learn about other peoples experiences. Thanks.